Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF

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Ferrari FF

Ferrari has a great history in the automobile company. It is a unique and fine automobile brand. Among the range of various sports car by Ferrari, the Ferrari FF is a shining diamond. It has great performance and high technology infrastructure. The metallic skin coating of the car is flawlessly elegant.


This Ferrari FF dazed with the class and looks. It is designed with the aerodynamic design. The roofline of the car slides down very light and it sharply merges into the bum[er of the car. The front lights of The Ferrari FF are angular and trim. It has unique style scissor-shaped doors and the roof line lower toward the rear side of the car and gives a bold look. The sports car is low profile and its height is just 1379 mm. It has the wheelbase of 2990 mm. There are R19 rims at the front of the car and R20 at the rear of the car which handles the car flawlessly.


The cabin space od the car is lavishly coated. The seats are covered with the premium leather which looks super flawless. The steering wheel is covered with the rich leather which ensures the firm grip on the wheel. The interior kit and dashboard are designed with the carbon fiber. Even the plush floor mats are made up of the carbon fiber. For the floor mats, personalized kits are available. The rechargeable batteries provided with the car makes the life easy and with the 12V socket, one can charge electronic gadgets on the long routes. In the advanced cabin, there is a heated electric seat kit. There is ample room for the head and shoulder in the car. It also has child locks, airbags and parking assistance for safety.


When we secure our home, health, and travel with insurance, how can we ignore our four wheeler? The car is a necessity to travel and insurance is a necessity to secure your car. A car accident that causes loss of life or damage to property of any third party that was present at the time of insurance can be covered with the third party liability car insurance cover. For the damage that is caused by the accident to the car exterior and parts od car, one can opt the Collision car insurance Cover. With the Individual accident cover, one can cover the expenses that cover the individual during an accident. Then, there is the comprehensive car insurance cover that is the all in one plan, it covers the individual and the third party during the car accident. Car insurance is a security cover while your car breaks down in a mid way, as you will get proper assistance from the network garage or workshops that are near you of the insurer company.


Engine Displacement- 6262 cc

Power- 652 bhp @ 8000

Transmisiion- Automatic

Mileage- 4.0 Kmpl


Ferrari FF 6.3L V12
Ferrari FF GT

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