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Founded by Sir Doraji Tata in 1919, The New India Assurance Company is one of the renowned insurance companies. Be it general or non-life insurance, New India Assurance Company has been India's favourite choice. And not just in India, the company operates in 28 other countries.

The company caters to almost every aspect of the general insurance industry and provides ample options to its customers to suit their needs.

New India Assurance Products

1. Health Insurance Plans:

To avoid financial complications while addressing a medical emergency, it is important to have Health Insurance Plans.

Some of the Insurance policies offered by New India Assurance are mentioned below:

  • New India Global Mediclaim Policy
  • Janata Mediclaim
  • Family Floater Mediclaim
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy
  • New India Flexi Group Mediclaim Policy

2. Travel Insurance Plans:

Be it a family vacation, solo trip, or business trip, the New India Assurance travel insurance has different policies that you can choose according to your needs and preferences. Travel Insurance plans offered by New India Assurance are mentioned below:

  • OverseaOverseas Mediclaim (Bus & Holiday)
  • Overseas Mediclaim (ES)

3. Motor Insurance Plans:

Having Insurance Plans for your vehicles offers complete peace of mind and protects your vehicles from any unfortunate incident. Some of the motor insurance plans offered by New India Assurance are:

  • Standalone OD for Motor TW
  • Standalone OD for Motor PC
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Private Car

4. Rural Insurance Plans:

Having rural insurance ensures that families living in rural areas have a safe and secure future. Some of the Rural Insurance Plans offered by New Assurance Company are:

  • Brakish Water Prawn Insurance
  • Calf Heifer Insurance
  • Eproduct for Pedal Cycle
  • E_Animal Driven Cart Insurance
  • Farmers Asset Insurance
  • Failed Well

5. Marine Insurance Plans:

New India Assurance Company's Marine Insurance covers damage caused to ships, cargo vessels, and terminals. The insurance covers transport-related losses and offers peace of mind to the insurer. Some of the Marine Insurance Plans offered by New Assurance Company are:

  • Increased Value Policy
  • E product Specific Voyage
  • Open Policy
  • ALOP Insurance
  • Annual Policy
  • Annual Turnover Policy

6. Miscellaneous Insurance Plans:

Some of the Miscellaneous Insurance Plans offered by New Assurance Company are:

  • Personal Accident (Death & PTD)
  • Office Protection
  • House Holder
  • Shopkeeper
  • Raasta Aapatti Kavach Policy
  • Loss of Profit Insurance (MB)

How To Check Claim Status with New India Assurance?

With the New India Assurance Company, you can easily manage your profile, make claims online, and track the status of your claims instantly. Below are some steps that you can follow to check the ‘Claim Status’ of your plan:

1. Check your claim status by registering/logging in to the Customer Portal

For New users-

  • Visit
  • Register by clicking on the Customer Login/Registration Portal.
  • Fill all the necessary details.
  • Once your id and password are generated, you can log in using the same credentials and check claim status by clicking on the ‘Claims’ tab and entering the policy number.

For existing users-

  • Visit
  • Log in with your ID & Password.
  • Once you get access to your policy details, you can check claim status by clicking on the ‘Claims’ tab and entering the policy number.

2. Check your Claim Status via Call and Mail

  • The customers can call the toll-free number in order to check their claim status.
    Toll-Free Number: 1800-209-1415
  • Customers can also mail their policy numbers, and inquire about their claim status.
    E-mail Id: tech[dot]support[at]newindia[dot]co[dot]in

3. Check your Claim Status via "Live Chat" Option. 

New India Assurance Company offers ‘24*7 Live Chat’ option to its customers. Just fill-up the necessary details and inquire about your claim status.

4. Check your claim status by visiting the branch

If none of the above works for you, you can visit your nearest New India’s branch office to check your claim status. Visit and find the nearest branch around you.

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