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Exide Life Pension Plans In India

An Exide Life Insurance plan takes care of your retirement desires and your family in case something happens to you. As you study this, there are actually opportunities - you could stay, or you may die. If you die, who's going to attend to your family? And if you live, who's going to take care of you? The Exide life Retirement Plans is the answer to each question. For a small investment now and again, or at one cross - you can financially protect your dependents with comprehensive life insurance cover, and store a tidy sum with a view to being paid again to you while you want it most.

Exide Life Retirement And Pension Plans

To revel in your retirement years, you need to plan in advance. Exide life Insurance company limited offers retirement and pension plans designed to present you a complete life cover and a boom in your financial savings. Exide life Retirement and Pension Plans provide you flexible premium price options and tax benefits.

Everybody dreams of the day when they can ultimately dangle the boots up and retire in peace, but that dream is most usually shattered by means of the prospect of getting to live in retirement struggling to find a source of income. This concern is what leads to the pension plans by Exide life Insurance plan to help with. They offer you the opportunity to spend money on their pension plans today with a view to be capable of retiring and still have a source of profits feeding into your BANK bills money which you need.

Benefits Of Exide Life, Retirement And Pension Plans

Following are the benefits of choosing Exide life Retirement Plans:

  • Life cover: The Exide life Retirement plan gives a complete life cover that is helpful for the policyholder. Get guaranteed benefits on vesting and in the situation of demise.

  • Premium: You can pay an additional premium to ensure your retirement fund grows at a quicker tempo.

  • Flexible premium payment : You can pick regular, single Pay choice to make premium payment under the Exide life Retirement Plan.

  • Regular financial savings: Saving as low as Rs.2,000 in step with month under the Exide life Retirement Plan can make sure you build an awesome retirement corpus.

  • Maturity benefit: Get guaranteed maturity advantage below the Exide life Retirement Plan. You could get 1/3 of the maturity amount tax free cash. The rest can be used to buy an annuity from Exide life insurance so that you can get regular Income for life.

  • Loyalty advantage: When you attain the retirement age, the premium allocation costs might be refunded in your pension account.

  • Tax advantage: You could store tax on charges paid under segment 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • QROPS: Because the Exide life Retirement Plan is said a QROPS, folks who are moving outdoor the country can switch their pension funds.

Advantages Of Selecting Exide Life Pension Plans

  • Annuity payments for life: Make investments a lump sum amount and get hold of regular profits for the rest of your life. Depending on your economic necessities, you may determine whilst you need to get your annuity payments - annual, half yearly, quarterly or month-to-month.

  • A complete refund of the purchase fee: In the event of the death of an annuitant, the nominee or a prison heir can be paid the full premium.

  • Exide life pension plan is straightforward to buy. Pay a lump sum amount and receive the annuity at your discretion. No medical information is required. Get a higher annuity price for a higher purchase price.

Exide Life Pension Plans

Exide Life Golden Years Retirement Plan

It is an exclusive plan that helps you make your retirement years the golden years of your life by offering a host of benefits for building a substantial corpus. Live the retirement years of your life in comfort without compromising to your normal lifestyle with the Exide life Golden Years Retirement Plan. It's for a conventional long-time period pension plan beneath which all charges paid will be compounded at minimum 1% p.a. You could regulate the premium charge time period by choosing regular or single pay. The plan additionally gives loyalty benefit to the policyholder in the form of refunded premium allocation costs on accomplishing retirement age. Under this plan, you could get 5% p.a. interest assure to your gross premiums and Individual Pension Account (IPA) for the first five years. In case you need to grow the retirement fund, you have got the choice to pay top-up premiums in addition to your regular premium 2 years before the vesting date.

Exide Life New Immediate Annuity

It is a pension plan under which you pay once and you start receiving a pension at a pre-decided frequency. Make investment within the Exide life New instant Annuity with return purchase price to acquire assured income post-retirement. You could pick to obtain the annuity payout month-to-month, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Within the situation of demise, the nominee or the legal inheritor gets the entire purchase price of the plan.


QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme. It refers to overseas pension schemes for transferring a UK pension fund 'tax free' to any other country.

Why Exide Life Retirement And Pension Plan?

Exide life coverage has verified itself adept at dealing with retirement and pension products. If you want to lead a cozy retirement life without compromising to your popular of residing, Then choose a retirement or pension plan supplied through Exide life coverage. Further to receiving a complete life cover, you could also construct a preferred retirement fund. You have got the choice of using a maturity amount to buy the annuity from Exide life coverage and make sure that you get normal profits for life. You may also experience tax advantages on charges paid below the Exide life Retirement and Pension Plans.


When to start retirement planning?

The great time is to start quickly after one starts off evolved incomes. This guarantees an extended length of the budget to develop and minimum installment amounts to pay towards the plan.

Can I switch my pension funds from United Kingdom to India?

Sure, you can switch it via QROPS. Please consult with our NRI section to examine more.

How to devise a financially secure retirement?

Begin early to invest in retirement plans use the retirement calculator to check how a whole lot corpus you need to build out the perfect payout mode with the intention to meet your economic goals post retirement.