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HDFC Term Life Insurance

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HDFC Life Term Insurance Company

HDFC Life Insurance Co. Ltd., (HDFC life) is one of the topmost players in the insurance market. Established in the year 2000, HDFC life offers a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customer needs such as protection, pension, savings, investment, and health. With a diverse portfolio, the organization strives to fulfill protection and wealth-enhancing wishes and provide custom designed economic solutions to all people.

Term Plan

Term plan is a comprehensive coverage plan that is designed to provide protection with a wide variety of cover options in addition to ensuring that your family is assured of monetary stability even in your absence.

Why Go For Term Insurance?

1. Term or protection plans as risk covers

A protection plan could normally fall under the natural hazard cover as the product is made from only the protection element, and no maturity gain is associated with the policy. This coverage will only make a payment on the prevalence of an event i.e. demise.

2. Term plans are cost-effective

With a protection plan, a small sum annually provides a financial cushion with a big sum assured in the event of the death of the policyholder (example based totally on a policyholder aged 25 years). Buying term insurance plans online maybe even extra cost-effective.

3. The right insurance plan for all

Term plans are pure protection plans. These plans are designed and priced so that the policyholders, as a group, can correctly pooling their cash as a way to pay an advantage for a noticeably rare, however unwanted occasion that could occur. Which means that for each policyholder the price of presenting the duvet is particularly modest in evaluation to the gain that would be covered if that occasion took place.

4. Appropriate for single breadwinner

A term plan is perfectly suited for people who are the breadwinner of the family with high financial liabilities. Typically, low income, high monetary liabilities, spouse, kids, and exact insurable health are the elements that trigger the selection to go for a term coverage. Usually, the essential principle remains the same. It’s advisable to start at a young age as premiums might be low. Also, whilst the insured is young, he/she can avail of long-term insurance for up to 30 years.

5. Protects dependents from short-term liabilities

Term plan is ideal for an individual to protect dependents from any liability, such as a home loan, child education in case of death of the policyholder. In addition, term plans may be used as a cover against car loans, quick term loans, etc.

How Term Insurance Plan From HDFC Life Helps You?

Term insurance plan by HDFC Life provides you with the benefit of large life insurance cover for an affordable premium. Riders covering other risks such as accident are available and can be attached to term plans and provide a much wider protection to your family.

HDFC Life Term Plans

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus is a term insurance plan which ensures protection against the 3 eventualities of life - death, disability, and disease. The 9 plan options will help you pick the most suitable plan option as per your requirement.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus

One more term insurance plan in India which provides you comprehensive protection at an affordable price and helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones against the uncertainties that life may throw at you. This term life insurance policy provides a wide range of cover options and you can choose the cover depending on your need. You can even secure your family’s day to day requirements when you are not around by way of monthly income under income & income plus option.

Click 2 Protect Health

HDFC Life and Apollo Munich Health Insurance have joined hands to bring you the benefits of health and life insurance in a comprehensive and affordable. 5% discount on total premium on the purchase of Click 2 Protect Health. A customer has to give a single cheque, go for single documentation and single medical test to buy this policy.


What is Partial Withdrawal?

Maximum plans offer you the choice of making lump sum withdrawals whenever throughout the plan that refers to the partial withdrawal.

How can I pay the investment plan premiums?

You can pay your investment plan charges online via different modes of online payment that includes net banking, credit card/ debit card, debit card with pin and much more.

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