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HDFC ERGO Home Insurance

HDFC, which is now synonym of ‘home’ in India and ERGO which is a global renown leader in non-life insurance solutions, their joint venture HDFC ERGO General Insurance was established in 2002 and at present a leading name in the insurance market. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company provides numerous the insurance plans for the diverse requirements of human beings like, Health Insurance Plans, Travel Insurance Plans, Personal Accidental Plans and Home insurance plans which are absolutely beneficially being functioned in over 109 branches in 89 cities with a transparency for the customers with a guaranteed proper assistance.

It's never late to secure your family because we have no clue that what is next moment holding in its fist. A home is your one-time investment for your loved ones. Your home has witnessed uncountable happy, sad stories of your life and you have your endlessness affection and love for your home. No matter how much messy it was all day, at the end all you need is your home, you get peace and where all your worries disappear without any delay. So this is your responsibility to keep your stress buster and loving place safe and secure. There are so many insurances nowadays and one secures his/her health and his/her family’s health with a health insurance, then why not you think about securing the health of your home with a Home Insurance Policy?


Since its foundation, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited has won several awards for its services.

  • The company has been rated iAAA by ICRA which indicates the firm’s highest paying ability.
  • HDFC ERGO General Insurance was awarded Best Insurance Company in Private Sector - General by the World HRD Congress at ABP NEWS - Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Awards 2014.
  • Awarded as the Best General Insurance Company in India by International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR) in 2013 and 2014

HDFC ERGO Home Insurance Plans

HDFC ERGO Home insurance plans, secure your home from major risks like natural or man-made disasters. HDFC ERGO Home Insurance offer plans which cover the risk and loss related to flood, fire, burglary, and theft. Your valuable possession will also be secured under the insurance plan by HDFC ERGO Home Insurance. You can customize your insurance plan with the further ad on as they have the flexible system as per the requirement of the customer. If security systems are installed in the house, a policy holder can avail discount up to 25% + additional discounts as per the choice of plan. They provide you a healthy and wise choice to choose between two plans:-

  • Coverage against Fire together with some other Perils A) Building and B) Contents.
  • Burglary and Housebreaking


  • Those individuals who reside in a house or flat. The external wall should be made up of burnt bricks; stones, concrete blocks, and roof should be of tiles, RBC or ACC of the building/house.
  • Those that are living as a tenant or home owners can opt for the content Home insurance policy for fire and burglary.
  • An Authorized member of any housing society‘s managing committee can avail a policy that covers and secure general utilities and society buildings.
  • House owner can avail the multi-year policy of HDFC ERGO home Insurance only where the coverage for building (section 1 A) is mandatory.

Excluded Things

Not everything is included in the policy so you need to be well aware of your home insurance policy before buying it. Few things that are excluded from the policy are as follows-

  • Any loss or damage to the property that is caused due to any type of war or communal riots is not covered in the home insurance plan.
  • Damage to the property caused by pollution or negligence of the owner or policy holder will not be covered.
  • The gradual destruction of the buildings that result in a major flaw cannot be covered in the policy.
  • Loss or damage to the property due to radioactive reactions or some nuclear perils is not to be covered.

One needs to refer to the Policy Wordings of HDFC ERGO Home Insurance for a detailed list of exclusions as you should be aware of your policy for avoiding any further future misconception.

HDFC ERGO Home Insurance : FAQ’s

1. How can I pay my premium? Can I pay by cash?

HDFC ERGO General insurance offers three easy modes for the premium payment-

  • You can sign an auto debit mandate while you are buying a policy. Premium amount of the policy will be automatically deducted from your bank account on due date.
  • You can pay by cash or cheque at the bank
  • You can pay your premium directly by online payment

2. How to renew my policy?

HDFC ERGO offers an auto renewal of the policy if you have signed an auto debit mandate. Otherwise, you can renew your policy but log into the online portal with your valid login details. You can pay to be new banking or debit /credit card. You can print your e-payment receipt easily for further use from there.

3. Is FIR mandatory for the claim?

FIR will be mandatory for Malicious Damage Riot and Strike Terrorism, Burglary, Theft. But at the same is not needed for flood, storm, lightning, subsidence, earthquake, Impact Damage due to Aircraft Losses. So it depends on the nature of the loss.

4. How is my policy premium which I have to pay for my policy calculated?

There are different factors on which your premium amount depends, some of them are-

  • Built up area of the property, per square feet
  • Policy period selection
  • Market value of the content and valuables
  • Construction cost of building in your area/locality

5. What are the different types of properties which are not eligible for the HDFC ERGO home insurance?

The following type of properties are not covered by the insurance policy-

  • Land
  • Shops
  • Office cum residents
  • Each and every ‘kutcha’ construction
  • Property which is under construction

Last updated on 24-07-2020