Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance
Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance
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Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj Allianz two wheeler Insurance gives fuller protection to your bike/ scooter for a longer period. By purchasing the right insurance coverage for your two wheeler, you can ensure financial safety from unfortunate conditions like disasters/ road accidents/ breakdowns/ theft, etc.

Network Garages

4000+ Cashless Network Garage

Bajaj Allianz allows the customers to get free damage repair service at any network garages nearest to their location.

Roadside Assistance

Quick Claim Settlement

Bajaj promotes faster claim settlement process by settling the claim in just 24 hours if valid information is presented.

Online Renewals

Flexible Policy Terms

The customers have the freedom to choose the term of Two Wheeler policy i.e one-year, two-year, or three years.


Key Benefits of Bajaj Two wheeler Insurance

Online Policy

Online Policy Issuance

The Bajaj Allianz allows you to purchase the policy online through their websites or from Insurance web aggregators like PolicyX. With this facility, you can insure your two wheeler vehicle within 24 hours.

Online Claim

Online Claim Process

Anyone who holds the Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance policy has the facility of registering their claim online. From intimating the claim to submission of documents everything is made online for the convenience of the customers.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

This service is available when your insured vehicle denies to move due to some breakdowns. In order to rectify the issue, a mechanic will be sent for on-the spot service.

Towing Van Facility

Towing Facility

The Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance will tow your two wheeler if it has become completely immovable or inactive. The bike/ scooter will get transported to the garage on informing the company about the situation.

Cashless Garages

Bajaj two wheeler also gives their customers a cashless garage service where all the repairs of the vehicle are paid by the insurer. The customer just needs to notify and present valid proofs to the insurer.

Online Renewal

Online Renewals

With the advent of term digital, the two wheeler insurance companies have also embraced it and that is why made the process of renewal online.


Types of Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Policy

3 Year Long Term Package

This is a long term policy that remains active for three consecutive years without any renewals. The customer has to pay a three-year premium in a lump sum. However, if the insured bike owner wants to continue the coverage after three years he may have to renew his two wheeler policy after every three years.


  • Long Term Security: The customer can enjoy long term relationships with their policy and ensure the safety & security of the vehicle.

  • Promote Savings: The long term bike insurance can boost your savings by reducing policy issuing costs and administrative expenses.

  • Relaxation in Premium Prices: Third-party premiums are subject to hike every year by 20% as mandated by the IRDA. However, with a three-year bike insurance policy, the insured vehicle owner can avoid these premium rate fluctuations.

  • Convenient and Easy: The policy relieves the tension of regular renewal. One renewal will work for three consecutive years which makes this policy super convenient to use.

  • NCB Benefit: The NCB percentage will increase when the renewal is made. However, when you make a claim, the percentage decreases but does not vanish.

One Year Package Policy

This two wheeler policy is valid only for one year. The customer to continue the benefits and coverage has to apply for renewal after every one year.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Natural Calamities/Disasters: Disasters that originates naturally are also covered. Calamities may include floods, storms, hailstorms, earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, frost, hurricanes, etc.

  • A Loss to Third-Party Property: Third-party claims are always entertained if they are genuine. This will save your money from getting drain into damages done by you to third party property. All the expenses are handled by the Bajaj Allianz.

  • Third-Party Death/Injury: If your bike gets involved in an accident with another party on the road and due to your carelessness/mistake you have caused the death/injury to the body of the third party.

  • Theft/Burglary/Riots: The loss/damages arriving through any act of theft or burglary or any other malicious acts are covered.

  • Damage in Transit: The damages that occurred during transferring the two wheeler vehicle through any mode of transport are covered. The channel of transfer can be roads, trains, elevator/ escalator, inland waterways, lift, or airways.

  • Personal Accident Cover: You can conserve your precious wealth by adding this coverage to your basic Bajaj Two wheeler insurance. As we all know accidents are severe and can evaporate all your saved money in one go. So this will promise assured compensation for the loss.

Damages And Repairs Not Covered

  • Normal Wear And Tear: Any kind of scratches, dents, rusting of body, fault audio system, etc are not considered for coverage under Bajaj Two Wheeler insurance.

  • Depreciation: The depreciation factor is also excluded where the value of the vehicle degrades over a period. However, one can include under coverage by paying the additional premium.

  • Mechanical Breakdown: If any breakdown happens to engine/ gears, the two wheeler owner cannot claim to the insurer for the compensation.

  • Driving Without License: Driving a two wheeler without a valid license is against law and costs you a heavy amount which is even not recoverable under Bajaj two wheeler insurance.

  • Driving Under Alcohol Influence: Consuming alcohol while driving or before driving is not only an offense but puts a full stop to the life of the driver.

  • Wars/Bombings/Radioactivity: The company will not responsible to compensate the loss occurred to bike/ scooter by bombing, nuclear activities, mutiny, terrorist attack, etc.


Add-On Covers

Round the Clock Spot Assistance

Suppose your Two wheeler got damaged while traveling on the road where it is difficult to locate the garage due to unfamiliar roads. Don’t Worry! Bajaj Allianz Insurance will provide you emergency repair service on notification of the event.

Key/Lock Replacement Cover

Loss/Theft of keys and locks are common when you own two wheeler. Save yourself from the cost of replacing keys/locks in case of gets stolen or becomes faulty by adding this cover to the basic policy.

Personal Accident Cover

An Accident is an uninvited and uncertain event. So, to ensure complete safety, Bajaj Allianz made this additional cover to fight any disabilities/injuries/death as the aftermath of an accident.

Cost of Consumables

What expenses come under Consumables? Cost such as Engine oil, Brake oil, steering oil, coolant, AC gas oil, Gearbox oil, etc forms consumables. These expenses are necessary to maintain the performance of the vehicle and hence Bajaj gives you the option to attach this cover.

Transportation Expenses

This cover becomes functional when your bike is under maintenance on a garage. As your vehicle which you use for travel is not available, the company will pay your transportation expenses on a daily basis. Also, the claim must be accepted and approved by the insurer.

Loss of Personal Baggage

If your bike contains any belongings or baggage which gets stolen or lost due to any unfortunate incidents that will be compensated by the insurer. This is available under comprehensive bike insurance.


How To Save Premium On Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance?

  • NCB: It is a discount that is given when the customer makes no claim during the year and renews the policy regularly without any pause. The maximum percentage which can be earned is 50% and a minimum of 10%.

  • Voluntary Deductibles: Deductibles are the part of the claim amount which the customer has to pay with the insurer. Though deductibles are compulsory if the customer opts for voluntary deductibles, then he is bound to get an additional discount on the premium.

  • AAI Member: If you are holding the membership of Automobile Association of India or Western India Automobile Association (WIAA), then premiums rates will get minimized for you.

Factors Affecting Bajaj Two Wheeler Premium Calculation

  • Brand of the Bike/ Scooter

  • Model of the Brand

  • Sub-Type Of Model

  • Cubic Capacity of Bike/ Scooter

  • City Of Registration

  • Registration Year

Settle Your Claims In Just Four Steps



Collect Details Of Third Party/Witness

Note the basic information of the third party like the registration number of his/ her vehicle. Make sure you note down the witness phone number and address if he/ she is present at the time of the event.



Intimate Insurer & Police

Call the Bajaj Allianz customer care team and inform about the claim. Provide the necessary details as asked during the call. Don’t miss on filing First Information Report (FIR) with the nearest police station in case of an accident. Get a copy of FIR for further consideration.



Claim Approval & Documents Submission

The claim is accepted and notification of acceptance is sent to the vehicle owner by assigning a representative. A list of required documents is provided which is to be submitted by the customer under a given time frame.



Payment Of Claim

An investigator will be assigned to analyze the cost of damages and passes an approval report for the cashless settlement. The payment is directly made into the account of the customer. The customers need to provide basic bank details for the transfer of money.


Documents Required Before Making Claim

  • The policy document, in the case of renewal or switch

  • Photocopy of RC (Registration Certificate)

  • Driving License original and photocopy

  • Address proof

  • A canceled cheque as a proof for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for premium payment.

  • FIR copy

  • Completely Filled claim form with signature

  • Registration book and tax receipt copies

  • Repair bills (of the repairs conducted)

Instant Renewal of Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance

  1. Familiarize Your Vehicle: Go to the topmost section of this page and share the bike details manufacturing date, vehicle registration number, model name. Don’t forget to share your mobile number and email ID to continue the renewal process. Do select the “Renewal” option while filling the details.

  2. Seek For The Premium: Choose the type of coverage you want to renew and also attach add-ons according to your wish.

  3. Submit the Premiums: Consequently, the vehicle owner can proceed to make payment after evaluating the prices. The payment of the premium is confirmed and a receipt is issued online. Take the print of the receipt for future use.

Buy Online Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Policy

  1. Build Your Profile: Click on the “Get Quotes” section present on the right of your screen. Fill in the requisite details of vehicles and self in the section above.

  2. Compare The Insurer: You will get numerous plans from different insurers once you submit your details. You should look for a type of coverage, add-ons, discounts, premiums while comparing.

  3. Buy the Cover: If you find the perfect coverage plan to secure your bike/ scooter, then go hit the “Buy Now” option and submit the payment details. You can use any online mode of payment such as credit/ debit cards or net banking.

  4. Connect with Insurance Specialist: If you want free professional guidance over which cover is suitable, you can contact our specialist who will eliminate all your queries. This service is completely free of cost.

Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Review

Bajaj Two wheeler insurance includes all the necessary repairs, damages, and losses that are common to a two wheeler vehicle. With Bajaj Allianz’s online process of claim settlement, the customers can now easily claim without any space for confusion. The customer service team of Bajaj insurance is available 24/7 for uninterrupted assistance to its customers.

Apart from benefits, Bajaj Two Wheeler insurance also gives you the choice in selecting the coverage and the term of the policy. Also, the system of the cashless garage has made two wheeler insurance more convenient for the vehicle owner.


Yes, you can transfer the policy in your name to some other person by simply handing over the documents of the policy and notifying the insurer about the transfer. The RTO must also be informed regarding the decision.

The policyholder must keep in mind that the NCB benefit is not transferable.

In one-year policy, the prices of premiums are revised and three-year policy premiums don't get revised as premium are submitted for three years in one time.

After the customer presents the bills of repairs which are issued following the repair of two wheeler vehicle, the amount of expenses is paid.

The claim can be informed by-

  • Calling Toll Free Number
  • Through Insurer’s website
  • Through Email

The two wheeler vehicle owner must submit their required documents to the network garage or company’s branch office, or through Bajaj Allianz website.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019