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How to know my two wheeler insurance policy number?

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In India, there is a law of carrying a valid motor insurance policy while going out for a drive. No matter which vehicle you own, is it a car, bike, truck or something else.

It is mandatory to have valid motor insurance to drive legally as per the India Motor Vehicle Act 1988. After owning it is mandatory to carry the same along with you wherever you go out for a drive. But these days, we have heard about issues of lost documents and policy number as well, which is creating a lot of problems among people. But don't worry, as there is always a solution to every problem and here we are with your answer.

If you are not aware of your policy number, then you can get the same through your policy document or you can even check your emails to get the same. But if still fail to get the same and lost all the essential documents related to your policy then there is a procedure that can easily help you with the same.

In the case where you lost all the essential document, it becomes important for you to ask for duplicate documents otherwise you will face many difficulties during a claim. But what you have to do to get duplicate documents.
For the same, you have to first submit an application to the insurance company. Don't forget to mention all the required details in the form. Details must include information about the policyholder, policy name, policy number, date of issuance, etc. An insurance company may ask you about the reason of applying duplicate documents, so don't forget to mention that.n case the insurance policy is held jointly, the application is required to be made jointly by all policyholders.

An insurance company might charge a nominal fee to provide duplicate bike insurance papers

File an FIR - To provide duplicate documents, the insurance company might ask you to file an FIR. You have to lodge an FIR about the loss and get a congressional report from the police station. You have to submit these documents to your insurer. After a detailed verification of the whole scenario, the insurance company will provide the necessary documents to you. And with the same, you can get all the details such as policy number, essential details, etc.

Indemnity Bond - Apart from the above-mentioned process, in the case where you lost all the policy documents, the insurance company may ask you to sign an Indemnity bond on non-judicial stamp paper. Undershich, you have to make a legal and formal request for a duplicate policy document. The bond may include your full name (and any other policyholder’s name if the insurance policy is jointly held) and policy number.
It will be signed in the presence of two witnesses excluding family members. In a few cases, insurance companies can ask you for proof of financial status at the time of signing the bond as a surety.

Publishing an Advertisement - In a few cases, the insurance company can ask you to publish an advertisement in a newspaper in which share details about the lost bike insurance paper and share a copy of the published ad to the insurance company.
Once the application process has been done, the insurance company might investigate and will share a duplicate copy of the insurance policy on completion of the verification.

Conclusion - No matter what is the issue, the insurance company will try their best to resolve all your queries. For lost documents. for duplicate documents, for claim issue or any other problem, you must contact your insurer. I hope the above process may provide the required help to you in the process of getting duplicate documents.

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