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Universal Sompo Home Insurance
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Universal Sompo Home Insurance

Universal Sompo General Insurance company has its headquartered in Mumbai, India. Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited is a private public joint venture in general insurance where two nationalized banks, namely Allahabad Bank and Indian Overseas Bank, one private sector bank, namely Karnataka Bank Ltd, one FMCG namely Dabur Investment Corp and a leading general insurer from Japan namely Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc have formed a general insurance company. It is India’s first Public - Private Partnership in General Insurance Industry.

The joint assignment has been capitalized with shareholders price range of over 230 cr. which include a share premium. The agency obtained the Licence and Certificate of Registration from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in November 2007.

3 of the Indian companions are main banks with a combined asset base of Rs. 3,14,071 crores and over 4000 branches and distribution facilities. Plus the 4th largest FMCG organization in India with over 1.5 million shops. The JV partners will make bigger their widespread distribution reach and consumer base for soliciting bouquet of non-life insurance commercial enterprise. Further, the company's distribution community may also include agents, sellers and focused under the line direct marketing promotions.

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. is a Japanese insurance business enterprise. It is the largest property and casualty insurance company in Japan and holding a stake of 26% in USGI. The “Sompo” in the company's name means “property insurance” in Japanese, though Sompo Japan Nipponkoa provides a wide range of financial services including life insurance, securities, asset management and venture capital businesses.

Services and products for the individual, company and small entrepreneur

Drawing upon the financial strengths and distribution reach of Indian partners and subsidized by using coverage knowledge of Sompo Japan, familiar Sompo intends to be a diversified player, collaborating in healthful opposition to reinforce the coverage capacity within the country through the prudent underwriting, providing progressive and custom designed products to range of client segments which include Rural and Social region, using varied Distribution channels.

Our bouquet of insurance products includes health & crucial infection, personal coincidence & disability, domestic, Motor, property for individuals, workplaces, Shopkeepers bundle and different non-life applications for Small entrepreneurs, besides the worker benefit, Operational, undertaking coverage, legal responsibility and other special productsfor corporate world. Detailed records on our products and services are available in our product brochures. The goal is to provide our clients with peace of thoughts via the recommendation on hazard control (pre and post loss), Portfolio analysis, business Continuity making plans (business - Nonstop).

Universal Sompo home insurance: Achievements

Significance OF MY FM STARS OF THE enterprise AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN FINANCE, BANKING, insurance & economic offerings

The awards focused on the 'best practices' adopted by way of BFSI enterprise based totally on strategy, client services, destiny generation challenges and innovations inside the Banking, economic and coverage sectors. The aim of megastar of the enterprise Awards is to become aware of and reward specialists and agencies for his or her superlative achievements in their respective discipline.

The members of the industry Awards are judged on the idea of size and growth in sales and employees, top, and diversity of clients and evidence of fine, competence and control abilities. Those awards are usual to honor people & businesses that top symbolize the quality service of the enterprise and to enhance values a good way to set iconic management & orient human beings to that leadership. The award pursuits to set standards & benchmarks of very excessive order and inspire different to emulate.

Universal Sompo Home insurance Online facilities

With the help of online portal, you will be able to buy effective home insurance plans from the comfort of home that would save your time and money as well. You must look for the online options and it is more convenient.

Universal Home Insurance Plans

To recognize the cost of house insurance/home coverage, it's far important to recognize what house insurance is. Home insurance is a unique sort of property coverage that covers your property from different forms of dangers like accidents, perils damages, and thefts. You may pick to buy the domestic insurance plan for a stipulated tenure, and it will be effective best for that tenure. So, it's far secure to assume that home insurance is likewise a type of time period agreement. As soon as the stipulated duration is over, you could renew the coverage policy. To make certain which you get coverage beneath a comprehensive home coverage policy, you need to pay the premium to the coverage organization. Every main insurance enterprise in India gives complete domestic insurance policies. As a client, you may employ any third party financial internet site to evaluate home insurance regulations supplied via the unique corporations, and pick one among them in line with your requirements.

Your own home is certainly the most costly asset and the maximum precious for you. Any catastrophic devastation prompted due to earthquakes and other natural calamities can shake the entire shape of your home. The outcome of the same is probably to be that your property becomes absolutely unlivable. It's far simplest to guard you and your home from such unforeseen instances that a house insurance turns into vital, for house owners and tenants alike. In case your private home receives damaged, the emotional and monetary ache of rebuilding a house or reinstalling its contents is painful, tough and tedious. A comprehensive home coverage policy spares you the horror of the identical.

Aside from the aforementioned elements, there are different benefits of getting a domestic coverage,which has been explored via this text. Main insurance organizations offer a big range of progressive functions and blessings below one-of-a-kind home coverage plans, which include more insurance, additional discounts, customized options to pick out from, and such like. Usually, coverage corporations rate much less premium if the insured domestic is ready with fireplace extinguishers, hooked up with the protection device, and so on. This not handiest ensures protection for residents, but also presents protection for home appliances, electronic home equipment, belongings, and family members against various dangers.

Universal Sompo’s Householder’s Insurance Policy

This is one of the Universal Sompo home coverage Plan, Universal Sompo’s “Householder’s bundle policy” Plan is to cater to the general requirement of you as a house proprietor. Under this coverage plan, we've got combined a number of contingencies, which can be usually covered through separate policies. Coverage afford safety towards the dangers of terrorism, fireplace, earthquake, typhoon, flood, cyclone, burglary and the breakdown of appliances. Widely wide-spread Sompo Householder coverage offers with the cut price on the premium depending upon the variety of sections of the plan which are opted with the aid of the proposer.

Universal Sompo Home Insurance : FAQ’s

1. Is the graduation date of a coverage?

Your insurance coverage will begin either from the day the business enterprise receives the primary top rate installment or from the date as selected through you.

2. What are the files to be submitted in case a burglary takes place?

In the case of a housebreaking claim, you must put up the subsequent files:

  • The value of restore/alternative of the stolen gadgets.
  • The unique invoice mentioning the price of the gadgets stolen.
  • First instance file (FIR).
  • Duly crammed claim form

3. If the insured residence is offered, what happens to the home insurance coverage?

In case the insured house is bought, the coverage stands canceled from the moment the switch of possession of the residence takes place and the insured ceases to be covered under the policy. Following this, the balance of the premium for the last insured period will be refunded to the coverage holder.

Last updated on 01-09-2020