DHFL Pramerica Pension Plan

DHFL Pramerica Pension Plan

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DHFL Pramerica Pension Plans In India

DPLI is a joint venture between DHFL Investments Limited (DIL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DHFL), one of Indiaís leading housing finance companies (the second largest in the private sector) and Prudential International Insurance Holdings, Ltd. (PIIH), a fully owned subsidiary of Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI), a financial services leader which have its headquartered in the U.S. DPLI represents two renowned financial services organizations with a legacy of business excellence spread over decades. The life insurance joint venture agreement between the two partners was signed in July 2013.

The company offers quality financial products. They donít just provide financial solutions, but also guide and allow customers to make informed insurance decisions to meet their lifeís short term and long term financial goals.

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in India headquartered in Gurgaon, India. It offers a wide range of life insurance solutions for individuals as well as groups to meet various financial protection needs such as securing the childís future, retirement planning, savings and wealth creation.

Why Pension Plans?

DPLI help individuals efficaciously for his or her retirement. With the increase in the cost of basic desires, your financial savings won't reach the value of necessities all through the retired life. For this reason, it's important to start saving early for a stress-free retired life. To attain the closing purpose DPLI pension plan is best for you. DPLI Retirement plans make sure that you revel in a comfy and happy retired life. DPLI retirement plans help you to build an entity that lasts at some point in your retired life.

Why We Want DHFL Pramerica Retirement Plans?

Retirement approach new beginnings and the risk to realize the unfulfilled goals of your kids. In any case, retirement which is an important stage of life, a time when economic independence is of utmost significance. DPLI offers the pension plans to serve you at the time of post-retirement.

DHFL Pension Plan Info

DPLIís Retirement plan offers effective policies with a large range of benefits for you and your family. DPLI offers diverse retirement solutions for people, family, and so on. DPLI comes out with custom designed policies which could enclose almost any retirement need which you would possibly have.

DHFL Pramerica Retirement Plan Benefits

Under DPLIís retirement plans, you will get the following benefits:

  • Death benefit: If the insured dies within the coverage period, then the sum assured may be payable to their own family or nominee.

  • Maturity Benefit: According to the plan adapted maturity benefits for DPLIís pension plan varies.

  • Tax benefit: You can get tax benefit on DPLI pension plan for premium paid under Sec 80C and Sec 10(10D) of Income Tax Act 1961 for the death advantage received by the insuredís family members.

DHFL Pramerica Pension Plans

DHFL Pramerica Aajeevan Samriddhi

It is a whole life participating insurance cum savings plan. It offers financial protection till your 99th year of age along with a corpus at age 65, so that you can provision for your post retirement expenses.

DHFL Pramerica Smart Cash Protect

It is basically a participating endowment cum insurance plan. It is an all-in-one plan that has been designed to take care of your regular as well as long term expenses. This plan provides a regular stream of income in the form of annual cash benefits in addition to lump sum payouts .


How is NAV calculated?

Net asset value (NAV)is significant only for open-end mutual funds. It is a simple calculation - just take the current market value of the fund's net assets (securities held by the fund minus any liabilities) and divide by the number of shares outstanding.

I have misplaced the policy bond. What should I do?

In the situation where the policy bond is out of place or misplaced, the claimant will provide an indemnity bond (available at companyís branches).

Can I change the nominee of my coverage?

Yes, you could change the nominee of your policy anytime till the maturity date. You'll have to inform the insurance company about the same in writing.