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Future Generali Home Insurance

Buying a home is not a one-day affair. It takes a great deal of hard work and patience to make a to make a house, a home. From bit by bit, from a spoon to the wall color, it is not easy to design the architecture and interior of your house. Step by step, with all seed of happiness and sadness, success and failure, hope and disappointments, one experience and bear everything in the process of making or buying a home for own. A home is the most valuable and priceless possession that one owns. Many people in India are still struggling day and night to achieve the dream that you already achieved, having a home of own. And when we all understand that a home is a most important thing one own, is it fair to leave it just like that to bear all man made or natural disaster? No. So, you need to secure your home at the earliest hour with a home insurance policy. The Home insurance Policy is the armor of your house against very dangerous and will cover your home as best as possible.

Future Generali Home Insurance is a leading insurance company, globally. Future Generali Insurance group was established in Trieste, Italy in the year 1831. Mr. K G Krishnamoorthy Rao is the Managing Director & CEO of Future Generali India Insurance Company.

Future Generali Achievements

Future Generali has achieved a reputable name and fame in the field of insurance, because of the transparent service and easy plans, in western and eastern Europe and also in Asia. Generali group works is a joint venture between the future group and the Generali group. Future group is also a renown name in the field of retail sector industry. Future Generali Home Insurance was founded in 2007, September and since then with all kinds of customer support, world class facilities and global level assistance to all customer problems, Future Generali Home Insurance offer a trouble and confusion free experience to its customers.

Future Generali Home Insurance Plans

The Home Insurance Policy can be availed all over the country and in one claim, one can protect them and their family against all unseen mishaps. The amount one spent on the doctor fees and medication and complete treatment of the pets are covered under this policy. For easily portable domestic and electronic appliances like DSLR Cameras or personal Laptops loss or damage is covered under the policy plan. This policy provides an easy cover for the gold, silver jewelry and important valuable contents loss or damage. Loss and damage of the bicycle, crockeries, and baggage will be provided a shield under this order. ATM cards like, debit and credit card which is used by someone who is fraud, will be covered without any problem.

Future Generali Home Insurance

Offer cover against the Fire and Allied Perils like the house fire, explosion. Burglary and house breaking that result in theft are compensated by the home insurance policy. Breakdown, damage or loss of domestic appliances. Damage or loss of household entertainment electronic gadgets like television, DVD players, Music players, Audio players are covered in the plan.


  • A tenant can only ensure the content of the household, he or she cannot ensure the infrastructure of the home.
  • If a property is damaged due to the overuse, wear and tear, it is not covered under the home insurance policy
  • The home insurance policy does not cover loss or damage to any communication device, such as mobile phones. Such devices are not covered in any other plan at Future Generali Home Insurance.
  • Any pregnancy, childbirth, abortion related medical help claim is not provided under the Generali home insurance policy.
  • If you are a tenant, then any workmanship, building work, fungus, insects, repair or extension is excluded from the insurance policy plan.
  • If there is breakage in the house like during repair in the insured house, is not covered in any of the policy plans.

Future Generali Insurance Policy and Premium

You need to check the online website for the information of the plans required. After choosing from the required policy plans, you need to provide details of the house and property you want to insure. You have to fill the correct and accurate information about the valuable content in the house. After the confirmation, the premium is needed to be paid. Read the terms and conditions of the company before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Future Generali Home Insurance provides the facility of the premium payment as per the perspective of the individual, who is seeking to avail home insurance plan from the insurance company. There are different premium payment methods, from which you need to choose smartly. Future Generali will send you a soft copy of your policy via the registered email address.

Future Generali Home Insurance : FAQ’s

1. What are the criteria through which my house structure and contents insurable value is calculated?

You can get the help of a contractor or build professional to provide you and estimate the amount of the building so that you can have an estimated about the cost of the building. But, land value is also used to calculate the estimate of your building.

2. Is there some cover which is not optional, but compulsory?

Yes, Fire Insurance for the building and content, and the housebreaking & burglary covers are not optional, but with the standard home insurance policy, they are provided compulsorily.

3. How can I claim my Future Generali Insurance plan?

You can claim, your insurance via an easy and hassle free process. As soon as after the occurrence of claim, one should get in touch with the company. After the 7 days, from the claim initiating along with the documentation completion process, the Insurance company will send a claim settlement team, so that the damage and loss can be examined. The final report will be provided.

4. How can I renew my Insurance policy for the Future Generali Home Insurance?

One can renew the insurance policy via login to the e-portal of Future Generali Home Insurance. Or for an easy renewal, you can devote cash before the due date of the policy premium.

5. How can I check my policy status?

You can check your policy details from the website of the company after creating a profile where you will get your all required information about your policy.

Last updated on 24-07-2020