Life Insurance

Top Ten Pension Plans in India

Retirement is inevitable and is an important reality for everyone. You will continue to live a regular life even after retirement. Hence the expenses do not escape from your life post-retirement. They will occur after that. Owing to this truth, you need a retirement plan to meet the daily expenses.…

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Foolproof Your Child’s Dreams With a Child Plan

Someone very rightly said, “Raising a child is no child’s play”. Probably they were referring to the rising costs of education. Do you know, in 2017 IITs increased their undergraduate education fees from Rs 90,000/- p.a. to Rs 2,00,000/- p.a. Similarly, for the class of 2018, the fee for the…

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Why Every Millennial Must Invest in a Term Plan?

Generation X also called as millennials (born between 1981-1996) are often confused about how to spend their excess Income. They are either busy partying, traveling or investing in a start-up with their hard earned money. With huge risk appetite, they often land up in some financial issues which they later…

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