Audi R8 Automobile

Audi R8 Automobile

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Audi R8 Automobile

Recently, Audi Company launched many models of cars with unique specifications. When it comes to selecting automobile, everyone prefers this company, because they offer vehicles with standard quality. Audi R8 is enriched with high wired machines like Ferrari and Maserati. You can get imaginable features for this car and gives excellent performance capacity. This new model car fulfills strength and weakness of the previous model. It has forty-five-kilogram weight and aluminum space frame attached to a backbone of the car with a central tunnel, b-pillars, rear firewall which made from the fiber material.

Aspects of the Audi R8

  • It provides a high speed capacity on driving and makes you to balance overall weight.
  • It will come with blend style and exterior fitted with soothing lines and designs elements.
  • By using cockpit you can drive in your comfort level.


This Audi car comes with more features that make you feel comfortable on driving. Deluxe climate control is one of the features that integrated to regulate temperature with digital displays. In this control, you can control temperature and airflow to be stable. The car comes with a bang and Olufsen system that gives better sound effect for playing music in the vehicle. It has twelve speakers and four six five watt power.

Why you operate for?

Car owner should operate car insurance that gives more features to you. This help to drive in your relaxed and convenient way. The insurance plan helps you to claim insurance if the car made accident by third party. It gives a luxury performance on driving.


It operates with four steering available which offer good riding performance and flat-bottomed and leather steering wheel have different satellite buttons. Steering management is convenient to use and get pleasant air ventilation. You may also get different comfortable facilities on the vehicle. It gives world best performance which more powerful to drive than other super cars.

Why you operate for?

In the current technology, this car is suitable to you because it operated for insurance plan for any issues. Front face of the car is created with predator, sharp headlamp which gives gorgeous appearance to you.

Get safety and braking

The R8 vehicle is run with maximum speed and creates better safety to driver and passengers. In this model, features of braking and security will totally different from other models such as anti-lock braking system, airbags, brake assist, engine check warning, central locking, EBD, anti-lock system, engine immobilizer, power door locks, adjustable seats, crash sensor and more. From this model, you can satisfy with security while driving. The automobile gives a perfect solution to passenger and driver which protect them from collision impacts.

Provide best transmission and engine

If you are like to choose a car based on a new model of engine, then it is the best option for you.

  • The R8 automobile is available with 5.2 liter V10 and 4.2 liter V8 FSI motor that have unique specifications.
  • Moreover, two other features also differ when compared to international market. The engine is designed with FSI technology which helps to control flow of engine revolutions.
  • It provides maximum output to the engine of 423.8 bhp at 7900 rpm.
  • It is very simple to use and provide wide mounts of result to speed. Both the engines are created with the concept of high revolution.
  • It also marks speed and makes you reach 100 km within 3.6 seconds.

Better mileage and performance

In the R8 model, you can get enough mileage on your traveling. For traveling in highways it gives 8.5 km and 7 km for city roads. It is an innovative system to handle on driving. The car offers multifunctional facilities to the driver. Besides, the car comes with latest designs that give good experience to you.


Displacement- 5.2 liter V10 and 4.2 liter V8 FSI.

Max Power- 423.8 bhp at 7900 rpm torque.

Transmission- 100 km within 3.6 seconds

Model of Audi R8

Variant Name Price
5.2 V10 Plus 5204 cc Petrol, Manual, 6.71 kmp Rs. 2.58 Crores

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