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Aegon Life ULIP Plans in India

ULIP is a Unit-Linked Insurance Plan that gives customers the opportunity to get insurance and investment under one roof. Under a single integrated plan, policyholders may be covered financially and at the same time can use their money to invest in a beneficial investment fund.

Beneath such a plan, a part of the premium paid toward the plan is used to offer needful financial safety to the policyholder and the rest of the premium is invested in distinctive debt and equity schemes. The policyholder has the choice of choosing in which fund they would like to make investments in or can select to mix up their investments in distinct finances. Policyholders will get effective plans, each of which has a Net Asset Value (NAV). The charges of the same is decided via the fund’s performance, market situations and is asserted on a daily basis

Aegon Life is one of the top life insurance companies in India and gives rewarding and unique solutions. The ULIP plans provided by Aegon Life are designed for those who selected to avail life cover and earn returns on their investments too. The insurer offers ULIP for those clients who desire to mix their insurance and investment.

Benefits Of Aegon Life ULIP Plans

  • There aren't any premium allocation prices related to the plan(varies from plan to plan).

  • Loyalty points are offered to raise the cost of the fund.

  • The plan is available online for clients with a clean and simple format.

  • Charges can be paid both for a limited length or for the complete term.

  • Tax benefits are there as per the Income Tax Law.

  • Partial withdrawals are allowed after five coverage years.

Types Of Aegon Life ULIP Plans

These plans will not only help you to secure your future by investing your money and providing coverage but also work towards the growth of your finances.

1. iInvest Insurance Plan :

This ULIP allows you to manage your funds in any proportion. You can invest in six different funds, such as blue-chip equity, accelerator, opportunity, stable, secure and debt funds. Each fund caters to different levels of risk from low to high. Among the six funds, opportunity fund provides long-term wealth generation by allowing you to invest in mid-caps.

2. iMaximize Insurance Plan :

This affordable plan comes with ‘Triple Benefits’. Here, along with a higher sum assured, you also get additional savings and income benefit. Moreover, it ensures your child gets all the financial security after you.

3. iMaximize Single-Premium Insurance Plan :

This investment cum insurance plan needs you to invest only once, while you earn profitable returns on your investments for a long time to come. This plan also allows you to choose from six unit-linked funds.

4. Future Protect Insurance Plan :

This plan allows you to multiply your amount from different investments, while also providing you with life coverage. Perfect for investors with a low-risk appetite!

5. Rising Star Insurance Plan :

This plan acts as a great tool for securing the future of your children. It invests your money in equity markets while minimizing your risk profile.

6. Future Protect Plus Plan :

This plan helps you generate an adequate pool of finances for the future by investing your money as well as providing you with risk coverage.

Why Go For A ULIP Plan?

Aegon Life has a multi-channel distribution method that is designed to help clients to plan their life and future better. The insurer offers customized plans to the consumer with numerous features. They provide a complete range of ULIP plans that can easily deal with the specific desires of customers. When you purchase a ULIP, part of that cash is invested in special funds like bonds, shares, and so on. It is very much like investing money in the mutual finances. The ultimate amount is utilized to buy life cover that is valid for a particular time period. This way, you could earn awesome returns through your investment and additionally avail life cover at the same time.


How can I increase the sum assured of coverage?

It is advisable for you to kindly put up a duly signed written request letter/ form by the policyholder at your nearest branch along with your original insurance files.

How can I apply for duplicate policy files?

You must submit a written request letter/endorsement form duly signed by the insured at your nearest branch with the indemnity bond of Rs.200/- stamp paper.