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With the growing technology, checking the status of any insurance policy is not a big thing. There are so many ways through which a person can do the same from the comfort of home.

Almost all insurance companies that deal with motor policies allow you to track the status online. All insurance companies do carry a special feature on their website through which you don't have to rush to the offices of insurance companies to know the same. You can simply visit the website of your insurer and can avail required information.

Steps To Check Policy Status


    • Visit the online portal of the company

check policy status

  • Login to the site
  • Check status


  1. Contact the company’s toll-free number
  2. Provide with required details like:
    • Registration number of your vehicle: The registration number is the most essential information required regarding your two-wheeler. (Registration number can be used to check the detailed information of the two-wheeler and it is maintained by the RTO, State Government, etc.)
    • Name
    • Contact details
    • Policy number, etc.

Based on these details, the representative will be able to help you with your queries.

What If You Don’t Have Registration Number?

In case you do not have the registration number then there is nothing to worry about as you can go to the office of the concerned insurance company and get the information with there helping after doing all the formalities under the guidance of insurance representative. 

For Your Information

When an insurance policy for two-wheeler is bought the information is also stored as part of the registration number. The information can be found on the insurance company’s site or IRDA’s site.

However, it can be a little bit hectic as you have to travel to the office and there is the possibility to face the long queue at the respective desk of the company which will take time. Moreover, if you are visiting the office, then you must carry all the essential documents with you and the representative will ask for it. 

How To Make Things Easier?

Standing in a queue is both time and energy-consuming. So, to make things easier and more convenient you can go for the following options:

  • Contact the insurance company through e-mails

The technical advancements have made things much easier in the present time. The companies have a 24X7 availability of online chat facility for resolving the queries of the customers.

  • Take help of SMS service

Companies carry an active SMS system, you have to text them about the concern and they will surely revert you with the solution.

Application For Duplicate Documents

In case you have lost the insurance document and unable to found it on mails as well then also you don't have to worry. As there is a way to check the two-wheeler insurance policy status, there is also a way to avail of duplicate documents.duplicate-document

What You Have To Do?

The application for a duplicate copy of the document is super easy. Write an application to the insurance company with details like:

  • Full name
  • Contact number
  • Date of issuance
  • Policy number
  • The type of cover should be mentioned in the application form.

NOTE: The reason for the request for issuance of a duplicate documents needs to be mentioned in the application form.

Was Your Insurance Cover Jointly Held?

In such a condition the application submitted for the issuance of the duplicate document should have the approval of both the policyholders. The application is to be done jointly.

Charges For Duplicate Documents

To provide a duplicate policy document, the insurance company normally charges a nominal fee and that you have to pay while applying for the duplicate two-wheeler insurance papers.

Publish an Advertisement

It is one of the best ways through which you can get your lost two-wheeler insurance documents back. Many insurance companies advise the insured to publish an advertisement in the local newspaper for the same. Don't forget to keep a copy of the same and then share it with your insurance company, once it gets published in the newspaper.

Indemnity Bond

It is important to sign an indemnity bond. Usually, the indemnity bond is executed on a non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value, that requests for the duplicate policy. It should be comprised of the policyholder’s full name and the policy number. 

NOTE: To increase the credibility of the same, it has to be signed by two witnesses apart from your family members.


Checking Policy status and getting duplicate copies of two-wheeler insurance seems to be a tough task for many but the story is not the same. Checking status is simply very easy with the help of online services. For duplicate documents, it can be a tedious task but you can connect with your insurer to have it over the email as well that would reduce a lot of your tension. Just connect with your insurer, they will surely love to assist you regarding all your queries.

Naval Goel is the founder of He is an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Insurance`, Pune. He has been authorized by IRDA to act as a Principal Officer of Insurance Web Aggregator.
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