Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458

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Ferrari 458

The Ferrari 458 is a mid-engine sports car that is, manufactured by the Italian sports car manufacturer company The Ferrari. This is a supercar which attracts everyone.


The exterior of the car was designed after keeping in mind the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. The front grille of the car are deformable winglets, it reduces the drag as it lowers the car at the high speed.The car suspension feature with the double wishbones at the front of the car and a multi-link setup at the rear side of the car. It is coupled with the E – Diff and an F1 Trac traction control system so that the design of the car is improved. It has a great diffuser and there are the dual integrated exhay=ust pipes in the car. The car is available in different colors like the Nero, Giallo Modena, vinaccia, blu pozi, Rosso Corsa and etc.


The interior of the car has an Italian touch and it looks elegant. The Ferrari 458 can accommodate 2 mid-size people.It has leather seats with sporty looks. It has the basic features like cruise control; and the audio functions with a twist. These features are with them but with the use of steering. The power steering wheel of the car has many controls which are located on the dashboard such as turn signals and high beams, it makes the driving easy as the driver can be focused on driving the car and steering wheel. For the safety features, it has power brake with rear and front parking assistance. It also has airbags for the time of emergency.


There is no certainty when one drive the supercar-like Ferrari 458 on the roads. But Even though if are the driver is very attentive and drive carefully on the road, it can be the mistake of the other person who is on the road. That is why in India it is mandatory to have a car insurance. It is not a compulsion but, need of the common man. One needs to be prepared for the financial and mental loss that is caused due to the accident. Your savings will be safeguarded by the insurance policy that covers the expenses of the accident damage or loss. There are different policy covers such as third person liability cover, individual accidental cover and collision cover. Among all of these the comprehensive car insurance is the all in one insurance plan. It not only covers the individual accidents but also the car and the third person liability. But policy cover is offered from different companies with different premium amount, benefits, covers and tenure, no one should compare policy at PolicyX before buying it and secure the dream car with the best.


Engine Displacement- 4497 cc

Power- 597 bhp @ 9000 RPM

Transmisiion- Automatic

Mileage- 8.47 kmpl


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