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Research before going for a car insurance plan is as important as research before purchasing a car. People take this leniently and repent later. so, it is better to think before acting.

PolicyX brings to you certain steps, which are the end to all your problems.  Stay relaxed and keep heed of certain things mentioned here.

Points To Be Kept In Mind While Purchasing Car Insurance Plan

All dreams of having a car of its own and choosing one become a challenging task in the way. After doing all the mathematics buying a new car insuranceyou conclude to get a particular car. Then, why you are not equally serious while you are purchasing a car insurance plan. Following are a few things that should be kept in mind at the time of buying a car insurance plan:-

Opt For Online Insurance

Earlier purchasing an insurance policy was a complex process. But, in the world of internet with all the applications available online, one can easily buy or renew an insurance plan sitting at home comfortably. Buying a motor insurance plan is nowhere different from buying a product from an online site. There is no involvement of the middleman or broker to buy a policy and it is cheaper than the earlier method of purchasing an insurance plan. The best aspect of online insurance policies is that it saves a lot of time and makes things efficient.

No Claim Bonus

The insurance companies have a provision of offering no claim bonus to its policyholders. They provide this as a reward for not raising a claim during the policy period. The policy buyer should know about no claim bonus then only s/he can get the benefits. If a policyholder is eligible for no claim bonus, then it should be claimed within the policy maturation period. It can be beneficial as it can decrease the premium amount throughout the year and the policyholder can get better benefits.

Coverage Provided in Renewal Plan

Read the coverage section of the insurance policy carefully. Compare what coverage you were getting earlier and what coverage is mentioned in the new plan. You can compare and contrast both the coverages for better understanding and take decisions accordingly. It is not necessary that even though you are getting fewer benefits you have to continue with the same plan. You can terminate the plan and can buy a new car insurance plan with better coverages and premiums.

On-Time Renewal

The expiry of policy can make you pay extra. One should always renew the policy in advance. If the renewal is not made within the 90 days of the expiry of the policy then the policyholder has no access to no claim bonus.

Installation of GPS Vehicle Tracker With Anti-theft Alarm

Such accessories shall be included in your car. It not only safeguards your vehicle but also lessens your insurance premium. There is a provision in the car insurance plan that the cars withholding the anti-theft device gets an extra discount on the premiums if it is Automotive Research Association Of India certified. Adding on to this the anti-theft GPS tracker device keeps your car safe and in case it is stolen, it can be tracked easily or you get the amount under the clause of theft.

Online Tools To Compare Premiums

The availability of online tools to compare data has made things easier. Our site under the name PolicyX provides comparing features and this online tool makes our work easier by comparing data of different sites and companies. Like if one has to compare the premiums offered by different insurance companies, one need not panic as we can compare Premium by using Car Insurance Premium calculator available online that too free of cost. In the field of insurance, awareness matters a lot and if one has awareness he never gets trapped in bad situations.

Compare Your Previous Insurer And Change in Case of Dissatisfaction

Insurance companies are mushrooming throughout the country. Numbers of insurance companies are offering varieties of facilities depending on the types of insurance policies you are buying. So, why to compromise with a situation and policy. You are a free soul to change your policy. All you need to do is compare different policies being provided by different insurance companies and opt for the best insurance plans. Don’t stick with your previous and set yourself free in this market of car insurance plans.

Analyze your car value (IDV)

The insured declared value(IDV) has a very important role in buying car insurance. It gives an idea about the market value of the car. It's very important to have knowledge of your car in this competent world. Holding back your car from insurance plans can prove to be your biggest mistake because the price of the car depreciates every year. The price you are getting today for your car you may not get a year later. So, act wisely and investigate the exact market price of your car. After that according to its market value look for the best car insurance plan that suits your car.

Package Deals

Few of the insurance companies are offering package deals and you can gain its benefits, all you need is hawkeyed nature. The moment an insurance company launches a package deal, that the best time to get your car insured.


The factors relating to the renewal of car insurance policies are for your help and in case of any confusion, our customer care service is always available there. Any query can be clarified on our customer care number. So, please do not hesitate. Keep these things in mind and the best car insurance plan is waiting for you.

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