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Oriental Home Insurance 

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd was established on 12th September 1947, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Company Ltd in Mumbai. It provides general insurance products across major business segments encompassing Fire, Marine, Motor (Total), Health, Miscellaneous (including Crop). Headquartered in Delhi, it has 13,500 employees working in 1,800+ offices with 29 regional offices. Along with this, it has an international presence with three foreign offices in Nepal, Kuwait, and Dubai.

As a general insurance provider, Oriental understands the importance of having a secure home that needs protection from unexpected accidents and events. With this in mind, it has designed a policy known as 'HouseHolder Insurance Policy' that provides complete security and protection to one's house and its assets from accidental damages.

Oriental's HouseHolder Insurance Policy

Oriental's HouseHolder Insurance Policy is designed to provide comprehensive financial security and protection to the insured's house and its assets. As a composite policy, it is divided into ten sections, out of which an insured has to choose a minimum of 3 sections, out of which Section 1 related to Fire and allied perils is compulsory.



Type of Coverage

Premium rate (per thousand)




2A & B

A. House-break in (including larceny & theft)

B. House break-in (excluding larceny & theft)

A: 1.00

B: 0.35


All risks



Plate glass



Domestic Appliances Including TV Set



Personal Computer & Laptop



Pedal Cycle






Personal Accident (Eligibility: 5 – 65 years)

0.60 + 20% medical expenses

10A & B

A: Public Liability


A: 0.40

B: 8.00

**Last Updated on 06-11-2020


  1. The policy doesn't have an upper limit for the sum insured on the building or its content. Also, if the insured selects a policy term of more than 4 years, (s)he will be eligible to get a discount on the premium.
  2. The policy can also be availed while your building is under construction (only pucca construction).
  3. The insured can also select the personal accident cover whereby if (s)he sustains bodily injury, disablement, or dies due to an accident within 12 months from the date of the accident, the sum insured will be payable to the injured or his/her family. As a special provision, if the insured pays an additional 20% premium, (s)he will also get a cover for the medical expenses arising in connection with the accident. 
  4. The policy provides comprehensive coverage to the insured's house and its contents and assets. While selecting a minimum of 3 sections is mandatory for purchasing the policy, if the insured selects more than 4 sections, (s)he will get a discount of 15%, and for more than 6 sections, the discount will be 20%.
  5. Housing societies who avail of this policy are eligible to get a discount of up to 20% on section 2 if they have appropriate security arrangements.

How to purchase an Oriental Home Insurance Policy?

You can buy the Oriental Home Insurance policy through the company's website by following the below steps:

  1. On the company's website, click on the menu bar on the right side of the webpage. Click on 'Products' and select 'Householder Policy' from the list. 
  2. Click on 'Buy Online' on the right side of the web page.
  3. Enter all the requested details such as the address, start and end date of the policy, and select and put the details of the Sections mentioned on the webpage, and then click on 'Calculate Premium'.
  4. You will be now directed to a new web page that generates the premium on the basis of the information entered. Once you agree with the premium, enter all your personal details on the web page and click on 'Next'.
  5. On the final page, you will be requested to make the premium payment using the available payment modes, and the policy will be generated. The soft copy will be emailed to you, and the hard copy will be sent to your registered address in 15 days.

Claims procedure for Oriental Home Insurance Policy

If an incident causes damage to the building or its contents, the following procedure must be followed to file a claim for compensation:

  1. Prepare and send an immediate notice to the company within 14 days, about the amount of loss or damage to the assets insured with evidence and explanations to substantiate the claim. If there is theft, then lodge a complaint with the police station and take all necessary steps to recover the lost items.
  2. Submit the following documents to the company:
  3. Copy of claim intimation given to the company together with xerox of policy & premium receipt. 
  4. Duly filled claim form. 
  5. Police Panchnama/First Information Report/Final Police Report (Forensic Dept.). 
  6. Fire Brigade Report (in case of fire). 
  7. Photographs of damaged property showing the extent of damage &/or video film of loss. 
  8. Others requested by the company. 
  9. Once all documents are received, the company will institute the inquiry and scrutinize the claim submitted. During this period, the insured should not start repairing the building, nor should pay, negotiate, or settle the matter before getting the company's approval to do so. Once all documents are in order, and all inquiries are settled, the company will make a decision and communicate it to the insured.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. My personal jewelry is kept in a bank locker. Does the Oriental Householder Policy cover such assets too?

Yes, all valuables kept in the bank locker are covered under the first loss basis.

2. I am an art lover, and in my house, I have displayed a number of famous paintings that I purchased. Can these be insured too?

Yes, art is covered under this policy only if they are valued by government-approved valuers and its report is submitted while purchasing the policy.

3. I own a 2 story house and wish to purchase the Oriental Householder's policy. What should I select as the sum insured?

The sum insured should be such that it should cover the entire cost of rebuilding your house, including all the necessary fees, charges, and all the additional costs like obtaining permissions by local authorities, clearing away debris, etc.

4. What sum insured should I select for the other assets or contents in my house?

For your assets, the sum insured should cover the replacement costs at the market value.

5. What are the exclusions under the Oriental Householder Insurance policy?

If the damage to the house is caused due to war, allied perils, nuclear radiation, or due to its related causes, it won't be covered under the policy.

Last updated on 06-11-2020