Datsun Car Insurance

Datsun Car Insurance
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About Datsun

Datsun Motor Corporation is a Japanese company owned and operated by Nissan. The company was originally launched in 1931 and was later relaunched in June 2013. The company was inaugurated as a brand of low-cost vehicle producer for the blooming markets. In India, the company is into the production of MUV, Hatchback, Sedan, and SUV cars. Few of the top models of the Datsun cars in India are given below:

Top 3 Datsun Car Models

1. Datsun Go

Datsun Go

The Datsun Go car model has 1 petrol engine on the offer with an engine displacement of 1198 cc. It is available with the manual transmission facility. The mileage of the model varies between 19.83 kmpl and 20.07 kmpl (depending on the variant of the model). Datsun Go is a 5 seater hatchback car with the dimension of length 3788 mm, width 1636 mm and wheelbase 2450 mm. The max power of the Go model is 67bhp@5000rpm and the max torque is 104Nm@4000rpm. The car has a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres and boot space area of 265 litres.

2. Datsun Go Plus

The Datsun Go Plus is a 7 seater MPV with length 3995 mm, width 1636mm and a wheelbase 2450mm. It has 1 petrol engine on offer. The model comes with both manual and automatic transmission facility. The mileage of Go Plus varies between 19.41 kmpl and 19.72 kmpl. The max power of the Go Plus model is 76.4bhp@6000rpm and the max torque is 104Nm@4400rpm. The car has a fuel tank capacity of 35 litres and boot space area of 347 litres. Moreover, the model has add-on features like power steering, power windows front, anti-lock braking system, alloy wheels etc.

Datsun Go Plus

3. Datsun Redi Go

Datsun Redi Go

The Datsun Redi is a 5 seater hatchback car with 2 petrol engines on offer. The petrol engines are of engine displacement 799 cc and 999 cc. The car comes with both manual and automatic transmission facility. The mileage of the car varies from 22.5 kmpl to 23.0 kmpl (depending upon the variant of the car model). The dimension of the Redi Go model is- length 3429 mm, width 1560 mm and a wheelbase 2348 mm. The car model has a boot space of 222 litres and a fuel tank capacity of 28 litres.

Datsun Car Insurance Price

There are two types of car insurance in the market- Third-party insurance and Comprehensive car insurance. They can be kept functioning by paying the policy premiums on time. The policy premium depends on the following factors:

  • Insured declared value (IDV) of the car to be insured.
  • The present state of the car.
  • Age of the car.
  • Type of coverage required.

For example, the insurance details of a few of the Datsun car models have been presented below:

Car ModelVariantEx-Showroom Price (Lakhs)IDV*Zero depreciation (Add on)*Premium (Basic)*
Datsun GoA (1198 cc) petrolRs. 4.72 LakhRs. 3,79,053Rs. 1,706Rs. 17,001
Datsun Go PlusD (1198 cc) petrolRs. 4.15 LakhRs. 4,31,171Rs. 1,940Rs. 18,028
Datsun Redi GoS (799 cc) PetrolRs. 3.65 LakhRs. 3,44,668Rs. 1,551Rs. 11,755

*The values are calculated based on the city (Mumbai) and year of registration (2020).

Datsun Car Insurance - Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Car robbery
  • Personal accidental damage
  • Own-damage cover
  • Third-party property damage cover
  • Accidental damage to car parts
  • Any damage caused by natural calamity
  • Medical expense cover for injury caused to passengers travelling in the insured car


  • Accidental damage to the insured car in the absence of a driving license
  • Any fraud accident reported to the insurance company
  • Any problem in the car's engine
  • Damage to car accessories bought by the car owner
  • Damaged under terrorist attack
  • An accident caused by a minor
  • Any normal wear & tear of car parts
  • Damage due to war activity
  • Damage due to illegal activity
  • Damage under drink & drive case

Datsun Car Insurance: FAQs

1. What is the toll-free number of Datsun India?

The toll-free number for Datsun India is 1800 209 3456.

2. Is a car battery covered under the car insurance policy?

No, any problem in a car battery is considered to be a result of wear & tear of the car parts. It is not covered under the car insurance policy.

3. There is an issue of leakage of lubricating oil in my car since it met with an accident. Should I claim for this under the car insurance policy?

Yes, you should claim for the issue under car insurance. You will get cover for the same.

4. I reside in the flood-prone area. Which type of car insurance should I purchase?

Comprehensive cover car insurance policy is the best option for people living in such areas as it provides a wider range of cover and also includes third-party insurance cover.

Last updated on 16-11-2020