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Bentley Car Insurance

W.O. Bentley- the innovator of Bentley Cars started its production in the year 1919 in England. Bentley car has been dominating the automotive sector continuously for 100 years. Bentley Motors uses a wealth of innovation like plug-in hybrid technology, aluminum exterior, handcrafted interiors, hand-polished fiber, pressed Steel, higher gear ratios, higher displacement (6752 CC), etc. As Bentley is a luxury car manufacturer, so expecting a higher price is synonymous.

Buying a highly luxurious car can produce tension about its safety, maintenance, and service. Here is a tip. If you want to save your Bentley car from theft, natural damages, civil perturbation, accidents, buying Bentley car insurance is the best option. While buying car insurance always give priority to comparing.

Comparing car insurance can really help you choose reliable coverage and will never make you regret your decision.

Bentley Cars Models

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga

301 kmph top speed, 5950 cc engine displacement, petrol support, 85 fuel tank, multi-purpose steering, 12 cylinders, 8 speed gearbox, 11 kmpl mileage, disc brakes, 2992 wheelbase, 5 doors, air quality control, low fuel warning, cruise control, navigation, keyless entry, outside temperature display, Bluetooth, USB & auxiliary support, touch screen

Starting Price (average) : Rs.3.78 - 3.85 Crore

Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental

301 kmph top speed, 9.5 kmpl mileage, 5998 cc engine displacement, 8 speed gearbox, 90 Litre fuel tank, airbags, anti-lock brake system, anti-theft alarm, 12 cylinders, multi-purpose steering, 2746 wheelbase, 2 doors, power windows, parking sensors, low fuel warning, cruise control, navigation, keyless entry, adjustable driver seats, rear armrest, alloy wheels, touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity & USB support, power outlet, climate control

Starting Price (average) : Rs.3.29 - 4.42 Crore

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur

Sedan body type, ABS, 320 kmph top speed, 10.2 kmpl mileage, 8 speed dual-clutch gearbox, 5998 cc engine displacement, air spring shock absorbers, 90 Litre fuel tank, airbags, anti-lock brake system, anti-theft alarm, 3066 wheelbase, 12 cylinders, multi-purpose steering, 4 doors, power windows, power door locks, sunroof, anti-theft device, digital clock,automatic headlamps, tire pressure monitor, navigation, keyless entry, adjustable driver seats, armrest, rear camera, Bluetooth & USB support, air spring suspension, parking sensors, smart access card entry, voice control, leather seats, cigarette lighter

Starting Price (average) : Rs.3.21 - 3.41 Crore

Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne

Sedan body type, 10.2 kmpl mileage, 96 Litre fuel tank, 8 speed dual-clutch gearbox, 305 kmph top speed, 6752 cc engine displacement, 3266 mm wheelbase, ABS, automatic climate control, air spring shock absorbers, airbags, anti-lock brake system, anti-theft alarm, 12 cylinders, multi-purpose steering, remote trunk opener, cruise control, navigation system, air spring suspension, engine immobilizer, anti-theft alarm, tire pressure monitor, navigation, outside temperature display, rain-sensing wipers, touch screen, Bluetooth support, USB, rear camera, low fuel warning

Starting Price (average) : Rs.5.55 Crore

Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

5998 cc Engine Displacement, 574.88 PS Power, turbocharger, 12 cylinders, 327 km/h top speed, Alloy Wheels, Turn indicators, Antenna, 9.5 kmpl mileage, 90-liter fuel capacity, Air spring rear and front suspension, shock absorbers, power steering, Low Fuel Warning, Anti-lock Braking System, 20 inch wheel size

Starting Price (average) : Rs 3.29 - 4.42 Crore

Companies Selling Bentley Car Insurance

Private Car Insurers

Bentley Car insurance companiesFacilities & Benefits OfferedAdd-on covers
Bajaj Allianz24x7 Roadside Assistance, transfer of No Claim Bonus, 4000+ garage network, Towing Facility, easy purchase, and renewal process, third party liability cover, own damage cover, Personal Accident CoverEngine Protector, NCB Discount, CNG Kit Coverage, Electrical and/or Non-Electrical Accessories Cover, Personal Accident Cover (Co-Passenger)
Bharti Axacashless repair service at 4500+ garages, 24-hour claim assistance, premium discount, own damage cover, third party liability coverage, lesser documentation, timely claim paymentRoadside Assistance, Invoice Price Cover, Zero Depreciation cover, Consumables cover, Ambulance charges, Hospital cash, engine and gearbox cover, Key replacement, Medical expenses
HDFC ErgoCashless repair service at 6800+ garages, towing facility, easy online payment option, theft & damage protection, premium discount, third party liability coverage, clear claim process, quick policy issue, customer support teamZero Depreciation, Inconvenience Allowance, Emergency spot assistance, Engine & Gearbox Protector, No claim bonus protection, Return to invoice, Cost of Consumable, Loss of Use - Downtime Protection
IFFCO TokioOwn damage coverage, third party liability cover, quick claim payment, affordable rates of premium, premium discounts, online renewal and buying service, minimal paperwork, higher claim settlement ratio, add-on coversCNG/LPG fuel kit, oss or damage to electrical or non-electrical accessories, Zero Depreciation Cover
ICICI Lombard Personal Accident Cover, Free pick-up, wash benefit and towing facility at 7800+cashless garages network, protection from natural and man-made calamities, online settlement of claim, instant online renewal, 24/7 customer assistancePersonal Accident Cover of Owner Driver & Passenger, Engine Cover, Zero Depreciation Cover, Return to Invoice Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, Consumable Cover
Reliance GeneralInstant Renewal, No paperwork, Comprehensive Cover​, Add-on covers, 3700 cashless garages network, emergency fuel delivery, tire punctures, battery jumpstart, Premium discounts, easy claim reporting, flexible payment optionsConsumables Cover, Engine Protector, NCB retention , Nil Depreciation, Key Protect, Daily Allowance Benefit, EMI Protection​
Royal SundaramPersonal Accident Cover, 4600+ Garages network, free flat tyre service, Personal Accident Cover, discounts on premiums, instant renewal, online premium payment, claim assistance service,No Claim Bonus(NCB) Protector, Depreciation Waiver Cover, CNG Kit and Bi-Fuel kit coverage, Loss of Baggage, Electrical or Non-Electrical Fittings cover, Personal Accident Cover for Unnamed Passengers, Legal Liability to the Employees, Legal liability for paid driver employed
TATA AIG192 cashless garage, online Claim tracking, own damage cover, premium discounts, online renewals, 24 hour customer support, better claim communication, Rewards for not making claimsReimbursement for Depreciation, Daily Allowance, No Claim Bonus Protection cover, Return to invoice, Roadside Assistance, Key Replacement Cover, Tyre Secure, Emergency transport & hotel expenses,Emergency transport & hotel expenses, Repair of Glass, Fibre, Consumable cover, Plastic and Rubber Parts
Universal SompoPersonal Accident cover, Legal Liability to third party, Premium Concession for specially for blind or handicapped, claim tracking, online claim process, own damage cover, claim assistance serviceLoss of accessories, Legal liability to paid driver, cleaner, workman, Personal Accident to the occupants, Increased legal liability to third party property damage (up to Rs 7.5 lakhs)

Public sector Insurers

National Insurance Personal Accident cover, coverage for third party injuries & property damage, Premium Concession & discounts, own damage cover, Personal Accident, online claim process, own damage cover, online policy purchase, online secure premium paymentNil Depreciation, Tyre Damage, Return To Invoice, Engine Protector
Oriental insuranceInstant Online Renewals, 24/7 Customer Support, Add-On Protection, flexible coverage options, Cashless Garage, faster claim paymentsElectrical & electronic items, CNG/LPG FUEL, NIL Depreciation Cover, Loss of Personal things, Emergency Service,
New India AssuranceThird party liabilities and own damage cover, Premium discounts, faster claim payment, No claim discounts, online renewals, flexible coverage options, online premium paymentLoss to accessories (stereos, fans, air-conditioner) fitted in the vehicle, Personal accident cover for Paid driver, legal liability to employees
United India AssuranceLong term 5 Year Policies, Security of Payment, Lesser Paperwork, Faster Claim Payment (15 days), online claim tracking, affordable premiums, claim support online & offlineElectrical Accessory Cover, Nil Depreciation, Legal Liability to Paid Driver/Cleaner, Personal Accident Cover, Non-Electrical Cover
SBI GeneralCashless Garage networks, Claim Assistance, Discounts On Premium, third party liability cover, own damage cover, Speedy Claim ProcessReturn To Invoice, No Claim Bonus Protection, Bi-fuel Kit, Nil Depreciation, Cover for Key Replacement, Loss of Personal Belongings

How To Cut Premium Under Bentley Insurance

Anti-Theft Devices

Anti-Theft Devices

Making certain that you have installed an anti-theft device can give you an edge over other car owners. This action will bring down your premium rates. You are lucky as all Bentley cars come with are pre-installed Anti-theft alarm approved by ARAI.

No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus

This is earned when a car owner does not raise any claim during a policy year. When you for one policy year, you get a 20% bonus and this continues for 3 years, the percentage becomes 30%. This increasing trend keeps on circulating itself until the NCB becomes 50%.

Voluntary Deductibles

Voluntary Deductibles

Taking the initiative to share the claim amount with the insurer can significantly downsize your actual premium. You have to inform the company about opting for voluntary deductibles while filling the proposal form. Higher the percentage of deductible higher will be the premium discount.

Automobile Associations Membership

Automobile Associations Membership

If you are a premier member of Automobile Associations, then your car insurance premium is going to be lesser. Moreover, you get access to original spare parts and lubricants, reasonable room tariffs at selected hotels, roadside assistance, Casual or Temporary Driver Arrangement, and not to forget premium discounts.

Procedure To Buy Bentley Insurance Online In 15 Minutes

  • Submit the basic Information: First step is to submit the necessary information about your car as well as personal contact details to extract quotes by car insurer. Enter the details in the above section of free car insurance quote of PolicyX. Press continue.
  • Choose Coverage type: The portal will generate a list of insurers. You will get to see coverage types available, benefits offered, add-on covers, and premium prices. First, choose which kind of coverage you needed to secure your car i.e. third party or comprehensive cover.
  • Compare the quotes: Look for the best Bentley car insurance that gives you a majority of benefits like affordable premium, higher claim settlement ratio, online premium payment and freedom to enhance the coverage anytime. Select and proceed to complete the next step.
  • Buy Car Insurance: If you are comfortable with your decision, just click on the pay button while keeping yourself equipped with Credit cards or net banking or debit cards or E-wallets, etc can be used for payment. A payment receipt will be given along with policy documents to the registered mail ID of the customer.

Inclusions & Exclusions

What Kinds of Damages Covered?

  • Shield from Natural Disasters: Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, landslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc are covered. Any damages occurring will get proper compensation on reporting the claim.
  • Safety From Thefts: In fraction of seconds you can lose your most prized possession i.e. your Bentley cars due to theft or burglary. To prevent such losses, Bentley car insurance promises to provide financial assistance.
  • Strikes/Vandalism/Riots: Civil or man-made disturbances can also indirectly harm your insured cars. The major source of these disturbances is strikes and riots. Such uninvited expenses get due attention under Bentley insurance.
  • Damages During Shipping: We use various channels to transport or ship cars from one location to another. Whether channel used is airways or waterways or lifts or roadways, you get coverage for the damages occurred.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: The liabilities that materializes when car owner made damages to the property or body of the third party traveling on the road are duly paid under Bentley car insurance.

What Kinds of Damages Are Not Covered?

  • Normal Wear And Tear: This can also be referred to a depreciation which is not covered under Bentley car insurance. The value of cars automatically decreases after it continuous usage. This degrades the value of material like seats, headlights, mirrors, plastic, aluminum, etc.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: There are very less number of insurers that covers mechanical breakdown. Mostly this kind of expenses are not covered under car insurance. This may include water ingression into the engine, leakage of lubrication oil, etc.
  • Driving Without License: Even if you are a licensed driver, never give your precious car in the hand of a novice who doesn’t have the driving license. Doing this can submerge you into a river of penalties and your car insurance will not work here.
  • Driving Under Alcohol Influence: Well when you are drunk you completely lost your senses even if you are so confident about controlling your vehicle. However, even if you practice driving and any damages occur, the insurer is not answerable.
  • Civil Wars/ Terror Attacks/ Nuclear Weapons: Car insurance has some limitations such as it does not the losses that caused due to wars, military attacks, radioactivities, hostilities, nuclear bombing, rebellion, etc.


The car insurance premium depends on variety of factors like-

  • IDV value of the car (age, mileage)
  • No claim bonus
  • Date of car purchase
  • Manufacturing date
  • Car make, model, and variant
  • Add-On covers purchased

Yes, but only Third-party liability insurance is important and mandatory to buy to escape traffic police penalties and other damages. However, comprehensive coverage is optional.

Compulsary deductibles is the amount which has to be paid by the car owner. It is basically the claim amount accepted for payment in which some percentage is to be paid by the car owner and the rest is paid by the insurer.

To buy car insurance, make sure you gather below-mentioned documents-

  • ID proof & Residence Proof
  • Registration certificate
  • Driving license
  • Engine & chassis Number

Last updated on 23-09-2019