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Group Travel Insurance
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Group Travel Insurance Overview

Statistics indicate that group holidays have been enormous percentage these days than the years before. This partially because of the fact that increasingly friends are living some distance from every other geographically and a group experience is often the most and the simplest expedient choice for cutting-edge’s relations to get tgether in one vicinity and make memories. As big numbers regularly do, the complete method can come to be overwhelmingly complicated if the planning isn't always in the region. A travel insurance can kill a variety of your worries right here.

Group Travel insurance is precisely what it seems like. It is basically a manner of purchasing a travel insurance policy with the intention to guard a huge group of people, who aren't routinely own family, for traversing distant places on a tour at the same time. You may be traveling on the side of some pals to a global wedding ceremony, or to partake in activities overseas with a few members, or simply got collectively to revel in a grand trip. Either manner, getting a travel insurance is for the complete troop, in place of someone getting their very own journey coverage, is bound to prevent heaps.

Capabilities & Benefits of Group Travel Insurance in India

Cover for emergency clinical deportation: This is vital while wandering round in a group in an overseas city, specifically, if there are vintage humans and those with different health troubles are there in the organization. Research about the health facility, medication and repatriation charges and buy a cover for this reason.

Cover for cancellation of the trip: This cover must be at least as lots as you've got shelled out for the vacation. For a group plan, ensure that you have sufficient protection for the most important viable claim there can be. Don’t forget to consist of fees for pre-paid activities.

Job cover: You have to actually have a large private duty cover, according to the person on your preferred scheme. Additionally, the baggage cover ought to be adequate to get all of your clothes and the different belongings changed or refunded in case you lose your luggage.

Cover for Important files: Dropping your passport may be a huge setback during a journey. Now, it is inconvenient to walk around without one, however, also pretty risky and a price tag to get into the hassle with the regulation of the land. Get a policy that covers this and could update your passport at the earliest at no cost.

Hijack catastrophe and different catastrophes: While times are hard, there's no stop to troubles. And buy the cover for natural catastrophe, depending on wherein you are going and the way prone that region is to natural calamities.

Rebated and much less pricey: The most brilliant perk of journey insurance for a set is that it fees manner much less whilst you evaluate it to the internet value of man or woman journey covers per member. Here you've got a threat to keep up to 20 percentage of the overall rate.

Smooth & problem-free Processing: For a group of travelers, you'll be required to fill in the simplest form as opposed to getting bureaucracy for every member. One master coverage may be given to every with their respective identification cards.

Group Travel Insurance Policies in India

Best group travel insurance companies in India are TATA AIG, Royal Sundaram, HDFC Ergo, ICICI Lombard and so forth.

International group travel insurance company

Eligibility standards:

As the name implies, the policyholder must be part of a group.

The minimum number of people in a group is commonly five, although this could be adjusted at the discretion of the insurer.

Every member of the group should leave and go back on the same day.

Organization travel insurance Covers:

Group travel insurance is typically endowed with the equal cover you might presume from a single tour plan for individuals, but for a larger quantity.

Things like ride cancellation, luggage loss, health emergencies and lack of money or essential belongings and so forth are normally insured. Consequently, by no means push aside the nice print.

On every occasion, you move to buy a coverage, constantly keep in thoughts the sort of excursion you're going to take. For instance, if it is a beach vacation spot, you're certain to want to move for some aqua sports like parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking or merely swimming in the sea. Basically, these are generally not covered and you'll both have to get a cover with this cover or purchase the same by paying the greater the premium.

You could additionally avail additional cover as a countable number of a route on a group plan, and you'll additionally reap advantages which includes a larger a few for most covers compared to standalone journey cover.


It's is higher to comb via the complete policies, print and all, to make certain that there aren't any ugly surprises – consisting of being refused cover on some grounds and when you recheck, it proper.

Age is not simply quite a number of insurance agencies. The age of some members of your troop might prove to be a be counted of the subject in some instances - typically for those aged sixty-five and above not all insurance companies will provide an inclusive cover for them and if they do, it will be pretty costly.

What Policyx.Com Offers You?

Policyx offers you a host of companies to choose your travel plan from. It guarantees that you get the lowest premium rates from among the list of top travel insurance companies. It also ensures that you get the kind of features and coverage that you are looking for from a plan.

What’s more, we have a dedicated customer care center that caters to your queries and makes sure that your queries don’t go unanswered.

And buying with us is all so simple. Just visit the travel insurance section, fill some basic details in the form provided and voila, you get the plans and their premiums in front of you in a matter of seconds. You can further check the details through our innovative and helpful cash flow charts and infographics that we have specially created for your convenience.


1. What if I forget to carry my travel insurance?

In case you miss them, you should at least have important details like policy numbers, customer ID to avail the benefits

2. Is travel insurance compulsory?

It is not mandatory. However, in certain countries, it is a necessary document required at the time of borading. Otherwise too, it is advised to have one.

3. Are Ambulance charges covered in the travel insurance?

Yes, under most travel insurance, ambulance charges (to and fro) are covered.

Last updated on 11-11-2020