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Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance

Bajaj Auto Limited is a global automobile company that manufactures primarily two wheelers and three-wheelers. Bajaj Auto, in essence, is a part of the Bajaj group. So far as the reputed company is concerned, it was originally founded in the 1940s by Jamnalal Bajaj.

Currently, it has its manufacturing units based in cities like Pune, Mumbai etc. Bajaj Auto is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. In the Indian subcontinent, it is the second largest.

Why Is An Insurance Policy Needed?

So far as insurance policies are concerned, it is always mandatory to insure one’s concerned vehicle. Keeping in mind the welfare of the personal owner of the car as well as that of his loved ones, it is always advised to secure an insurance to cover the financial losses incurred due to untoward incidents.

Security, especially financial security, is one of the most central concerns of any individual. Insurance policies promise safety and security for the individual and his or her family. Also, many regular or long-term household goals can be effectively fulfilled through an insurance policy. So it is an utmost need to purchase an appropriate insurance policy.

Coverage Available Under The Bajaj Insurance Policy

So far as the Bajaj insurance policy is concerned, the following cases are given due coverage:

  • The loss incurred due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, fire, floods etc.

  • Losses incurred due to anthropogenic catastrophes such as theft, arson, terrorism, burglary escapades etc.

  • Bajaj insurance also provides financial cover of up to Rs. 2 lakhs in cases of personal accident involving the driver or the owner of the car.

  • Third party liabilities also are covered by the Bajaj insurance policy in cases where a third person involved receives any kind of accidental bodily injury.

What Is The Drive Smart Service?

Under the Bajaj insurance policy, an interesting feature to note is the Drive Smart Service. It is, in essence, a vehicle tracking system. It is, in fact, a regular monitoring of a vehicle and its several parts such as the engine, its battery power etc. So far as the health of the vehicle is concerned, the service provides alert notifications, emergency services, renewal of a driving license, general vehicle insurance among other things.

What Is The Virtual Office Service Under Bajaj Insurance?

Under the Bajaj Insurance policy, another insurance feature is the Virtual Office. Chiefly concerned with providing insurance, the service focuses to reach out to the most remote corners of the country. It is, as the very name suggests, an online service which aims to provide quick and effective customer service at the click of a button.

With this service, it is now possible to send policy related dossiers and shell out payments at the time of insurance from the home itself. Virtual Office is chiefly a distribution endeavor meant to improve the density of insurance throughout the country, especially so far as the peripheral communities are concerned.

Bajaj Insurance Policies

So far as the Bajaj insurance policies are concerned, it is significant to note one should always be very careful regarding his or her insurance documents. Since the rate of road accidents across India is increasingly alarming, it is always important to know about the details of the various insurance policies available under the Bajaj insurance.

Broadly speaking, Bajaj insurance provides a financial cover of up to Rs. 2 lakhs under the category of a personal accident in which either the driver or the owner may be involved. Also, it is important to note that Bajaj insurance provides a quick means of claim settlement.

So far as the insurer is concerned, there are primarily four types of vehicle insurance plans available under the Bajaj insurance policy. These include Car insurance, two wheeler insurance, liability-only motor insurance and commercial vehicle insurance.

  • Car Insurance Policy:

    Car insurance policies cover the realm of private cars only. Since the overall cost of reparation and vehicle parts is considerably high, it is important to note that Bajaj insurance is equipped to offer a cashless settlement at more than 4000 garages dispersed across the country. Also, Bajaj insurance offers a regular monitoring service.

    Another unique service offered by Bajaj insurance is the Drive Smart Telematics Service. Apart from these, Bajaj insurance also provides towing facilities in cases road accidents where the car concerned is severely damaged.

  • Two Wheeler Insurance Policy:

    Two wheelers chiefly covers motorbikes and scooters. Bajaj insurance policy provides insurance for two wheelers in cases such as theft, physical mutilation, third-party ability etc.

    Under the two wheeler insurance package, there are two insurance plans: short-term insurance plan and long-term insurance plan. The long-term insurance package is three-year insurance package. It is always advised to go for the long-term insurance package. Since the long-term package is exempt from such heckles as a regular renewal of the insurance among other things, it is always a wiser choice.

  • Liability-Only Motor Insurance Policy:

    So far as the liability-only motor insurance is concerned, it is generally concerned with third-party liabilities. In cases of accidents where any third person might have been involved, this insurance package covers his or her financial or legal losses. Liability-only motor insurance package is a very important one, especially in the subcontinent, it is mandatory to acquire a liability motor insurance.

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy:

    In this insurance package only the aspect of commercial vehicles are dealt with. It is important to note that both goods carriers and passenger carrying vehicles are covered by this insurance policy. Another very interesting feature of this insurance package is the add-on covers. It is equally equipped to guarantee the safety and security of passengers and goods on board the vehicle.

Apart from the fact that insurance is always necessary for the safety, security and general welfare of the owner and his loved ones, getting insured is equally important for other reasons too. Bajaj insurance policies provide coverage for the most vital aspects so far as the welfare of the conveyance and the owner is concerned.

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