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Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

Bharti Axa two wheeler Insurance acts like a shield that protects you from a precarious condition like personal accidents, third party liability, calamities, etc. whether you own a bike or scooter, Bharti Two Wheeler insurance will promise quick claim service, promote your savings and keep your bike sheltered.

Discounts On Premium: The insured bike owner can get various discounts on the premium by choosing long term policies and through timely renewals.

Financial Security: By purchasing Bharti Axa bike insurance, the customers can preserve their wealth from draining into unwanted expenses.

24/7 Hour Assistance: Bharti Axa customer care team is available 24 hours due to which communication is not a barrier while notifying a claim.

Benefits of Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

Online Policy Issuance

The moment you submit premium for Bharti Axa Two Wheeler insurance, the company issues you the policy with a payment receipt.

Claim Settlement Ratio

Bharti Axa holds a Settlement Ratio of 94.06 % which shows the concern of the company towards customer service.

Instant Claim Process

The customer is just required to intimate and submits applicable documents online for a smoother claim process.

3800+ Cashless Garages

Bharti Axa has thousands of network garages where customer can repair their vehicle without any requirement of cash.

You can renew your two wheeler policy by just sitting in your home with the help of your mobile phone as everything from application to payment.

Flexible Premium Payment Mode

The company permits the customer to pay the premium in credit/ debit cards or net banking, and even e-wallets.

Types of Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

Third Party Liability

Under third-party bike insurance, the liabilities arising due to loss done to other party which is driving along with you are covered. Any damage done by the insured bike owner to the property or life of the third party will be compensated by Bharti Axa. Also, this kind of cover is compulsory for all bike owners as mandated by the Indian Government.

Comprehensive Coverage

A kind of coverage which made to provide safety to two wheeler from uninvited events. Casualties that may happen to your bike are compensated like theft, burglary, natural calamities, personal accident, riots etc. The coverage is suitable for expensive, luxurious and new cars that demands plenty of maintenance.

How Compensation Is Paid On Injury?

Nature of Injury Compensation Level
Complete Loss of two limbs/ two eyes/ one limb and one eyesight100%
Los of one limb OR one eye50%
Permanent total disability resulting from injuries stated above100%

**Last Updated on 27-04-2020

Terms of Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

Long-Term Two Wheeler Policy

People who want to ignore payment of premium every year and wanted to save their income should go for long-term policy i.e. two or three years. Customer can renew after every two or three years respectively.


  • You can ignore the hikes in premium every year.
  • Continuous Protection of two or three years
  • Relieves from the tension of paying annual premiums.
  • Discount of 10% to 20% on premium.
  • Boosts your savings.

One-Year Two Wheeler Policy

It is like a regular two wheeler policy that needs to be renewed after every one year to enjoy the benefits.


  • Best for people who have other expenses to pay in a year.
  • Quick and easy policy renewals which maximum of 5 minutes
  • No documentation is required to renew the policy.
  • No discounts are available

Damages And Repairs Covered

  • Theft/Burglary: Theft is commonplace in India. However, customers can cut their expenses coming from the theft of two wheeler by purchasing comprehensive coverage of
  • Natural Disasters: Unexpected events such as natural disasters can be confronted with confidence if you have insured two wheeler vehicle. Disasters that are covered are earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.
  • Fires/Riots/Threats: A vehicle is always at the threat of getting devastated due to fires/ riots. Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance will cure you by compensating according to the loss.
  • Third Party Liability: The losses made by your bike to other vehicles/vehicle owner/ passenger while driving the two wheelers are covered. The insurer will always entertain your claim on passing information.
  • Personal Accident: The insured bike owner who is driving the two wheeler is also protected from the threat of accidents by giving financial help to compensate for the loss.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Wars/Perils/Enemy Attacks: Damages resulting during the phase of wars/ perils/ terrorist
  • Normal Wear and Tear: Minor damages happening to the vehicle are not covered under Bharti Two Wheeler Insurance policy.
  • Driving without License: Loss arising to the vehicle when an unlicensed person is driving the two wheeler is not covered.
  • Failures in the Engine: The failure in engine or gears or any mechanical breakdown is nor covered until unless you purchase an add-on to get coverage.
  • Driving Under Alcohol Influence: Bharti Axa bike insurance will both provide coverage in case you cause any damage to your bike under intoxication by alcohol or any other sedatives.

Add-On Covers

Zero Depreciation Cover

You must be knowing that bike or any two wheeler vehicle is depreciating asset whose value diminishes over a period. As a result of the depreciation effect, the IDV value of your car also decreases which is generally paid by the insurer if a claim made. After taking this cover, no depreciation is applicable to the claim you made and the actual cost of the expenses are paid.

How to Earn Discounts on Bharti Axa Bike Insurance?

  • No Claim Bonus: The kind of discount that lowers your premium. How NCB affect the premium amount? When you do not raise any claim during the year and apply for regular renewal, Bharti Axa will reward you by providing NCB benefit.
  • Long Term Policy Benefit: The customer is always at a profitable side if he/ she opts for two or three-year policy. A maximum of 10% to 20% discount can be earned on the premium.

Things Affecting Premium Calculation

  • Registration City of the Bike
  • Engine Capacity
  • Type of Two Wheeler Insurance
  • RTO
  • Year of registration
  • Bike manufacturer and model name.
  • Add-ons cover chosen if any
  • Age of the Bike

Online Claim Settlement Process

Cashless Claim Process

  • Note Third-Party/Witness Details: After you involve into an accident, do collect the information about the third party’s vehicle i.e registration number and witness name/ phone numbers.
  • File an FIR: Do inform the local police about the damage caused to third-party property, bodily injury, theft, accidents, malicious damage, loss of keys.
  • Register Your Claim: Inform Bharti Axa bike insurer by either calling on the toll-free number or drafting an email. Enter your Policy Number and Expiry Date to proceed. An SMS is sent within 1 hour as a confirmation for the registration.
  • Document Submission: An administrator will be allotted by Bharti Axa who will brief about the evidence required and other significant steps.
  • Approval of Claim: An investigator will be sent to carry on the vehicle inspection and evaluate the loss within some hours. After approval, a garage is suggested where the owner has to take his/ her bike.
  • Repair of Vehicle: Submit your bike to the suggested network garage of Bharti Axa. The responsibility of the payment is under the insurer.

Reimbursement Process

  • Note Third-Party/Witness Details: It is always mandatory to gather third party’s vehicle registration number as well as witness names & phone numbers for successful claim settlement.
  • File An FIR: Never miss on filing an FIR to the local police. Any claim arising from third-party property loss/ bodily injuries, theft, accidents, malicious damage, loss of keys have to be reported.
  • Register Your Claim: Intimate Bharti Axa bike insurance provider by calling on the toll-free number or writing an email. Enter your Policy Number and Expiry Date to proceed. An SMS is sent within 1 hour as a confirmation for the registration.
  • Document Submission: A surveyor by Bharti Axa will call you regarding documents required and future process to be followed. Bike owners have to submit the same in a given time frame.
  • Approval of Claim: An investigator will be sent to carry on the vehicle inspection and evaluate the loss within some hours.
  • Payment of Claim: The claim is settled by making the payment of accepted amount directly into the account of the bike owner.

Documents Required For Claim Process

  • Self-attested registration certificate,
  • Driving license
  • KYC Documents for claims crossing an amount of Rs 1 lakhs
  • Claim Registration Form
  • Copy of FIR
  • Photos of the Accident (if any)
  • Repair Bills/ Invoice of the vehicle

3 Steps Online Renewal Process

  • STEP 1 Introduce Your Bike: To renew your Bharti Axa Bike Insurance, Jump to the uppermost section of this page and introduce your two wheeler to PolicyX. Fill your bike number, manufacturer, model, registration year and select the renewal option.
  • STEP 2 Choose Add-On/Coverage: PolicyX will present you the premium to be submitted. You can also change your coverage type (third party/ comprehensive), policy term and can purchase add-on cover
  • STEP 3 Proceed to Pay: After confirming the price and other factors, move forward to pay the total premium. A payment receipt will be generated for consideration of bike owner and the print of the same needs to be collected.

Online Process to Buy Bharti Axa Bike Insurance

  • Share Your Details Just click on the “Get Quotes” given on the right which will direct you to the topmost section. Enter your details as well as bike details to purchase insurance. Press ‘continue’ to submit the information.
  • Compare Premium Rates The online portal will showcase accurate premium values for your bike. Decide your coverage type, bike insurance term and add-nos, if required.
  • Read Your Policy Before agreeing to make payment, take a quick tour of your policy and study its benefits, inclusions, exclusions, discounts, etc.
  • Premium Payment Pay the premium for your Bharti Axa Bike Insurance showing on the screen through any online medium of payment like credit/ debit cards, net-banking, etc.

Bharti Axa Bike Insurance Review

Up till now, Bharti Axa bike insurance has sold 4 million insurance policies and have made engaging customer which come to renew their bikes/ cars again and again. Due to quality claim services and 94.06% claim settlement ratio, Bharti Axa bike insurance has become the choice of the Indian population.

Also, their 5 minutes of renewal process has saved the time of customers and provides safety of information. The customer in case of any doubts/ queries regarding Bharti Axa claim process, renewal process, or buying process, can easily communicate at any time in a day (24 hours availability). Overall, purchasing bike insurance from Bharti Axa is the best decision as it is propitious in every way.

Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler : FAQs

1. Is ownership of the Bajaj two wheeler policy is transferable?

Yes, you can transfer the policy in your name to some other person by simply handing over the documents of the policy and notifying the insurer about the transfer. The RTO must also be informed regarding the decision.

The policyholder must keep in mind that the NCB benefit is not transferable.

1. What are the benefits of comparing?

Comparing prices before buying two wheeler can do wonders like-

  • Gives you Genuine Premium Rates

  • Safety of Personal Information

  • Unbiased and Accurate comparison

  • You can filter for your coverage choices.

2. Is buying two or three-year bike insurance can really save our money?

Yes, choosing a two year or three-year policy can ultimately save your money by giving discounts on the premium of up to 20%.

3. What if we ride a bike without insurance?

If someone dares to do so, then be ready for below illustrated things-

  • A penalty of Rs 1000 or more.

  • Imprisonment in some severe cases

  • Escalates your liabilities, especially when you are involved in an accident.

Last updated on 27-04-2020