Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari F12berlinetta

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Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari is the name that is well established in the automobile trend in the market. This company is the as great player in the sports car field and it has carved its unique name . this brand stands for the excellence among the other cars. The Ferrari F12berlinetta is another name in the long list of Ferarri sports car.


The exterior of the Ferrari F12berlinetta is flawless. The metallic skin coating of the car looks classy. It has unique scissor shipped doors that are meant to sing outside when you open them. The profile of the car is low that means it grips the streets and it cut through the wind effortlessly. It has the emblem of the company Ferrari at the mod of the front grille which makes the car more stylish. The roofline of the car gets in ascending order from lower to hight, from rear to the back. The car has alloy wheels with a spacious wheelbase of 2720 mm. The front and rear overhang of the car is wide, decent and gives an elegant look to the vehicle.


The cabin space of the Ferrari F12berlinetta is streamlined and the dash layout gives the modern touch to the car. It has Italian park in the interior. The seats of the car are covered with the premium leather and it gives a feel of luxury. The power steering wheel of the car is covered with the rich leather and it gives a firm grip and a comfortable long ride. It has F1 paddles that make the driving an easy thing. The ducts of the Ferrari F12berlinetta are made up of the aluminum and rich carbon fiber. It has a music system and safety features like airbags.


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  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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  • Third party car Insurance Policy
    This insurance policy is mainly for the fare-paying passengers, pedestrians or nonfare paying passengers, present during the insured car and harmed due to the car accident. The third party car insurance cover the legal liability that includes any compensation that is to be paid due to the accident

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Engine Displacement- 6262 cc

Power- Petrol, 731 bhp @ 8250 RPM

Transmisiion- Automatic


Ferrari F12berlinetta V12

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