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Ferrari is a well-established brand that was born out of one man’s zeal for the Italian racing trail, and ever since the first appearance of the vehicle, the brand name has never strayed from its roots. It today, still remains the best car for speedy purposes the only difference today is, it offers more luxury and better or upgraded parts.

We give thanks to Enzo Ferrari, for the Prancing Pony emblem as it stands for a symbol that represents speed, power, and faultless engineering. If you own one of these iconic cars or wish to own one in the near future, it is vital to insure your car as damages to this beauty may cost you a load of money and can make you squirm your eyes out.

Note: At the time of purchase of these iconic vehicles, you could ask the car dealer to guide you in taking up the best plan for your vehicle. If you do not trust company personnel, you can check for Ferrari Car insurance plans online.

Fun Ferrari Facts

• The Prancing Pony crest was presented to Enzo Ferrari as a talisman/ mascot by the Countess Baracca, during his initial racing career

• Enzo Ferrari anticipated the first ever street-legal Ferrari car in the year 1945, with a ruthless V12 engine design, that was suitable for both racing and touring purposes.

• In 1952, the 125 S Ferrari became the world champion.

Speed and Safety Features

Ferrari was a reputed brand back in the days and still is. It is a car built first and primarily for speedjunkies. But some Ferrari automobiles are also designed to be undemanding to manage and to grant a stable and luxurious ride. All car models are prepared with front and side airbags as customary features.

Another standard benefit the car offers areStability Controland ABS, which helps to power down the engine and apply select braking as soon as the car sensors perceive a loss of toehold or control. Ferrari car models also come with a complex anti-theft structure, which echoes a burglar alarm, if anyone tries to steal it. It works by preventing the engine from starting by any other way than the factory-made key.

These security features lend a hand in keeping insurance costs as low as promising, by dipping the risk of pricey medical expenses in the event of a mishap and shielding the car from impending thieves. You can additionallylook after yourself from fiscal loss by Buying a premium collision coverage at a replacement cost, so that you can swap your totaled Ferrari, if necessary, without plummeting into your savings.

Ferrari Car Insurance Costs

Let us be realistic for amoment. Since the car costs a whopping amount, it is no secret that Ferrari car parts will cost any less. So it is not easy to find replacements or make inexpensive purchases for Ferrari car parts.

This verity, collectively with high competence for speed and high cost for substitution of parts, makes Ferrari insurance more expensive than coverage for a typical sport car. Your coverage can cost more than a coupe croresper year for a brand new Ferrari. But if your Ferrari is over a decade old, and hasn’t been driven as much (let’s say 3,000 miles a year), you can find a healthier price for your policy by citing your car as a collector’s item. (Trust me, that sells well).

In this case, a member agent could be able to merge your Ferrari car insurance with other coverage you may need, such as umbrella policy plans, boat insurance, or business insurance in order to save your money and time.

Finding the Best Ferrari Insurance for Your Coupe

No matter which Ferrari model you own or you drive. It can be a classic coupe or a new model. What is important to get in touch with a trusted choice network to help you find the best Ferrari policy you need, at the best rate. Aself-governing agent is not always a reliable source as he is not bound to one insurance company, and can display or present you with a wide variety of insurance providers to select the best Ferrari coverage that fits your risks.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Plan

The best Ferrari Insurance plan in one that covers all your needs or requirements.If you stay in an area with high theft rate, it is obvious you purchase a coverage plan that covers theft among other factors. It is highly recommended you insure your coupe for accidental purposes as well. India is a country where accidents happen almost every second and if you do not have coverage for basic requirements, you will be at a loss for years to come.

There are various models of the brand in the market and each model has a different insurance plan. A classic model would require a policy that covers theft of the car or car parts as the security system in the older models usually aren’t very promising. The newer versions come with better security systems but nevertheless investing in t\a theft coverage plan is never a waste of money. With advancement of technology, you never know if someone comes up with new software to make theft easier.

Accidental coverage is another important coverage plan you must have as the roads in India are not meant for sports cars. The speed limit is another factor that could land you in trouble as the car is meant for speedy purposes and not to follow the average speed limit of 40 to 50 km, or tops 80 KM.

Accidental coverage not only covers you when you get into an accident but it also covers your medical coverage to some extent. That is an added bonus as medical bills can go up to lakhs of Rupees. Some plans even cover death in case of an accident. Just to be on the safe side, it is advised you get yourself covered for that as well. You can talk to your car dealer for the best deals and plans. You are also privileged with the power to customize plans.

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