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Audi R8 Car Insurance

Audi R8 is a two-seater sports car designed and manufactured by Audi Sport GmBH, the private subsidiary of the German luxury Car manufacturer Audi AG, and was internationally launched at the Paris Auto show on 30th September 2006. It has been available in India in multiple variants and is the competitor for luxury cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. It is a mid-engine car that uses Audi's trademark all-wheel-drive system and is built on the Audi Space Frame principles. In India, the recently launched R8 V10 Plus is touted as the powerful and the fastest Audi ever built.

The launch of the R8 in India has helped Audi to introduce its global portfolio here and build upon its reputation in the sports car segment in India. However, due to poor sales and other reasons, Audi has taken the decision to discontinue this version in India in 2020.

Features of Audi R8

The latest version of the R8 in India was the Audi R8 V10, which boasted of a 5.2-litre, 10-cylinder engine. These spectacular engine dimensions allowed the R8 V10 to churn out 386 kW, or 525 hp power and 530Nm torque, which made it a worthy competitor amongst its contemporaries. The Quattro all-wheel-drive made it possible for the driver to increase the speed from zero to 100km/hr just within 4 seconds, and another 200km/h in 8 seconds. The superior built engine gave the driver of the R8 a breath-taking sports car experience.

For its exteriors, the R8 is equipped with magnetic ride dampers, which supports shock absorption and adapts itself to the driver's style of driving. The rear diffuser generates more downforce, and the twin-oval tailpipes with the pristine LED headlamps give the car a sophisticated look. This mainframe is supported by high-gloss paints for the air-intakes and the classy 19-inch alloy wheels.

For its interiors, the dashboard has a classy, sporty look with the multi-function keys in the central console making it user-friendly for the driver to navigate. The steering wheels contain important buttons that allow the driver to navigate his fingers without having to actually leave the steering. The integrated headrests on the seats provide lateral support to the driver. The AC vents, gear selector knobs, and the overall interior of the car give a fresh look that greatly complements its exterior.

Premium for Audi R8 Car Insurance

The premium rates for any car insurance are based on a number of factors, like its model variant, the car makeup, the year of manufacturing, the insurance company, among others.

Refer to the table below for an estimate of the Audi R8 car's insurance premium rate, IDV, and the cost of Zero Depreciation for the different variants.


Price of the Car


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*

Estimated Premium*

Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro V10 (5204 cc)










*The values are calculated on the basis of the city (Delhi) and year of registration (2019).

Inclusions & Exclusions of Audi R8 Car Insurance


  1. Loss or damage caused due to natural disasters like flood, typhoon, earthquake (fire and shock damage), hurricane, storm, hailstorm, frost, tempest, inundation cyclone, etc.
  2. Loss or damage caused due to man-made disasters like strikes, burglary, lightning, fire explosion, terrorism, riots, and strikes.
  3. Loss or damage while your vehicle is on transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator, or by air transport.
  4. Loss or damage in the form of bodily injury, death, or damage to the third part (under the Third-Party Cover).


  1. Loss or damage due to the malicious intent of the owner, or due to intentional fraud, or while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Loss or damage to the vehicle due to consequential loss, depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown and failures.
  3. Loss or damage done to tyres and tubes due to any reasons.

Add-ons features

When you purchase car insurance, you are offered a host of add-on features that provide critical covers for your car, which are not included in your original policy. These add-ons are available at an additional cost but are useful as it gives an added layer of protection to your vehicle.

Zero Depreciation cover, under which if your vehicle is damaged, you can file a claim for the entire cost of the vehicle, without factoring in the depreciation value.

24x& Road Assistance is an add-on under which support is provided if you encounter any emergency related to your vehicle breakdown, flat tyres, repairs, etc. This cover is useful for travellers who face emergencies on the route.

Consumables cover is an add-on that provides protection to those parts of the vehicle that undergo regular wear and tear due to daily usage. These parts include the engine oil, brake oil, lubricants, AC refrigerant, ball bearings, etc.

Non-electrical accessories cover helps mitigate losses occurring to your non-electrical parts of the vehicle such as the alloy wheels, CNG kit, seat cover, interior fittings, etc.

Audi R8 Car Insurance Renewal Process

A good platform to help you renew your car insurance in a simple and hassle-free manner is provided by To execute a quick renewal of your car insurance, just scroll up on this page and look for the form on the right-hand top corner. The following steps need to be completed:

  1. On the requested form, enter the registration number of your car and click on 'Get Quotes'. Alternatively, you can also click on "Proceed without your car number" and enter the other important details such as the Car Make, Variant, RTO Code, and Reg. Year. After entering these details, select the "Renewal" radio button before you click "Continue".
  2. Now you have the option to renew your current car insurance plan or choose to opt for another suitable option from the provided list of quotes.
  3. Once you have made your selection, you will be taken to the payment page of the insurance provider's online portal.
  4. Make the payment through the available payment options and the car insurance policy will be emailed to you in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. While I was in my office, my duffel bag with some personal belongings was stolen from my car. Is there an add-on cover that I can upgrade my insurance cover for these theft problems?

Yes, there is an add-on known as 'Loss of personal belongings cover' which you can avail to protect against this problem.

2. I want to submit a claim for my Audi R8, which got damaged in a minor road accident. What documents should I submit?

The following documents need to be submitted for processing your claim:

  • Registration Card Copy
  • Driving License Copy
  • FIR (in case of Third Party damage/injury is involved)
  • Claims Discharge cum Satisfaction voucher signed across a revenue stamp.
  • PAN Card Copy
  • Aadhar Card CopyClaim Form duly signed by the Insured
  • Policy Copy
  • Permit & Fitness Certificate (in case of Taxi / commercial registered vehicles)

3. For paying the premium for my Audi R8, can I issue a post-dated cheque?

No, the date on the cheque should match the policy issuance date.

4. If I want to cover the cost of repairing or replacing the music system of my Audi R8, which add-on should I take during my renewal?

During your renewal, you can opt for the Electrical accessories cover which will cover your music system amongst other electrical parts.

Last updated on 16-11-2020