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Mulsanne Car Insurance

The Mulsanne is a top-end luxury car from Bentley Motors. The car is named after Mulsanne Corner (of the Le Mans car racing circuit). The car was introduced in the market in 2010. The luxury limousine was the costliest Bentley car in the Indian market. Bentley has stopped the production of the car from June 2020. It is believed that the Continental Flying Spur would replace the Mulsanne.

Key Features of Mulsanne

The Mulsanne is a luxury limousine that is more than 5.5 metres in length. The car was released in India in one variant that has a 6.75-litre V8 petrol engine of 6752cc capacity that can deliver a maximum power of 505 bhp. It has a top speed of 296 km/h and can accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 5.1 seconds.

The Mulsanne is a 4-seater luxury sedan with palatial interiors with top-quality materials. The Mulsanne has a boot space of 410 litres. The fuel tank capacity is 96 litres and its fuel efficiency is 10.1 km/l. It is available in 21 different colours.

The top features of the Bentley Mulsanne include:

  • Veneered door panels
  • Tinted glass sunroof with Alcantara roller blind
  • Electrically operated curtains and rear screen
  • 21” alloy wheels
  • Digital entertainment system with rear-seat controls
  • Solid stainless steel exteriors
  • 12 airbags
  • Vehicle stability control system

Premium for Mulsanne Car Insurance

The car insurance premium you need to pay to get your Mulsanne car insured depends on the place where you got the car registered, the year of registration, among other factors. The premium that you would pay for the one variant of the Mulsanne car is as follows:

Car Variant

Price of the Car


Zero Depreciation

(Add On)*

Estimated Premium*

BentleyMulsanneMY 11 6752 CC Petrol V8 engine





*The prices are calculated for a 2018 Mulsanne car registered in Mumbai.

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • In case your car is damaged in an accident, you can claim for damages under the policy and you will be reimbursed for the same.
  • Damages to property belonging to a third-party due to an accident are also included.
  • Injuries caused to any third-party in an accident are included.
  • Damages caused due to man-made hazards (like vandalism, arson) and damages caused by natural calamities (like floods, earthquakes, landslides) are covered under the policy.
  • If your car is stolen, then you can claim for the losses incurred and will be compensated.
  • Damages caused to the car during transit are included.
  • Injuries you suffer due to an accident are covered under the compulsory driver insurance.


  • Any claims that are considered fraudulent or made for damages that are deliberate or intentional are excluded.
  • If the car was used for racing or any illegal activity, then your insurance claim will be denied.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is excluded from policy coverage.
  • Driving by an underage driver or driving the car for a commercial purpose is not included under the policy.
  • Damages caused as a result of the action of the driver (consequential damages) are excluded.
  • Any damages caused due to war, civil disturbances, mutiny, or enemy hostilities are excluded.
  • Any damages to the engine, engine parts, tyres, tubes or accessories are not included in the policy.
  • Claims related to losses due to general wear and tear will not be considered.
  • Electrical breakdown and mechanical failure are not included under the policy.

Mulsanne Car Insurance: Add-ons Features

If you wish to enhance the coverage of your Mulsanne car insurance, you can do it by buying any of the add-on covers listed below.

  • Zero depreciation is an add-on that ensures the cost of depreciation is considered zero. This allows you to get complete bumper-to-bumper coverage for your car.
  • Consumables cover is an add-on that will ensure the cost of all consumables (eg: engine oil, screws, etc.) used during repair are included in the policy.
  • Daily allowance is an add-on that entitles you to receive a fixed sum as a daily allowance while the car is under repair after an accident. You can use this to make alternate travel arrangements.
  • Tyre protector is an add-on that includes tyres and tubes in the policy, allowing you to make a claim in case of damages.
  • Unnamed passenger cover is an add-on that ensures passengers in your car can get disablement benefits in case of an accident.

Mulsanne Car Insurance Renewal Process

Renewing your Mulsanne car insurance policy on time is very important. It is now easy and convenient to renew car insurance policies through The procedure for the same is given below:

  1. Scroll up to the top of the page and look for the 'Get Instant Quotes'.
  2. Choose 'Get Quotes' after typing your car registration number to directly see quotes from insurers. You can choose to skip this step and select 'Proceed without car number.' You will then need to provide details like car model, variant, RTO code, and year of registration. Select 'Renewal' and 'Continue' to see the quotes.
  3. Compare quotes offered by different insurers. Select the best quote.
  4. You will be transferred to the website of the insurance company. You can complete the transaction and make payment directly to the insurer.
  5. Once the payment is made, you will get a confirmation email with a soft copy of your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. My Mulsanne was stolen and I made an insurance claim. While I got reimbursed, the amount I received was very less compared to the price I paid for it. What to do in such a situation?

Any insurance claim is paid out on the basis of the IDV or Insured Declared Value of the car. This value reduces every year. If you want any claim to cover the invoice value of the car (instead of the IDV), then you can buy the Invoice price add-on.

2. If I make an insurance claim for my Mulsanne, I understand that I will lose the no claim bonus. Can I do anything to retain the NCB?

Yes, you can! The no claim bonus is lost by default when you make an insurance claim. If you wish to retain the NCB, then you need to buy an add-on cover known as NCB protector. This will ensure you don't lose the NCB even if you make a claim.

3. I fitted additional accessories to my Mulsanne. I understand that these accessories are not covered under insurance. What happens if it is damaged in an accident?

Any accessories damaged in an accident are not covered by insurance. You can get both electrical and non-electrical accessories covered by your policy by purchasing the accessories add-on cover. This will allow you to make a claim in case of damages.

4. If the engine parts of my car were damaged, it wouldn't be covered under insurance. I would lose a lot of money in the process. Is there a way to get it covered by insurance?

Yes, this is possible! By default, engine and engine parts are excluded from your policy. You can purchase the Engine protector add-on cover for your policy. This will ensure you can make claims for damages to engine and engine parts.

Last updated on 16-11-2020