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In the year 1949, the Ducati brothers started to manufacture the first ever amazing the Cucciolo, – a small auxiliary motor powerful bicycle. Since then these Ducati bikes have developed into motorbikes and with time it gives all pleasure to the owner, be it in terms of its style, speed or sound.

Ducati was founded by three brothers, Adriano, Marcello and Bruno Ducati in 1926. Today Ducati is a well-known name in the superbike market of India. No matter whether you want a lightweight bike for nipping into the city, or a super- powerful bike with extremely high top speeds and shed-loads of power, Ducati has the bike for you. Ducati launched their various range of motorcycles such as Ducati Diavel, Hypermotard, Monster, Multistrada, and Ducati Streetfighter.

The year 2007 will be forever remembered in the history of Ducati as the year that Ducati took its first MotoGP World title. It was won by Casey Stoner and the Desmosedici GP07 at the Motegi track in Japan. And now, Ducati is known for their high-performance machines favored by superbike world championship winners. Ducati bikes are so well engineered.

No doubt, it’s no surprise that Ducati owners look for the very best insurance on the market. Whether you’re the proud owner of a powerful Ducati Streetfighter or favor the simplicity that lets you modify your Ducati Monster, you need to be covered with the best insurance coverage that is available in the market. Ducati Insurance will cover cashless facility across Ducati garages, free roadside assistance and free online renewal facility and assistance.

Benefits of the Ducati Bike Insurance

There are a number of benefits that you will enjoy when you ensure your bike. Some of the benefits from various features of insurance are as follows –

  1. Comprehensive ones that cover against all types of wear and tears to the Ducati across its dealers

  2. Liability-only policies that cover only against injuries arising from third-party action during the bike accident

  3. Quick Policy, as with the emergence of new technology and faster banking facilities, a digitally signed policy is nowadays issued immediately to the policyholder.

  4. Optional Coverage such as personal accident covers for a rider, Zero Dep cover and etc. One needs to pay an extra cost for the optional coverage.

  5. Easy Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB), this is an easy transfer option which means that the driver is rewarded for safe driving practices and for not making a two-wheeler policy claim in the earlier year(s).

  6. Various Discounts such as membership of a recognized automotive association and another facility that we approved by IRDA.

  7. Quick Registration for Online Purchase.

  8. Property damage and/or physical injury coverage in surroundings is also covered.

The standard features that are including when you opt for Ducati insurance are as follows:

  • Personal accident cover of up to Rs. 1 lakh is available for injuries to the driver/owner.

  • Legal Third Party Liability.

  • Genuine repair and parts.

  • Roadside assistance.

  • Guards against both man-made events, such as burglary, theft, strike etc as well as natural disasters as fire, self-ignition or lightning etc.

Quality and Complete Reliability

Ducati is one of the most accessible bikes from the premium bike maker not only in terms of pricing but as well as performance & handling. The motor insurance laws in India protect the millions of owners in India from any large costs that may arise due to wears and tears to their vehicle. When the bike comes to the garage, one will be served with genuine Ducati parts for sure in a cashless mode. The repair is done only by the professional technicians who are well equipped with the latest technology. Customer will be satisfied with best quality work to repair the Ducati after an accident.

Ducati Bike Models

1. Ducati Monster –

It is one the most iconic bike by Ducati. The monster was first produced in 1993, but there have been several variants of the naked machine over the years. The current range of the Monster includes the 696, 796, 1100EVO and other Monster Diesel models.

2. Ducati Multistrada –

This bike is lashed with features a Low seat, wide bars and an effective screen that makes this bike a good option, including shorter riders. The Multistrada is a real all-rounder, combining sports bike technology with long-distance touring and road endure. The current range includes 1200, 1200S Sport, 1200S Touring and 1200S Pikes Peak.

3. Ducati Streetfighter -

This is an aggressive launch by Ducati. The Streetfighter features everything that has made Ducati Superbikes legendary. Today, the Streetfighter family comprises the 848 and Streetfighter S models.

4. Ducati Superbike

Ducati has launched a number of superbikes and the most recent Superbike is the 1199 Panigale which was launched in the year 2011. This bike had the world’s most powerful production twin-cylinder engine. Other models in the high- performance range include the 848 EVO and the 848 EVO Corses SE.

5. Ducati Diavel

The Ducati Diavel cruiser is a range inspired with a 162hp adrenaline rush that can be controlled by three riding modes, the Diavel, Diavel Cromo and Diavel Carbon respectively. It has achieved real cult status, while the Diavel AMG Special Edition is the epitome of exclusivity and performance.

6. Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati’s Hypermotard range is designed to thrill the customers to the limit. With aggressive styling and sports bike technology, the 796, 1100EVO and 1100EVO SP models bring unrivaled twin-cylinder power and big-bore acceleration to the street, which gives a satisfactory experience to the rider.

A two-wheeler is your best friend from dingy streets to highway jams. And when you ride a superbike like Ducati, you are the king of the road. But with the latest technology and expensive parts, it is not easy to repair your bike without burning hole in your pocket whether you ride a Diavel or a Monster; hence bike insurance comes into play. Buying Ducati insurance is an easy and affordable way to enjoy your ride. All the procedure to buy the insurance is quite simple and digitalized, so one can just sit back and enjoy a safe journey with suitable Ducati insurance.