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Bajaj Bikes Insurance

Do you own any bike of Bajaj Auto? Is your vehicle is insured from third-party liabilities and own damages? If no, then you should right away get Bajaj Bike insurance so that you may not be bothered by traffic police for not following rules or by any other harmful casualties.

As two wheeler insurance has been mandated by the government of India, so it is important to choose the right kind of coverage to secure your bike. Whether you have an old or new bajaj bike model, bike insurance is always available at your end. There are plenty of insurers who are currently ensuring Bajaj bikes at extremely reasonable prices.

Bajaj Two Wheeler Models

1. Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar

Prices start from Rs 68,000, 149 cc -199 cc engine, tubeless tires, 35 to 65 km mileage, 12L to 15L fuel tank capacity, Disc front Brake, Nitrox shock Absorber, DTS-i engine.

What are variants : RS 200, NS200, RS 160, 150, 150 NEON, 180F NEON, 150 TWIN DISC, 220F

2. Bajaj Platina

Price starts from Rs 40,800, the engine of 115 CC, Anti-skid braking, tubeless tires, 11 liters Fuel Tank, the top speed of 90 km/hr, 4-speed transmission, kick & electric starter.

What are variants : PLATINA 110 H Gear, PLATINA 110, PLATINA 100

Bajaj Platina

3. Bajaj CT

Bajaj CT

The prices start from Rs 33,000 with 102cc engine, 10.5L fuel tank capacity, a top speed of 90 km/hr, 4-speed transmission.

What are variants : CT 100 and CT 110

4. Bajaj Avenger

Starting Price for Avenger is Rs 82,000 with 160cc/220 cc engine capacity, flat handlebars, tubeless tires, digital instrument, 260mm front disc brake, single ABS.

What are variants : CRUISE 220, STREET 220, STREET 160

Bajaj Avenger

5. Bajaj V

Bajaj V

Price starting from Rs wide tires, 60V headlamps, 150cc DTS-i engine, 13 liters fuel tank, 240mm front disc brake, nitrox shock absorber, single-cylinder, 4 stroke engine type. It has no variants

What are variants : V12, V15

6. Bajaj Dominar

Starting from Rs 180,000, 40PS power, 373 CC DOHC engine, 100 km/h top speed, 320mm front disc brake, tubeless tires.

Bajaj Dominar

7. Bajaj Discover

Bajaj Discover

The Starting price is Rs 53,800, 125 CC engine, long-stroke engine, LED Headlamps, 8 liters of the fuel tank, steering cum ignition lock, 4-speed transmission.

What are variants : 110 CBS, 125 CBS

Features Of Bajaj Auto

Huge Network

Bajaj Motors are present all across the world providing two-wheeler vehicles to all the bike enthusiasts. Bajaj Auto has established its paw in areas of Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Awards and Recognition

Till now the company has been recognized as the fourth largest two-wheeler operating across various countries. The Pulsar RS 200 has won Reader's Choice bike of the year and two-wheeler of the year 2016.

Service Centres

Bajaj Service Centres are present in every part of the Indian states. The customer who owns Bajaj two wheeler can easily reach their local service center to get the facility of professional assistance.

Mobile Apps

Bajaj Auto has developed a range of mobile apps such as Bajaj Genuine Parts App, the customer can find original motorcycle parts. Also, with Bajaj Care App, customers can book a service as well as track their service status.

Top Manufacturer of Sports Bike

Bajaj is an automobile brand that accomplishes the desire of thousands of bike lovers to own a sports bike. Pulsar one such model that have recorded millions of sale and comes at highly affordable prices.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Damages That get Compensation

  • Natural Disasters: If you live in the area which is highly prone to earthquakes, landslides, floods, cyclones, hurricanes, etc then the damages are paid.
  • Thefts/Burglary: Theft of vehicles is a common crime but bother not. As you will certainly get covered from such circumstances through the return of complete worth of the bike.
  • Fires/Explosions/Self Ignition: The ruins created by fire/explosion can never be revived. That is why bike insurance understands the need to provide financial support during the period.
  • In Transit Damages: The process of transferring your bike from one place to another can result in serious damage to the vehicle called transit damages.
  • Riot/Strike/Malicious Act: Bajaj Two wheeler policy will also provide coverage from man-made activities like riots, strikes, terrorist activities

Damages That Don’t Get Compensation

  • Drinking and Driving: Never drink and drive because nobody is going to help you either your two-wheeler insurance provider nor any other authority.
  • Wear and Tear: The wear and tear that are common to two wheelers are not covered. It may include damage to seats, plastic material, mirrors, fiberglass, tires, tubes, etc
  • Mechanical Breakdown: The mechanical or electrical breakdowns in the engine or gears of the vehicle will not be entertained by your Bajaj Two wheeler insurance.
  • Limitation of Use: If your insured vehicle has been used for commercial purpose if it has been insured for private use, then damage arising will not be covered.
  • Wars/Rebellions/Military Attacks: Harmful activities such as wars, rebellions, military attacks, bombing, etc are not compensated if any loss occurs to the vehcle.

Steps To Buy & Renew Bajaj Bike Insurance

Online Renewal Process

  • Fill Your Bajaj Bike Details: Jump to the upper section of the page and you will find a free quote section by PolicyX. Fill in the form by submitting your two-wheeler details plus personal contact details.
  • Check the Premium: The PolicyX online portal will give you a specific list of insurers who provide Bajaj bike insurance. Select the one who is giving better premium prices, claim settlement ratio, IDV value, coverages.
  • Fill Previous Policy Details: Next is to fill the details of your policy like policy number, and other personal information to continue the process of renewal.
  • Premium Payment: After making a decision to buy the policy, the bike owner must be ready with credit/debit cards to make an online payment. A payment receipt is mailed to the email address of the customer.

Online Buying Process

  • Go to Online Portal: Click on the ‘Get Quote’ of this page. Submit the bike RTO, Registration city & year, manufacturing year, and contact details in the Free quotes section.
  • Compare the Quotes: The online portal of PolicyX will present an array of best two-wheeler insurers offering distinct premium prices with different benefits. You have to choose the one that matches your demands.
  • Proceed To Pay: After you select an insurer, the next step is to confirm what price you have to pay. You can pay by using your credit cards/debit cards/net banking/e-wallets.
  • Issue of Policy: The payment will be confirmed through a mail on the registered email ID by giving a receipt of payment. The policy will be issued online within seconds where nil documentation is needed to complete the process.

Factors On which Premium Calculation Depends

Vehicle Registration StateManufacturer Name
Model and Variant of the Bajaj BikesBody Type
Manufacturing Year and MonthDate of Purchase
Region of RegistrationThe vehicle is financed or not
Type of CoverageAdd-on covers
NCB DiscountInsured Declared Value

Bajaj Bike Insurance: FAQs

1. What kind of coverage is available for bajaj two wheeler insurance?

Every insurer offer two kinds of a coverage type-

  • Third-party Cover: It is mandated by the law which covers the liabilities arising from the third party due to loss committed by the bike owner-driver.
  • Comprehensive Cover: This is also known as a package policy or bundled policy. It contains certain kinds of damages that are beyond the control of the bike owner. This will include coverage from disasters, thefts, riots, burglary, transit, fires, self-ignition, etc.

2. What documents do we need to buy Bajaj bike insurance?

Most of the insurer follows no documentation regime to ensure a paperless economy and also enhance the customer experience in buying insurance for Bajaj two wheelers. Also, you just need certain information related to your bike.

3. Does bike insurance give discounts on the premium?

Yes, surely. A customer can easily earn 10% to 50% discount on premium by doing three things-

  • Becoming a member of an Automobile Association
  • Installing Anti-theft Alarm
  • Not making claim and earning NCB discount which can be used to decrease the premium.
  • Opting Voluntary Deductibles

4. What are the benefits of comparing two wheeler insurance online?

  • You get unbiased results.
  • Accurate premium rates with GST.
  • Compare while sipping your coffee/tea on your PCs/laptops
  • Online Premium Payments
  • Faster Issue of Policy
  • No need for submitting documents as the process is online

5. How premium calculator is helpful in Two wheeler insurance?

This is an online tool available to facilitate customers in evaluating the worth of their two wheelers and the premium prices for the same. Premium Calculator is free of cost and does not involve biased results. The customer is free from submitting documents as the whole process is paperless.

Last updated on 10-06-2020