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Bugatti Car Insurance

Bugatti cars are referred to as the fastest car on the planet especially its 2005 model - Bugatti Veyron. Recently, one of the Bugatti cars called Chiron has achieved the top speed record of 490 kmph.

Bugatti cars is also regarded as a french producer of hyper speed cars. The main manufacturing unit of Bugatti car is in France and the designing part is carried out in Germany by Volkswagen. Also, the car has been commemorated as the ‘fastest street-legal production’ in Guinness World Record.

When we talk about Bugatti motors, there is an enormous amount of accolades and applause to mention. But what is important when you drive this car is Bugatti Car insurance.

This will not only protect you from legal liabilities arising from third parties but also give coverage to own damages. Own damages consist of losses building from natural disasters, thefts, accidental fires, etc.

Bugatti Cars Models

Bugatti Divo

Bugatti Divo

380 kmph top speed, 100 fuel tank capacity, 7993 cc engine displacement, 2711 mm wheelbase, 16 cylinders, airbags, climate control, adjustable steering, 20 inch wheel size, 7-speed gearbox, 380 kmph top speed, 2711 wheelbase, low fuel warning, parking sensors, brake assist, airbags, engine immobilizer, raera camera, bluetooth connectivity.

Price Range (estimate) : Rs 41.0 Crore

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

5.95 kmpl mileage, coupe body, 7993 cc engine displacement, 420 kmph top speed, 2710 wheelbase, 7 speed transmission, 4 valve per cylinder, 16 cylinder, ABS, alloy wheels, automatic climate control, 16 cylinders, 7-speed gearbox, 380 kmph top speed, 2711 wheelbase, low fuel warning, cruise control, parking sensors, armrests, window defogger, power door locks, anti theft alarm, tyre pressure monitor.

Price Range (estimate) : Rs 19.21 - 21.21 Crore

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

Mileage (ARAI) kmpl- 6.8 kmpl, Mileage (City) kmpl- 2.3 kmpl, Fuel Type- Petrol, Engine Displacement- 7993 cc, BHP- 1001bhp@6000rpm, Torque- 1250Nm@2200-5500rpm

Benefits Offered Under Bugatti Insurance

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

This benefit is often provided free by some insurers whereas some provide by charging an extra premium with basic premium. How it is useful? Services like towing of the vehicle, experienced mechanics, fuel delivery, battery replacement, jumpstart, etc.

24 x7 Customer Service

24 x7 Customer Service

The customer can easily reach their respective car insurance provider, irrespective of time, through any communication channel. This service is available for claim assistance, renewal assistance, and grievance registration under Bugatti car insurance.

Online Renewal

Online Renewal

Bugatti car insurance policy is renewal online by simply filling the car details and other personal contact information.

Flexible Coverage Options

Flexible Coverage Options

When you purchase Bugatti car insurance online, you get two options of coverage- comprehensive cover and third-party coverage.

Online premium payment

Online premium payment

To provide comfort to customers, insurance industry have embraced online acceptance of premium. Now, insured car owners can submit premium within 5 minutes by using credit cards, debit cards, E-wallets, and net banking.

Add-On Cover Options

Add-On Cover Options

This option is formulated to enhance the value of the coverage by adding add-on covers like- nil depreciation, return to invoice, cost of consumables, personal accident cover, NCB protection, etc.

Inclusions & Exclusions

What Kind of Expenses Are Covered?

  • Natural Disasters: When your area gets stabbed with any natural disasters like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, etc, you will get compensation for any listed loss. The claim under these expenses is accepted on providing due information.
  • Fires/Explosions/Self Ignition: Insurer will pay for damages originating from the fire/explosion in your local area, or self-ignition of the engine.
  • Man Made Disasters: Riots, strikes, and thefts are some of the activities that are created by human beings. Such activities impact the condition of surrounding and destroy the prestigious assets of a common man like a car. Bugatti insurance will cover you for the losses.
  • Personal Accident Cover for owner-driver: Coverage of Rs. 15 lakhs for the owner-driver of the car and optional personal accident covers for passengers
  • Third-Party Liability: Third-party liabilities refers to damages done by the insured are lower to any other person or property of person traveling on the road. The damages arrived will get settled by the insurer under Bugatti car insurance.

What Kind of Expenses Are Not Covered?

  • Drinking while Driving: Damages caused to the car if you or anyone else was caught driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.
  • Intentional Harm & Damages: Deliberate accidental loss is not covered. If it is proven that the accident was entirely staged, the claim would be rejected.
  • Illegitimate Actions: Breaking the traffic rules by crossing the red light, driving in the opposite direction, not holding a valid license, over-speeding, etc are some of the illegal actions that are not compensated if any damage arrived.
  • Private vehicle used for Commercial Activity: Using your privately insured vehicle for providing services to earn income is not considered for giving coverage. Any damages held due to commercial use would not get paid.
  • Miscellaneous Exclusions: Other exclusions when no coverage is bestowed are electrical and mechanical breakdowns, depreciation of the parts, driving without a valid license, driving on international boundaries.

Documents For Buying Bugatti Car insurance

ID Proof of the car ownerResidence Proof
Registration Certificate Driving License
Basic Car Details

Claim Process For Bugatti Car Insurance

How To Make Third-Party Claims?

  • File a Report to Police: In case of third party liability, directly reach to the nearby police station and explain the whole scenario of the incident. File an FIR for any kind of damage done, even if the fault is yours.
  • Obtain Charge Sheet: After filing an FIR by the third party, make sure you receive a charge sheet displaying the liability to compensate for the loss of the third party.
  • Inform The Insurer: The next duty is to immediately inform the insurer about the incident and registering the claim. The car owner is expected to deliver the news of the accident within 24 hours.
  • Go to Motor Accident Claims Tribunal: With the charge sheet, go to a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal if the accident is major. Arrange a lawyer who will be representing on your behalf in court.
  • Claim Settlement: After a court settlement between a third party and you, the amount of expense to be paid will be deliberated. The third-party damages will be directly settled by the insurer.

How To Make An Own Damage Claim?

  • Claim Notification: Call on the toll-free number customer care number of Bugatti insurance provider. Describe the whole event about the incident that took place. Fill the claim form to register the claim.
  • Inspection of The Vehicle: A surveyor of the respective Bugatti insurance company will be assigned to review the condition of the car. After inspection, a report of expenses is prepared by the surveyor and submitted to the company for approval.
  • Submission of The Documents: Collect a set of documents relevant to the type of claim. Submit the same to the insurer for authorization of the claim.
  • Approval of The Claim: The claim will be approved if the insurer approves the report submitted. The payment of claim is made with respect to deductibles.

Common Documents For Bugatti Car Insurance Claim

Duly filled Claim FormCertificate of Registration (photocopy and original)FIR in case of accidents
Copy of Driving LicensePremium Payment Receipt6Policy document with schedule and endorsement/ clause
Original repair bills or cash receipts


Yes, car owners have the option to insure their cars for long term i.e. for 3 years. This 3-year long term car insurance policy is compulsory for new cars. However, it is optional for the old car owners. Insuring your car for 3 years will save you from inflation, save your time, and there is no hassle of annual renewals.

Premium calculation is done by focusing on factors such as-

  • IDV of the Vehicle (engine, chassis, etc)
  • Manufacturing date of the car
  • Purchase Date
  • Car make, model, and variant
  • Type of coverage
  • Add-on Covers included

The premium prices (before taxes) will be according to the engine displacement or cubic capacity-

  • Less than 1000 CC: Rs 1,850
  • More than 1000 CC but less than 1500 CC: Rs 2,863
  • More than 1500 CC: Rs 7,890

Last updated on 25-09-2019