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Cholamandalam MS Home Insurance
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Cholamandalam MS Home Insurance

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance company limited is a successful joint venture between the good renown Murugappa group and Japan’s Insurance group named Mitsui Sumitomo. Cholamandalam MS is a successful host of many insurance plans such as Accidental plans, engineering plans, health plans and home insurance plans and etc. Cholamandalam GM General Insurance is keeping the promise of customer service with 7500 agents working day and night for the policy holders.

A person collects and saves a penny after penny to buy his own house. After limitless hard work, money investment, research and endless investment of emotions one person built or buy his house. Buying your own house is like a dream come true, but buying a home is not the end of the dream. Home is not only an emotional investment but also the most important financial investment of a person’s life. One needs to keep his/her dream home secure from all the thick and thins of the world and that is only possible with a home Insurance. With home insurance one can protect their house from unseen danger and disasters for sure.

The market is flooded with various home insurance plans which claim that they will serve you best, but Cholamandalam Home Insurance policy not only safeguard your house building which is made up of concrete, bricks, and cement, but it also covers the valuable assets and items owned by you which you keep in your house to keep them safe. Cholamandalam Home Insurance also covers your house against the housebreaking and burglary. You will be compensated even for the electrical appliances to the structural loss in your house. The Cholamandalam Home Insurance Policy also includes cover against natural and man-made disasters like cyclones, earthquake, storms, flood, terrorism and etc.

Chola Mandalam Home Insurance : Benefits

Cholamandalam Home Insurance protects your home and valuable content at once. By buying a policy, you can protect your building and the home content. Insurance plan covers house owned by you but, it doesn’t mean that if you are a tenant then this Home Insurance policy will not be beneficial, i,e, one can protect contents and valuable owned by him/her in the rented house and keep them safe against the disasters, theft, and damage. There are so many options to choose from the various insurance plans offered by the Cholamandalam Home Insurance. One can choose as per the requirement. Even for the paying the premium we have different modes such as online payment, debit/credit card payment or cash, cheque payment in bank annually or monthly. Cholamandalam Home Insurance needs no confusing and endless paper work, but the online website for the customer help. Customers support is 24*7 available for the customer support and to resolve all the queries.

Chola Mandalam Home Insurance plans

Cholamandalam Home Insurance plan covers the building structure and the contents against the loss and damage. Damage can be caused by factors like explosion, strike, earthquakes, shock, cyclones and missile testing missions. Insurance against acts of terrorism is also provided. There is one more benefit to buy Cholamandalam Home Insurance Policy and that is if your house is insured but some repairs are going on there and the policy holder need an another accommodation to stay, for example on rent, then Cholamandalam Home Insurance will bear all the additional rent which is being paid by the policy holder towards the temporary rented accommodation.

Cholamandalam Home Insurance Plan

It covers the damage and loss because of theft, burglary, and break-ins in the house. A great plan by Cholamandalam that offer reimbursement of damage for the mechanical and electrical loss. Claim for the loss due to natural disasters such as flood, cyclone, earthquake, and tornado. Accidental damage to the exterior of the house such as a fence, gate, windows etc. Claim for the accidental loss of the jewelry, gems, and other valuable items within India due to some unseen mishap.

Cholamandalam Home Protect plan

Cholamandalam Home Insurance offers a world best tri fold insurance cover plan which covers three most important thing in our lives against all unseen mishaps and unfortunate events. These three things are-

  • Property
  • Valuable Belongings
  • Family members

Cholamandalam Home Insurance : FAQ’s

1.How to pay my policy premium? What are the modes of premium payment available?

There is three easy mode of premium payment for your policy.

  • Online payment using net banking, debit card or credit card
  • Mobile application payment.
  • Auto debit payment of the premium from the bank. For the auto debit mode of payment, policy holder enjoys a discount on premiums.

2. I am the legal heir of my late mother’s policy. How can I obtain a new policy plan for our house?

You need to pen down an application to the company within the required period. Your application should be accompanied by the following three things-

  • Death Certificate in respect of the insured
  • Proof of title to the house/property
  • Original Plan.

With these documents, you can renew your policy easily.

3. How can I check my policy status for Cholamandalam home insurance?

If you are a new user, you have to make your account, first of all, then you can log in with valid details to check your policy status.

4. For how long a policy is valid after the death of policy holder?

The policy will remain valid for a three month period from the death of the policy holder. The legal heir will get the custody in the death case of the policy holder.

5. What is the policy of cancellation process for a Cholamandalam home insurance policy?

One has to visit the nearest branch of Cholamandalam insurances with the policy documents and a duly filled surrender form. Your premium will be refunded soon, after the deduction of applicable charges.

Last updated on 01-09-2020