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Incorporated in 1906, National Insurance Company Limited is India's oldest General Insurance Company. It is the first insurance company who introduced customised general plans and is well-renowned for its customer-oriented services.

Nowadays, when emergencies are right at our doorstep, it’s recommended to have a policy in hand. If you have misplaced it by mistake, you don’t have to visit the National Insurance branch office to ask for the policy document. Thanks to online connectivity, it’s easy to download to your National Insurance policy by visiting the company’s website. Let's find out the entire process.

How To Download National Insurance Policy?

  1. Go to the official website of National Insurance Company.
  2. Click on the customer portal.

    National Insurance Customer Portal 
  3. Register yourself by filling up your name, policy number, registered email address and contact number.

    National Insurance Login Form 
  4. Once done, your id & password will be generated.
  5. Log in with your ID and Password.
  6. Leave a request for the policy document.
  7. The policy document will be sent to your registered email id, and from there you can download your policy and get it printed.

Note: After you purchase the policy, the insurance provider will share the documents with you on the email address you have provided them. In case, you have deleted the insurer provider’s email by fault, remember to follow the steps above to claim the same.

If you face any issue while downloading your policy, worry not. National Insurance Company offers 24*7 Live Chat service to its customers, where you can chat with them and get their queries resolved. You can also contact them by calling the toll-free number (18003450330) or mail them at customer[dot]support[at]nic[dot]co[dot]in


Q.1: What are the products offered by National Insurance Company?

Answer: The National Insurance company offers a wide range of policies that are mentioned below:

  • National Health Insurance Policy
  • National Motor Insurance Policy
  • National Fire Insurance Policy
  • National Marine Insurance Policy
  • National Engineering Insurance Policy
  • National Rural Insurance Policy
  • National Miscellaneous Insurance Policy

Q.2: Can we show a soft copy of the policy at the time of making a claim?

Answer: Yes, you can. It is not possible to carry every single document with you every time, thus a soft copy of the policy could be used at the time of emergencies.

Q.3: How many times can I download my policy through the website?

Answer: As many times as you need it. There is no limit to it.

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