SBI Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha
SBI Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha
  • Miner Stage Cancer Benefit
  • Premium Waiver Flexibility
  • Tax Benefits Under 80C
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SBI Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha

SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha is an individual, non-participating and non-linked health insurance pure risk premium product that provides a comprehensive insurance cover during a cancer diagnosis and its subsequent treatments. This policy provides cover for all three stages of cancer – minor, major, and advanced-stage cancer. It is designed to supplement your existing medical insurance policies and ensure that an untimely diagnosis does not hamper your family's financial and emotional capabilities.

SBI Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha: Eligibility Criteria

Entry AgeChild: 6 years to 17 years
Adult: 18 years to 65 years
Maximum age at entry75 years
Sum Assured10 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs
Policy Tenure5 years to 30 years
Grace Period15 days to 30 days

Key Features

Benefit Structure

The SBI Sampoorna Cancer Suraksha policy provides three types of benefits:

1. Standard Benefit

Under this benefit structure, minor stage and major stage cancer diagnosis are covered. Following are the benefits under this cancer insurance plan:

  • Minor Stage Cancer: If the policyholder is diagnosed with a minor stage or an early stage cancer, he is eligible to claim a maximum of 60% of his sum assured. He can claim 30% during Carcinoma in situ (0 stage cancer) diagnosis, and another 30% during the early stage cancer diagnosis. Once the first payout is made, the premium for the next 5 years is waived off. However, this is not applicable to the second payout.
  • Major Stage Cancer: If cancer progresses or is diagnosed at a major stage, the policyholder can claim 100% of his entire sum assured, subtracting any previous claims made. This plan also provides a guaranteed income benefit wherein the policyholder can claim 40% of his sum assured as a monthly income, which will be paid to him for the next 36 months, and will be paid even after the unfortunate death of the policyholder.

2. Classic Benefit Structure

Under this benefit structure, the minor, major, and advanced stage cancers are covered. Following are the benefits under this plan:

  • Minor Stage Cancer: The benefits are the same as provided under the Standard Benefits, except that all future premiums will be waived off till the end of the policy term, irrespective of the number of payouts.
  • Major Stage Cancer: The benefits are the same as the Standard Benefits.
  • Advanced Stage Cancer: If in the unfortunate occurrence, where the cancer of the policyholder is diagnosed as advanced stage, the entire balance up to 150% of the sum assured can be claimed. Hence an additional 50% amount is the guaranteed benefit, which will be useful for advanced stage treatments.

3. Enhanced Benefit Structure

Under this benefit structure, the minor, major, and advanced stage cancers are covered. However additional benefits are provided as explained below:

  • Minor Stage Cancer: The benefits are the same as provided under the Standard Benefits, except that all future premiums will be waived off till the end of the policy term, irrespective of the number of payouts.
  • Major Stage Cancer: The benefits are the same as the Standard Benefits.
  • Advanced Stage Cancer: The benefits are the same as the Classic Benefits.
  • Sum Assured Reset: If the policyholder has already claimed the minor stage and major stage cancer benefits during his policy term, then after 3 years the entire sum assured will be reset for him. However, he should not have been diagnosed with any stage cancer again during the policy period.
Benefit Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha

Second Medical Opinion

The policy gives the policyholder an option to get a second opinion on his cancer diagnosis. This service is provided by M/S Medguideindia, an independent body, and can be availed anytime during the tenure of the policy.

Independent Policy Cover

The SBI Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha plan is an independent policy, and the claim settlement will not be impacted if you are submitting a claim from other medical insurance policies too.

No Medical Examination

Unlike other life and medical insurance policies in the market, no medical examination needs to be conducted when buying the SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha policy.

Hassle-free Claim Process

Unlike other medical insurance policies, the payout in this policy is not dependent on medical expenses. So the claim will be paid as per the benefit structure chosen by the policyholder and not as per his treatment expenses incurred after the diagnosis.

Flexibility in Paying Premiums

SBI life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. The frequency can be changed on the policy anniversary for which a written notice needs to be submitted one month in advance. The premium would be fixed for 5 years after which it will be reviewed according to company policy and the policyholder's previous claims.

Low Premium Amount

The plan offers benefits in terms of the premium amount. If we calculate the SBI Cancer Suraksha premium amount for the basic structure plan, the premium amount would come to Rs. 50 per month or Rs. 600 per year depending on the sum assured and the entry age of the policyholder.

Premium Waiver Flexibility

Under the standard benefit plan, if the policyholder submits a claim for the first minor stage cancer diagnosis, his premium for the first five years will be waived off. This benefit is only applicable to the first minor stage cancer claim. Under the classic, and enhanced plan, on the diagnosis of the first major stage cancer, the premium for the entire SBI Cancer Suraksha policy term is waived off.

Payment of Claims

The claim needs to be submitted within 90 days of the diagnosis. On submitting the claim, the payments will be made on a stage-wise basis based on the benefit structure. On diagnosis of minor stage cancer, the policyholder can claim 30% of the sum assured and if cancer moves to a major stage, the balance 70% can be claimed.

Documents Needed For Submitting Claims

  • Copy of policy document
  • Claimant's statement and claim forms in prescribed formats
  • Treating doctor's certificate
  • Proof of the diagnosis of cancer, including medical reports and histological reports
  • Proof of the treatment undergone
  • Proof of Occurrence of Cancer (Certificate from an Appropriate Specialist Medical Practitioners registered in India)
  • Confirmatory investigations (clinical, radiological, histological and laboratory evidence)

Major Exclusions

If an individual has any pre-existing cancer, even a minor stage, it will be excluded from the policy cover. Also, the policyholder will not be covered for diseases occurring due to exposure to nuclear, biological or chemical contamination.

Why Should You Opt For The SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha?

Cancer is becoming a dreaded ailment that can drain a family's hard-earned earnings. With the treatment costs rising high, it is important to be prepared financially to fight cancer. Since the policy is designed to pay amounts at different stages of cancer, it is a potentially beneficial product to invest in. Also, the monthly benefit option helps policyholders to manage their treatment expenses that may be exorbitant. Families who have a history of cancer can opt for this policy for complete family protection.


1. If I have chosen the standard benefit structure of the SBI Cancer Suraksha policy, can I later change it to standard or classic coverage?

No. The policy benefit structure once chosen cannot be replaced or modified later on during the policy term.

2. If I take a policy for a higher coverage amount will I get a discount on my SBI Cancer Suraksha premium?

Yes, there are certain discounts available to policyholders who take a policy cover between 25 lakhs and 50 lakhs. Discounts are also available if the policyholder is an SBI employee, or a family member (spouse or children).

3. If I am diagnosed with cancer after 10 days of taking the SBI Life Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha policy, can I submit a claim?

There is a 180 days waiting period for the policy to come into effect. Hence if cancer is detected during this period, it will not be covered. Also, after diagnosis, the policyholder should survive for at least 5 days to claim the amount.

4. Can I apply for a loan against my SBI Cancer Suraksha policy?

No. There is no provision to avail loans on the policy.

5. Does the SBI Sampoorn Cancer Suraksha policy have a maturity or death benefit?

No. The policy does not have any maturity or death benefit.

Last updated on 05-11-2020