Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

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Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Ferrari is the vision of blood and aggressive designs in the world of automobiles. There are a numerous number of the car by Ferrari that astonishes the onlookers on road and satisfy the soul of people who are hungry of speed, class, luxury, and power. Ferrari launched the GTC4-Lusso and adrenaline rushed through our body.


The GTC4-Lusso has a sporty look. It is a three-door ferrai. The front look of the car is dominated with a wide single piece horizontally slatted air dam, It extends across the width of the car and it holds the prancing horse emblem of the Ferrari in the center. The headlamps of the car are swept back on him amazing contoured hood of the car. From the side, it has the signature side low-slung profile of the Ferrari. It has the circular tail lights that are a typical Ferrari design. It has the allow wheels and a low roof that extend till the back of the car. It has a wide rear bumper and rear splitter.


The interior of the car is wrapped in the fine quality leather. It has power adjustable seats in it. The GTC4-Lusso has an infotainment of 10.25 inch that gives a smooth ride in terms of navigation, climate control to the driver. The car has a three-spoke power steering that controls almost everything basic of the car from driving to the gear shifts, Bluetooth telephone, and car setup. The Ferarri emblem is in the mid of the steering. There are two TFT screens around the tachometer that show speed and other important information. For the safety purpose, the car has four airbags, launch control, skid control and traction control.


One need to secure the GTC4-Lusso with an appropriate car insurance policy plan. GTC4-Luss not because it is mandatory in India but because of it ie the need of the hour in the modern era. Car insurance not only secure your car but if your life is in grave danger after the accident, it will help your family to cover your hospitalization expenses and handle all the legal formalities. One can enjoy various benefits under the car insurance policies such as network garage assistance when car breakdown in the mid of any journey and you have no one to help you out. Car insurance even covers the towing of the accidental vehicle. Third party plan is mandatory by the Indian government, but you need to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan that will cover you against the heavy expense of the car repair in case of an accident along with the personal accident cover and third party liability cover. There are many cashless network garages under the various insurance companies form which the policyholder will get the benefit at the time of the accident.


Engine Displacement- 6262cc

Power- 680 bhp at 8000rpm

Transmisiion- Automatic


GTC4-Lusso V8 T
GTC4-Lusso V12

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