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Owned by Volkswagen, Bentley is a luxurious subsidiary of its parent company. This British manufacturer has been extremely selective in its clientele.We cater only to the luxury cars and SUVssegment and take care of the engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of Bentley cars. Bentley is synonymous with class and Grand Tourers.

Bentley was founded in 1919 in North London. Volkswagen took control only in 1998. However, our acquisition has only anchored the popularity and excellence of the Bentley cars which make it a desirable one among the who’s who of the car aficionados.

It is not unusual on the part of the car manufacturers to discard the previous models when the sale numbers start dropping. It only looks feasible on paper. However, a Bentley is an experience. Therefore, the heritage and pre-owned cars still mark their presence in the Bentley official page.Our crafted vehicles are always special. With over 95 years of experience in building luxury cars that deliver performances which make everyone go “wow”, every Bentley model speaks for itself.

Pre-owned Bentley cars are subjected to rigorous checks and are often reconditioned by our in-house engineers. We further certify them before they are sold off to the customers. The design, the craft, the engineering, bestows a sense of heritage and history in the driver. Additional perks include a warranty of at least 12 months; the pre-owned Bentley comes with an option of extending the coverage.

Roadside assistance, free Bentley Magazine Subscription, dealer events invite and so much more for owning a Bentley wait for you. Our servicing standards are the benchmark in the industry. From taking your car to the garage or storage, travel, and accommodation costs, hiring a car or simple repatriation, we take care of it all. Iconic designs in its bounty, we at Bentley sure know how to make our customers feel at home. After-all purchasing a luxury or a super luxury vehicle should be a hassle free deal.

Bentley in India is known to offer only one car in the luxury segment and 4 in the super luxury segment. Let’s find out the specifications and features that make Bentley stand out.

Some Of The Popular Models Of Bentley

Bentley Continental GT

1. The model starts at 3.12 crores in the Indian Market
2. Available only in a White Satin Petrol and Automatic variant, this is the most sought-after model among Indians
4. Four variations namely the V8, V8S, Coupe and Speed, the Continental GT is customised to cater to the various demands.
5. Extremely stylish and classic, the headlights give the effect of jewelry. Rear lights are seamlessly integratedinto the body. Trademark feature of all Bentley cars!
6. A turbocharged 6-litre engine, with six-speed automatic transmission gearbox, the power that the beast develops is unmatched.
7. Continuous Damping Controls are implemented to maintain the poise and attitude of the car.
8. A central system with the most advanced technical features such as a touch screen enabled controls, navigation, audio systems and much more; the Continental GT faces stiff competition from the likes of Rolls Royce Wraith.

Bentley Mulsanne

1. The model starts at 5.56 crores.
2. Available in a V8 variant in a pristine white color, this car records an average mileage of 10.10 kmpl
3. A petrol engine with a 96 liters tank capacity, it boasts of a 6752cc engine
4. An eight-cylinder turbocharged engine with eight-speed automatic transmission, it can generate a 530 BHP power
5. Excellent cruise control, this five-seater has an exceptional boot space of 443 liters
6. Comfortable and dynamic, it is one amazing mix of classic and traditional sedans in one
7. It has been Bentley’s flagship model with twin round headlamps, and bi-xenon projectors with signature tail lamps.
8. Spacious and luxurious interiors are its forte. Leather seats and upholstery, wooden interiors and beautifully optimized to provide lumbar support to the driver.

Bentley Flying Spur

1. The model starts at 3.22 crores and can go up to 3.41 crores depending on the dealership
2. The absolutely stunning feature of the Flying Spur is that it can be customised to the core based on the driver suggestions
3. A mileage of 10.20 kmpl, the petrol variant has a 90 liters petrol tank.
4. Sunroof controls, cruise controls, parking sensors, safety nets, airbags, are a few internal features that make the model turn heads.
5. Signature tail lamps, the Flying Spur V8S variant is available in six different colors.
6. Flying spur, however, maintains its trademark black theme, and the seven-spoke alloy wheels.
7. A twin turbo 4-litre engine, the car hits 100kmpl in a mere 4.9 seconds; it can pull up to a whopping 306 kmph in no time.
8. Eight-speed automatic transmission; it poses potent competition to the sports cars models such as Lamborghini Huracan.

Bentley Bentayga

1. The model starts at 3.85 crores and is the first SUV from the Bentley family
2. Trademark elements such as classic tail lights, circular headlamps, classy interiors that comprise handcrafter leather and wood make it class apart.
3. Pitted against the likes of Land Rover Range Rover, BMW M series, it surely is amasterpiece from the British manufacturer.
4. The W12 petrol variant has a 5950 cc engine.
5. The Indian markets have only six signature colors available
6. Leathered upholstery, wooden veneer, metallic inlays mark their presence in the cabin giving it an exquisite look.
7. Seats are power adjustable in 22 different ways and comes with an inbuilt massage features.
8. The panel has a touchscreen-enabled infotainment system which comprises navigation, audio controls. Want to be surprised? It has a 60 GB storage system and can be used to customize your vehicle in 30 different languages.

Bentley has always been royal and classy. A luxury seeker’s dream car, the Bentley sure has been awe-inspiring since its inception.

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