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A health insurance plan can safeguard you from almost all the medical expenses but is dengue included in the list of health insurance you have bought?

Dengue has become a common sufferance to society over time. Resources say that the first case of dengue in India was recorded in Chennai in 1780. But the present scenario is inexplicable. Steps are being taken by the government for prevention but it does not seem up-to-the-mark. So, it is better to be self-prepared. For the same here is a dengue add-on cover plan launched by the health insurance company. 

The Only Dengue Health Insurance Plan At Present

Earlier there were no health insurance policies relating dengue, or which covered dengue but with the recurrence of the disease, the Apollo Munich Health Insurance company came to the rescue of the insured. The Apollo Munich Health Insurance company launched the Dengue Care Plan and brought relief to its customers.

Under the Dengue Care Plan, there are two coverage amount options provided by the Apollo Munich health insurance company. 

  1. Under the first option, the insured amount is INR 50,000. The plan can be bought at a premium of INR 444. The plan offers outpatient expenses of INR 10,000. Prescreening and pre-medical tests are not necessary under this.
  2. The other cover option is of INR 1 Lakh at the premium of INR 578 exclusive of taxes. Under this also outpatient expenses of Rs.10,000 are provided. No pre-medical tests are required to buy a health insurance policy for dengue patients.

The above mentioned two dengue health insurance cover options are not affected by the age of the policy buyer/proposer. 

All the things that matter and affect the dengue health insurance plan have been mentioned below. One must have knowledge and answer to all the questions asked about dengue health insurance.

Coverage Provided By Health Insurance For Dengue Patients

The extent of the dengue epidemic is vast and beyond imagination, so the health insurance policy for dengue patients also provides extensive coverage to insured, contrary to the normal health insurance plan. Like all the policies have eligibility criteria for the age factor, so is with dengue health cover plan. All those belonging to the age limit of 91 days to 65 years are covered under this plan. For newborn babies, it is applicable only after 91 days and in case your parents belonging to the age limit beyond 65 years are also excluded from the dengue health insurance plan.

The duration of the Dengue Care Plan is in most cases for one year. Generally, a maximum of 6 members can be covered in the dengue health insurance plan. A maximum of 4 adults and a maximum of 5 children can be included in a single policy. 

Dengue Cover Amount

The OPD expenses cover an amount of INR 10,000 in case dengue is diagnosed. 

The dengue health insurance plan covers the single AC room rent. 

Other than this, the plan also provides expenses for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization for 15 days.

Does Dengue Health Policy Have Waiting Period?

The waiting period is the time duration between buying of policy and claiming a policy. During the waiting period, the plan is not functioning. There is a waiting period of 15 days under this plan from the date of buying the policy. In case of illness before the completion of the waiting period the insured does not gets any cover.

Note: The health insurance for dengue treatment has lifelong renewability.

Free Look Period Under Dengue Health Insurance Policy

There is a 15 days free look period provided by the health insurance companies under dengue health insurance. In case the policyholder has changed in his mind then he can take the benefit of the free look period. The health insurance plan for dengue treatment can be canceled in case the policy buyer is not satisfied with the policy terms and conditions or the facilities provided under the same.

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In What Ways You Can Claim Against Dengue?

The claims can be done in two ways:

Cashless Claim: Under the cashless claim, the expenses are settled between the health insurance company and hospital you are taking treatment at. All that you have to do is intimate the health insurance company within 24 hours of emergency hospitalization. 

Thereafter the health insurance company decides and takes steps either to send an authorization to a rejection letter to the hospital.

Reimbursement Claim: Under the reimbursement claim, the health insurance company pays you all the medical expense that falls under the health facilities provided under the dengue health insurance policy bought by you. 

For this, the insured should reach out to the health insurance company within 7 days of availing the dengue treatment. 

All the documents related to the medical expenses incurred during the treatment of dengue should be attached to the duly filled claim form. The most important thing in a claim process is the authentication of the details and medical documents attached by you in the claim form. 

The dengue claim usually gets settled in less than 30 days. But it might vary from company to company. Any discrepancy in the claim form can lead to the rejection of the claim.

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Exclusions Of Dengue Health Insurance Policy

Here are a few of the things that are considered to be excluded under the health insurance policy for dengue patients. One should always be aware of the exclusions of a policy. It is necessary and helpful at the time of claiming the insurance.

  • Claims raised for treatment other than dengue.
  • Treatment taken for individuals not covered in the plan is also not considered valid.
  • Treatment or medicines not required in the treatment of dengue and still used during the treatment is also not covered.
  • Claims raised for individuals beyond the age bar of 91 days to 65 years.
  • Treatment cover is only provided within India.


It was a time when there was a lack of facilities. But, with the advancement of science, we have several medication facilities and the health insurance company forms the base of our heavy medical expenses. Although dengue is a common disease at present it can be diagnosed and treated in a better way. Now, the Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan has come forward to assist you in your hard times.

Naval Goel is the founder of He is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance`, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDA to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.
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