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Bharti Axa Home Insurance

Home is a place where our heart lives. When we count most valuable things in our life, our home is always on our priority list. In our school books, we all have studied how our home save us from harsh weather, natural calamities, dangerous animal, and all valuable articles are safe in our home. Now, when we are all grown up it is our responsibility to pay back to the loyal service of our home with what it deserves, and that is possible with a Home insurance Plan. There is a numerous number of Insurance Company which offer different loans for homes, one need to evaluate and quote different insurance companies wisely.

Bharti AXA Home Insurance is best out of the best. A joint collaboration between business group Bharti Enterprises and AXA, emerged out to be the global name in the field of insurance. Due to excellent service, certification of the company was renewed for two years in India.

Bharti Axa Home Insurance: Achivements

Bharti AXA Home Insurance received its certification of ISO 9001:2008. It received its second certification of ISO 27001:2005. Bharti AXA Insurance company is licensed with Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India(IRDAI), registration number 139. Bharti AXA General Insurance has won many awards for Outstanding Performance in Insurance Category Award in 2013, BFSI: Best Insurance Company in the Private Sector 2014 and etc.

When we are living in a world of uncertainty where nothing can be predicted whether it is about the Gujrat earthquake in 2001, climate cruelty in the form of the flash flood in 2013 or forest fire in Uttarakhand in 2016 we need to be all set for any foreseen disaster. There is not only loss of life, but the loss of property, capital and home in which one had been living for years with ancestral values and warm love. Everything that one has built in decades, takes only moments to scatter in uncountable pieces. The person who faces such disaster has nowhere to go and his life became guidance less. In such situation, the home insurance policy can be a great help.

Bharti Axa Home Insurance: Online

This effective insurance company has its presence over online media as well. You can easily buy the required insurance plan by this company through the online medium. The benefit of going online is it helps you in getting the required policy from the comfort of home at an affordable price.

Bharti Axa Home Insurance Plans

Home insurance covers the reconstruction cost of home when the damage is caused due to any natural disasters like floods, forest fire, earthquake, and cyclones. It also covers man-made calamities such as accidental fire, the breakdown of gates or home fence. Home insurance is also provided for the coverage for theft, damages due to terrorism. There are different home insurance plans as per the need of the client. Home insurance covers many things accordingly.Bharti AXA has a motive to be the first choice of every insurance holder and to serve all the needs of an individual as well as an organization. As we all are educated and well aware of our good beings, insurances are not alien things to us. And most of us will agree that we want to keep our home as secure as our health and family members. Bharti AXA is a company which not only deal with home insurances to the individual, firms, business, and companies but this is a respectable name in the field of health insurance plans, travel insurance abroad or in the country.

Bharti AXA Home Insurance cover against many mishaps which are man made or natural. Some of them are as following-

  • Bharti AXA home Insurance insurance include cover against fire and allied perils for buildings, fitting, the renovation will ensure the loss and damage that has occurred to the home infrastructure. Home contents, valuable home appliances, and jewelry are also covered in the home insurance policy.
  • Drain water, sewer drain inspection, and tenant fixtures are covered in Home insurance policy.
  • Damage to lock and keys are also reimbursed. In the case of home breaking, theft, robbery, terrorism, actual expense reimbursement against the loss is covered by the policy.

There are some additional covers like Jewellery and valuable article cover, terrorism cover and domestic appliances cover for the clients.

Bharti Axa Home Insurance : Exclusions

  • The plan excludes any reimbursement toward the damage caused by any war, it may be any civil war, military war or some invasion. Damage caused by any devastating nuclear energy or radioactive property of any material.
  • Damage caused due to the personal outlook of a person, it may be due to anger, aggression or depression can not be reimbursed by the medium of home insurance policy.
  • Loss of any vehicle like bicycle or motor vehicle is not covered under the plan.
  • Damage of any appliance manual or electrical by over heating, over pressure or rough usage is not covered under the home insurance plan.

So, one needs to be well aware of all benefits of a home insurance policy before buying it. Insurance comes with many terms and conditions and risk factors, so one needs to go through all sales vouchers and clear all doubts before buying a policy. A home insurance policy does not matter of being careless, as having your own home is like dream come true and only you can keep your dream safe and sound.

Bharti Axa Home Insurance Plans

Smart Householders Package Policy:

An effective home insurance plan by Bharti AXA that offers wider coverage at an affordable cost. This plan provides the needful coverage to you at your doorstep.

Bharti AXA Home Insurance : FAQ’s

1. What is need of Home Insurance?

A home is not only a structure made up of bricks and concrete, it is where your heart lives, where you have lived uncountable valuable moments. You need to secure your dream home from any unseen mishap. Home Insurance will protect your home against natural or manmade disaster.

2. What are different modes to pay my premium?

Bharti AXA Home Insurance provides customers three easy modes for premium payment and one can choose as per his/her comfort and knowledge.

  • Auto Debit
  • Online payment of premium
  • Cheque or cash premium payment at banks

3. What is the process to check my home insurance policy status?

All you need is to visit the site of Bharti AXA and file your details such as date of birth and policy number as a mandate if you are already a policy holder. You can check your name and complete detail in the next window as soon as you fill the required information. This is an easy process and you will find all other necessary information you need about your policy, such as payment date, next due date for premium and a total number of due payments.

4. How can I keep a check on my Bharti AXA Home insurance without using the internet?

Once, if you have registered your mobile number for Bharti AXA insurance, you will get necessary details like due date and amount of premium to be paid directly by SMS on your registered number.

5. My home is financed by the housing loan from the bank. Is there a possibility of getting Home Insurance Policy for my home?

Yes, You can buy Bharti AXA home Insurance policy for a home/property that is financed by the bank. You have to provide information on the branch and name of the bank while buying the policy.

Last updated on 01-09-2020