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May 4, 2023


O my god. These people are thugs. They merely want to get in more customers and achieve their target. They are not at all concern with the difficulties that a person face by their irresponsible and unethical behaviour. I am a student and despite though telling them from day 1 that I haven t paid the bills and I am asking your company to pay the bills directly to the hospital they are mentally harassing and creating more trauma for me and parents. I would not at all recommend to go for this insurance policy if you want your life to be hassle free.

April 16, 2023

Nimesh patel

Care health insurance company is not good for health insaurance... all executives are given bad response.. do not buy them policy.... such a big scammer.... they are not passed your claim... fraud company... please do not buy police care health...

April 6, 2023

Nilanjana Mal

Cheaters , Fraud , Unprofessional , Greedy Sales Person . No Management Here is my story . I purchased a policy for my mother from care health insurance on 13th march of 2023. Before purchasing the policy I clearly mentioned to the sales person (Mr Nikil Sharma Emp ID : 510357) all PED and other Medical History . He offered me a Care Freedom Plan . He told me that there is a chance of rejection . I told him if I want any policy from care health insurance that will be only Care Supreme. I am not interested in any other policy after taking into accounts all the pros and cons. I talked to toll free no again . I explained all the medical history and the conversation between me and Mr Nikhil . The person I talked to at toll free no (don t remember his name) assured me that I can get Care Supreme Policy . There will be no problem . A few days later I got a call from Mr Nikhil and I asked him again if there is any problem with issuing this particular policy. Please let me know because

November 27, 2022

Thushar Raveendran

This is 2 nd time they are rejected my claim. 1st time they told me NON DISCLOSURE OF - SOME CALCIFIC PROBLAM ON PRIOR TO POLICY Now my 7 year old Son have Admitted in hospital because of fever. Now they are rejected the policy as same above reason.. He don t have any Calscific problem. Cashless Medical insurance we are using on emergency situations. They don t sent me any mail or SMS like cashless claim is not available to me. Before 15 years I used STAR HEALTH INSURANCE. they are good and ther service also. I think all insurance are same

November 19, 2022

Dr Anil

WORST, CHEATING, LYING, FOOLING, GREEDY, FRAUD, FAKE, DISGUSTING, SHAMELESS AND DEAF religare/care health insurance. Never ever purchase any of health policy from religare health insurance. These religare people are so SHAMELESS, DEAF and DUMB plus they don t have the CALIBRE for REIMBURSEMENT. Even after changing their name from religare health insurance to care health insurance from 1st September 2020 it doesn t change their CALIBRE to pay their customers REIMBURSEMENT. These LIARS and CHEATERS are so CARELESS, BOTHERLESS and IGNORANT just know how to fill their pockets but for REIMBURSEMENT they literally ignore what they promise before purchasing their health insurance policy. Even after complaining these CHEAP CHEATERS and LIARS don t reply or give proper answers to the customer s plus their customercare are so ARROGANT, STUBBORN, DISGUSTING AND SHAMELESS they too don t listen to the customer s complaint. It s VERY VERY DISGUSTING and DISSAPPOINTING from religare