Future Generali Investment Plans

Future Generali Investment Plans

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Future Generali Investment Plans In India

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between three leading groups: Future Group – A leading retailer in India, Generali Group- A global insurance group that features among top 50 largest companies in the world and Industrial Investment Trust Limited (IITL) – A leading investment company.

At Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited, our mission is to actively protect and enhance peoples’ lives. With operations spread across 75 branches and a complete range of simplified solutions for the financial security of customers and enterprises, we aim to become the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions.

Types of Future Generali Investment Plans

Future Generali easy invests online plan

Staying invested throughout the Policy Term will help you get Loyalty Additions as a percentage of average Fund Value. All you need to do is to ensure that you have paid all your due premiums on time and your policy is active on the date of payment of Loyalty Additions

Dhan Vridhi

Under this plan the investment risk in investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder. The linked insurance products do not offer any liquidity during the first five years of the contract. The policyholder will not be able to surrender /withdraw the monies invested in linked insurance products completely or partially till the end of the fifth year.

Future Generali Wealth Protect Plan

This plan offers a combination of high cover (up to 30 times the annual premium) and investment to fulfil your long-term financial goals while safeguarding the interests of your dependents.

Future Generali bima advantage plus

This plan offers a combination of protection and investment to fulfil your medium to long-term financial goals. It offers you six different fund options between debt, equity and balanced assets to suit your varying risk profile.

Future Generali bima Gain

It offers you six different fund options between debt, equity and balanced assets to suit your varying risk profile.It allows you to make the most of the opportunities in the market by switching from one fund to another.

Future Generali pramukh nivesh ULIP

The product safeguards your returns at maturity through systematic fund transfer option from equity-oriented funds to a debt oriented fund during the last 3 years.You can manage your investments by switching from one fund option to another.

Future Generali Life Insurance Claim Process

Policyholders who wish to file a claim can do that easily with a few steps. Policyholders can document a claim either online or offline, relying on their convenience.

The claims technique is also transparent and brief, making sure the claim is resolved in the quickest possible time and with minimum inconvenience to the claimant.

The claim process is mentioned below:

  • Claimants who wants to file a claim are required to notify the company. Claimants can check a claim online, or they could send an e-mail to the patron care. Claimants can also submit a written intimation at any future Generali office.

  • The claim is to be filed with a claim form (available online or at any branch) in addition to the files (depending on the kind of claim being filed).

  • The claims assessors will verify the documents. Any additional documents, if required, might be asked.

  • On completion of the verification, a selection at the claim status may be taken and the claimant could be notified.

  • In case of a success claims, the agreement amount might be calculated after computing any additions, deductions and so on.

  • The settlement amount could be transferred to the claimant through NEFT.

Future Generali Life Insurance Online Payment

Policyholders need not worry about a premium charge or having to undergo the problem of depositing a cheque to pay their charges anymore, as they can make premium payments online.

Policyholders can log in to their account and make their premium payments any time earlier than the due date. With the payments being online could reduce the processing time.


What are the modes of premium payment with Future Generali life insurance?

Premiums on your life insurance policy with this company can be easily paid by auto debit facilities, cash bills, cheques, net banking and payments through the cellphone.

What are the documents required to sign up a claim for death due to the accident?

In case of the death because of accident, you'll need to record an FIR and record from the police station and an evidence of the accident, newspaper reducing, and so on. If available.