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Bharti Axa Home Insurance
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Bharti AXA Home Insurance

Established in 2008, Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises (one of India's leading business groups), and the AXA Group (one of the world's leading insurance and asset management companies). It has more than 135 branches in India and has issued over 2 crore policies. As India's one of the leading general insurance companies, Bharti AXA promises to deliver the best insurance solutions to its customers.

Amongst its host of policies, Bharti AXA provides a home insurance policy to safeguard the financial interests of a family from the damages that can occur to a home and its assets from natural and man-made risks. This policy is also known as the Bharti AXA's Smart Plan Householder's Package Policy and can help individuals save themselves from tremendous financial losses.

Bharti AXA's Smart Plan Householder's Package Policy


The Bharti AXA's Smart Plan Householder's Package policy can be brought by owners and tenants alike. The plan offers protection to the following building and household items from fire and allied perils:

Section IBuilding, fixtures, fittings, and renovation
Section IIA. Home contents
B. Valuables
C. Appliances
D. Fixed Plate Glass and Sanitary ware (including fixed mirrors and glass tops of Furniture)
E. Automatic inclusion addition - newly purchased up to 10% of the Sum Insured under Home Contents
F. Loss of documents - Title Deeds
G. Loss of documents - Passport
H. Household Removal: Removal of contents and appliances from the present building to a new building
Section IIIPersonal Accident
Section IVLoss of rent
Section VAdditional rent for an alternate accommodation
Section VIPedigree Pet (Maximum 3 Pets)
Section VIIBaggage
Section VIIILegal Liability:
A. Towards employees
B. Towards third parties


  • If the insured purchases any household item during the policy, the sum insured will be increased by 10%.
  • Under the personal accident section, the entire family of the insured is eligible for the cover, and the sum insured will be 200% of the sum insured for Section II (Home contents). The sum insured for the insured is up to 100%, for the spouse is up to 50%, and up to 25% for dependent children (under the age of 23).
  • Along with household items, the policy also provides cover for pedigree pets (compensation for accidental death or theft of up to three pets).
  • If an individual avails for alternate accommodation during the policy period, the expense for the accommodation is also provided for.
  • If your personal laptop/computer is damaged, the policy will approve a 5% claim amount (subject to a minimum of Rs.2500).
  • The plan provides an add-on cover for Terrorism.

How to buy Bharti AXA's Smart Plan Householder's Package Policy?

If you wish to purchase the home insurance policy, you need to follow the below steps:

  • On the website of Bharti AXA, click on 'Our Products' on the main page's menu bar and under 'Others', select 'Home Insurance'.
  • On the new home insurance webpage, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your mobile number and category in the 'Schedule a call with our expert' tab.
  • Once you enter the details, you will receive a call from the insurance advisor of Bharti AXA, who will guide through all the steps needed to purchase the insurance policy.

You also have the option to visit the nearest branch of Bharti AXA to buy home insurance.

Claims Procedure

If any unexpected event causes damage or loss to your house and its contents, you need to follow the below steps to submit a claim:

As soon as you become aware of the damages, notify the company by calling/emailing them/a visit to the nearest office. During the claim intimation, provide your policy number and other requested details. This intimation should be given within 14 days of the event.

Once you have intimated the company about the damages, submit the following documents:

  • Duly completed claim form (signed by the insured, giving a clear description of the event that occurred)
  • Document proving the ownership of the property
  • FIR (in case of theft or burglary, and filed within 24 hours)
  • Copy of the repair, or relocation expenses, and other invoices, if any
  • Fire Brigade Report (in case of fire)
  • Newspaper clippings, if any (for evidence)
  • Others requested by the company

Once all the documents are submitted, the company will undergo scrutiny and take a decision accordingly. In case of damages, the company will compensate an amount equal to the repairing of the items. However, if the loss exceeds the sum insured, the insured will have to bear the additional amount.

Bharti AXA Home Insurance : FAQ's

1. What are the exclusions under the Bharti AXA Home Insurance policy?

The following losses and damages are not covered:

  • Loss or damage due to war or war-like operations.
  • Neglect or wilful damage by the insured.
  • Cracking, scratching, or breakage of the lens in respect of articles that are fragile or brittle.

2. I am planning to use my second home for conducting tuition classes. Will it be covered under the policy?

No, houses used for commercial purposes are not covered under home insurance.

3. My ancestral home in my home town needs to be insured. Is there a year limit for a house/building to be eligible under this policy?

Yes, any property more than 50 years old cannot be insured under this policy.

4. Does the comprehensive home insurance policy cover rented houses?

No, rented houses are not covered, but household contents within the tenant's home are covered under the policy.

5. Due to urgent financial needs, I had to sell my second home, which was insured under the Bharti AXA home insurance policy. What would happen to the insurance policy?

In such cases, as soon as the ownership is transferred to the new owner, the policy stands canceled and the premium for the balance period is refunded.

6. What are the benefits under the Section III Personal accident under this policy?

Under this section, the insured's family is eligible to get the following free benefits in case of the death of the insured:

  • A compensation of Rs. 5,000 towards the education fund of the single dependent child under 23 years.
  • For more than one dependent child under the age of 23, the family will get a compensation of Rs. 10,000.

Last updated on 11-11-2020