Max Life Cancer Insurance
Max Life Cancer Insurance
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Max Life Cancer Insurance Plan

The chances of getting diagnosed with cancer have increased in recent times that projected 7 lakhs new patients and a 12 lakhs deaths by 2035. The fee of healthcare has also rising rapidly and, in a few cases, can amount to monetary financial disaster. The general fees related to cancer aren't simply limited to submit-operative care and treatment, but also high-priceddetection and diagnosis procedures.

Managing the possibility of a cancer prognosis will become vital for any burgeoning family, particularly within the context of the primary breadwinner, lest risk brings about economic problems in the form of misplaced income and exorbitant medical payments. One of the best feasible answers to indemnify oneself against the danger of a most cancers analysis is to get insured under an effective cancer insurance plan. There are numerous such products in the market, both in the form of riders and standalone insurance coverage for the particular motive.

Cancer Insurance by Max Life assured to deliver complete cover for all tiers of cancers and additionally, provides a huge variety of economic benefits. Those encompass income tax benefits among others. The policy is a non-linked, non-collaborating coverage plan.

Eligibility Of Max Life Cancer Insurance

The eligibility standards for buying the coverage are easy and quite just like other insurance plans in the market. The policy is available in the market for any resident of India between the age of 25 and 65 years. The maturity age is limited to 75 years.


Premiums in opposition to the coverage may be paid both month-to-month, quarterly, semiannually and annually. The policyholder can select the mode at the same time as signing up for the plan. Premium can be paid directly online or at the insurer’s offices. The premium payment mode may be switched out by way of submitting a request in writing to the insurer. There's additionally a reduction available on the total premium amount if the insured chooses to pay his premiums yearly.

Sum Assured

One of the foremost features of this policy is that the sum assured is listed for every claim free year. Indexation of the sum assured basically means that the whole cost of the coverage will develop at a fee of 10% easy interest every year if a claim isn't made. Once a claim has been made, however, the indexation will cease.

Key Capabilities Of Max Life Cancer Insurance

Some of the most seen and differential features of the Max life cancer insurance plan includes:

  • It's a comprehensive insurance plan which offers protection for all levels of cancer. Payments are doled out in lump sum making it less complicated to cover clinical costs at all levels.
  • Charges are waived for the entire coverage tenure in case the insured is recognized with primary level cancer.
  • Guaranteed income benefit for as much as five years in case the insured is recognized with the major stage of cancer.
  • Claim free years will help the sum assured to grow.
  • As standard, shopping for the policy also earns the insured tax advantages guaranteed by Income Tax Act.

Stages Of Cancer Covered

Carcinoma in Situ (CIS) or Pre-cancer level – This stage includes the intial symptoms which medical examiners do not classify as cancer. However, CIS has a proclivity for progressing into complete cancer and consequently, doctors every so often endorses surgical intervention.

Primary level cancer – This level involves the increase of cancerous tissue or tumors impacting deep into the surrounding region, although not having spread to lymph nodes and other frame elements.

Major stage cancer –Stage III and IV are in which the malignant tissue has metastasized and spread to other organs in addition to lymph nodes.

Important Things to keep in Mind

Here are some crucial things to take into account before you make the investment in the Max life cancer insurance plan.

  • There aren't any death advantages. However, if the insured dies within the policy, the amount paid from the point of coverage commencement, fewer taxes could be reimbursed to the claimant.
  • There aren't any maturity, surrender or survival benefits under this plan.
  • It comes with a waiting period of 180 days. Moreover, there is also a 7 days survival period.

Benefits Of Max Life Cancer Insurance Plans

The three important benefits

  • If the insured is recognized with carcinoma in situ and supplied that the coverage remains in effect and rates paid up to date, all future premium payments could be waived till the cease of the coverage term. Moreover, 20% of the sum insured or the index sum insured (whichever is payable) might be paid as a lump sum amount to the insured.
  • For the major level cancer patient, the complete sum insured or the listed sum insured (whichever is relevant) might be paid as a lump sum amount, less any amount already paid up throughout the early stage diagnosis.
  • In case of a major stage prognosis, the insured can even get hold of income benefits in the form of 10% of the sum insured on five successive policy anniversaries. The income advantage is payable despite the fact that the coverage term has expired. In case the insured is deceased even as the overall or part of the profits benefit is still unpaid, the amount could be remitted to the claimant.

Benefits will no longer be paid to cover claims towards the same carcinoma in situ or a precise early-stage cancer of the equal organ. In case a 100% of the sum assured or listed sum assured has already been paid out, any claims for most important level most cancers analysis will amount to only the profits benefit being payable.


As is the case for all coverage units, the insurer lays out certain situations below which the advantages of the policy will no longer be relevant.

  • Benefits aren't payable below the coverage for any covered stage of cancer or if the insured dies in 6 months of the policy. In case the sort of claim is located with the insurer, the business enterprise will refund the entire premium amount obtained till date, starting from the point of policy commencement, alongside all past due charges and interest paid in that context.
  • Coverage advantages will not be paid in case the life insured dies within 7 days of a being diagnosed for the primary time, be it carcinoma in situ or primary level cancer. The insurer will most effective take into account the claim if the insured is alive whilst the analysis turned into executed.
  • The insured will even no longer provide any benefits underneath the coverage phrases if a cancer patient arises out of any of the subsequent:
    • Pre-exisiting situations which might be cancerous, each primary and metastatic for which the life insured obtained a prognosis, medical recommendation or treatment within 48 months previous to the commencement of the coverage tenure. Pre-existing conditions apart from cancer are however not excluded.
    • Exposure to alcohol, contraband or capsules no longer prescribed with the aid of a health practitioner.
    • Sexually transmitted sicknesses (STDs), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
    • Nuclear, chemical or biological infection.

Last updated on 05-11-2020