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Aston Martin Car Insurance

Aston Martin is a giant name in manufacturing luxury sports cars in around 50 countries across the globe. One could fairly refer to Aston Martin cars as highly expensive brand that utilizes unique technology and innovation. You will witness features like dual LCD monitors, 8-speed gearbox, satellite navigation, parking sensors, 360-degree camera, forged alloy wheels, etc.If you are a James Bond movie fan, then you must have witnessed the car used by him. Yes, it is one of the old models of Aston Martin called DB5. This reflects the legendary image of Aston Martin cars.

Your car is a major investment in terms of convenience and comfort in daily life. When your car provides you a sack of benefits, then in return you should also provide something valuable. If you ask a PolicyX, we recommend buying Aston Martin insurance which keeps it protected for years.

Aston Martin Car Models

Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin DB11

5198 cc engine, 6.0 kmpl, 78-liter fuel capacity, ABS, multi-function steering, automatic climate control, petrol type fuel, 8 speed gearbox, 322 kmph top speed, 2805 mm wheelbase, low fuel warning, armrest, smart access card entry, voice control, alloy wheels, USB and Bluetooth support

Starting Price (average) : Rs 3.97 Crore

Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

5935 cc engine, 10.9 kmpl mileage, 8 speed gearbox, ABS, multi-function steering, automatic climate control, 306 kmph top speed, 90 liter fuel capacity, 2989 mm wheelbase, outside temperature display, adjustable headlights, sensing wipers, child safety locks, tire pressure monitor, rear camera, anti theft device, Bluetooth connectivity,

Starting Price (average) : Rs 3.29 Crore

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

12.8 kmpl mileage, 8 speed gearbox, 12 cyclinders, 5935 cc engine, 323 kmph maximum speed, ABS, 78 liter fuel capacity, adjustable power steering, independent double wishbone coil spring susupension, GPS Navigation, 2989 mm wheelbase, engine immobilizer, rear parking sensor & camera, anti theft device, hill assist, airbags

Starting Price (average) : Rs 4.31 Crore

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

10.4 kmpl mileage, 6-speed gearbox, 305 kmph maximum speed, 8 cyclinders, 4735 cc engine, 80 liter fuel capacity, adjustable electric power steering, alloy wheels, tubeless tires, traction control, 2600 mm wheelbase, engine immobilizer, hill assist, passenger & side airbags

Starting Price (average) : Rs 1.64 - 3.27 Crore

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9

12.8 kmpl mileage, 305 kmph maimum speed, 6-speed gearbox, 5935 cc engine capacity, 12 cyclinders, 78 liter fuel capacity, automatic transmission, automatic headlamps, alloy wheels, tubeless tires, traction control, 2740 mm wheelbase, engine immobilizer, Central Locking, airbags (sides, passenger & driver), armrest & cup holders, GPS Navigation, Low fuel warning, USB support, bluetooth support

Starting Price (average) : Rs 2.16 Crore

How to Choose Aston Martin Insurance



A license is necessary when you are choosing Aston Martin car insurance provider. The license clearly displays the validity, legitimacy, and accountability to its customers. An IRDA Approved insurance provider is always considered best

Financial Credibility

Financial Credibility

By financial credibility, we mean the claim settlement ratio, and claim rejection number and the amount of claim settled by the company. All theses will decide whether an insurer is trustworthy and capable of paying the claim raised by the policyholder.

Rate of Premium Charged

Rate of Premium Charged

The car insurance premiums are different under different insurers. Some charge higher premiums while some lower. But more or less is not a factor. Customers should only concentrate on the damages which get paid under a cover. Insurers that cover greater damages charge higher premiums and vice versa

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service

A sound customer care service always promotes customer satisfaction. Before coming to conclusion, check the network of communication followed(call or email), rating of services, quick response rate, availability of the service (24/7) and national awards collected, if any.

Add-On Covers

Add-On Covers

These covers become a requirement in two situations i.e when you buy a new car and when your car is expensive. We all know how costly maintenance & service. So, by purchasing add-on covers like the cost of consumables, nil depreciation, loss of accessories, roadside assistance cover, Return to Invoice, etc you can minimize the expenses.

Companies Selling Aston Martin insurance

Car insurance CompaniesBenefitsAdd-On Covers
HDFC Ergo6800+ cashless garages, long term coverage, 24/7 service, paperless process, overnight car repair, online renewal, and buyZero depreciation, No claim bonus protection, Engine & Gearbox Protector, Return to invoice, Cost of Consumable Items, Loss of Use- Downtime Protection
Bajaj Allianz1500+ cashless garages, towing services, third party cover, 24/7 Claims support, own damage cover, long term protection, online secured premium paymentSpot Assistance, Key / Lock replacement, Cost of Consumables, Loss of Personal Baggage, Transportation Expenses,
Reliance General 3700+ cashless garages, online policy renewal and buy, roadside assistance, flexible coverage, premium discounts,Consumables Cover​​, NCB retention cover, Nil Depreciation, Engine Protector Cover, key Protect Cover​, Daily Allowance Benefit​​​​​, EMI Protection​
IFFCO Tokio4300+ cashless garage, 24X7 helpline support, long term coverage option, online premium payment, premium discountsCNG/LPG fuel kit cover, Zero Depreciation Cover, Roadside assistance, Personal Accident Cover, Consumable Cover, Key Replacement Cover
Bharti Axa4500+ cashless garage, 24x7 Claim Assistance, choice of Coverage, NCB discount on premium, quick online renewal, lesser documentationZero Depreciation Cover, Engine Protect Cover, Hospital cash, Zero Depreciation cover, stolen or lost key cover, liability cover to co-passengers
Tata AIG192 cashless garage, online Claim tracking, own damage cover, discount on premium, claim registration through call or email, instant renewals, claim support serviceDepreciation reimbursement, Daily allowance, Return to invoice, Emergency transport & hotel expenses, Roadside Assistance, No Claim Bonus Protection cover, Key Replacement Cover, Tyre Secure, Consumable cover, Repair of Glass, Fibre, Plastic and Rubber Parts
Royal Sundaram4600+ cashless garage, free roadside assistance, free emergency fuel delivery, loss & damage security, discounts on premium, personal accident cover to owner,Electrical or Non-Electrical Fittings cover, CNG Kit and Bi-Fuel kit coverage, Legal Liability to the Employees, Legal liability for paid driver employed, Personal Accident Cover for Unnamed Passengers, No Claim Bonus(NCB) Protector, Depreciation Waiver, Loss of Baggage

Other Aston Insurance Companies

  • ICICI Lombard
  • National Insurance
  • Oriental insurance
  • Universal Sompo
  • New India Insurance
  • Future Generali

4 things That Can Save Your Premium

  • Anti Theft Alarm: This is a plus point for Aston Martin car drivers. Why? Because the car already comes with the installation of Anti Theft Alarm. Thus, the car owners can enjoy relaxation in payable premiums from the first year of car insurance.
  • Voluntary Deductibles: Deductibles carries major importance under Aston Martin's insurance. Deductibles are the compulsory claim payments which the customer has to pay from his pocket while the rest is paid by the insurer. However, voluntary deductibles are optional and if it is chosen, the customer will get a discount on the payable premium.
  • Automobile Associations Membership: If you are having automobile association membership, then your premium will be lower. So, generous advice to all those who are still not enrolled as a member of any automobile association of India. All the insurers give privileges to AA Member under Aston Martin insurance.
  • No Claim Bonus: This discount is allowed only when you have not raised any claim for one or more policy years. A fixed percentage of bonus is provided every year that accumulates. A maximum of 50% NCB can be earned under car insurance. This bonus is available on the renewal of the policy.

Types of Coverage Available Under Aston Martin Insurance

  • One Year Third-Party Liability Cover: This cover is mandatory as per the government rules under the Motor Vehicle Act. The cover pays the liabilities that directly originates from the damages made to third party vehicle or life, which are made by the insured car owner. Plus, accidental death and permanent disability of the insured car owner is compensated.
  • Three Year Third Party Liability Cover: Like one-year third party, this cover serves the same benefits and coverage. The only difference between the two is of ‘policy duration. One is valid for 3 years, whereas the other is only for 1 year. After the completion of policy tenure, car insurance must get renewed immediately to avoid penalties imposed by the government.
  • One Year Comprehensive Coverage: Also referred to as package policy or own damage policy by many insurers. This coverage will include all repairs and replaces when your car gets damaged due to fire, theft, Natural disasters, civil disturbances, transit of vehicle, third party property loss & physical injuries. To keep this policy active annual renewal premium.
  • Three Year Comprehensive Cover: This cove is now compulsory for the person buying a new car. The cover consists of the same amount of benefits mentioned under One-year Comprehensive Coverage. The difference is in the policy tenure/ duration. This policy will remain active for three years where lumpsum premiums for 3 years are paid during purchase.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Car Expenses That Are Paid Under Aston Insurance

  • Natural Disasters: In India calamities like earthquakes, landslides, floods, cyclones, thunderstorms, are common. When you buy car insurance, you get compensation against the loss that occurred.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: The liabilities directly arising from the loss of any third party property are duly met under Aston martin insurance. Here, the creator of loss is car owner/driver. This also includes coverage for disabilities or death of third party.
  • Robbery & Burglary: May god never push you into theft like situation of your car. But even if these adversities happens, your car insurance always accompany you by paying compensation to recover the loss.
  • Civil Disturbance: By this we mean, riots and strikes that cause turbulence in a particular area. This may also result in damages to properties like a car. But your car insurance will provide payment of agreed expenses.
  • Damage in Transit: The transportation of car from one location to others have possibilities of inducing minor as well as major damages. So, to prevent car owners from such losses, Aston Martin insurance promises to provide coverage.
  • Ruins Created By Fires or Explosions: 'A small spark makes a great fire', a common proverb that is quietly valid under car insurance. Like, if your car catches fire or gets exploded, then your car insurance will jump in to provide a helping hand.

Car Expenses that are not paid under Aston Insurance

  • Normal Wear And Tear: The normal losses that are bound to happen to a car such as degradation of seats, tires, rubber, plastics, aluminum, etc are not covered under Aston Martin Insurance. You have to take add-on cover for this.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Most of the car insurance companies do not cover breakdowns and are eliminated from giving coverage. Breakdowns materialize due to oil leakage, engine damage due to water ingression, etc. You can purchase add-on to cover breakdowns.
  • Driving Without License: Even if you are a valid license driver, but when you give the hold car to an underage child, the situation becomes worse. In case any damages occurred, the insurer is unaccountable.
  • Driving Under Alcohol Influence: An insured car owner is never compensated when the insurer finds out that the loss is a result of the overdose of alcohol during driving. So, think before you do so.
  • Civil Wars/Terror Attacks/Nuclear Weapons: Your Aston Martin Insurance is not liable to pay for the losses developing from terrorist attacks, enemy invasion, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, hostilities, radiation, and nuclear material/weapons.


There are plenty of factors that decide the premium rate such as-

  • Type of coverage
  • Insured declared value of the car
  • State and City of Registration
  • Car Manufacturer, Model, and Variant
  • Add-on Covers Purchased
  • Proportion of NCB
  • Discounts applicable
  • Claim history

Comparing the insurers before buying Aston Martin insurance will provide several advantages such as-

  • Saves Money and Time
  • Provides Accurate Premiums Rate
  • Complete knowledge about Coverage offered by various insurers
  • Transparency and Clarity

The common process framed by insurers is briefly discussed below-

  • Notification of the claim through call or drafting an email
  • File FIR in the nearest police station, in case of accident or theft
  • Documents collection and inspection of the car by an assigned surveyor
  • Approval of claim
  • Payment of the claim amount directly into the bank account.

Last updated on 13-09-2019