Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura

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Fiat Avventura

There is various car insurance to secure your Fiat Avventura, with different covers and different benefits. Third party insurance only provides a cover for the safety of the third party that faces any damage or loss due to the car accident. It does not cover any other benefit. A comprehensive car insurance is the all-rounder safety insurance plan. It not only covers the individual against the medical bill payments, accidental cover but it also covers the repair cost, even cashless garage service from the network garage. It also covers the third party liability that is damaged during the car accident. One should choose a car insurance policy cover as per the requirement and nature of the loss.


Fiat Avventura somewhat of a toned down SUV, when it comes to its looks and performance. It has good ground clearance. The riding experience is fabulous, courtesy the high-profile rubber used in the tires. Fiat Avventura does not really give a feel of the disturbance and potholes on the roads. It has No noise and no reduction in comfort are encountered when the car makes its move across the rugged roads.The most prominent feature of the Fiat Avventura is the mounted spare wheel at the rear of the model that imparts the much-needed SUV touch. Some interesting new off-roading instruments add to the adventure of the Fiat Avventura such as the inclinometer, which shows the driver the angle of the car while driving. The front bumper of the model has been given a totally new look, which includes a brushed aluminum touch and a couple of rugged features here and there. The sides remain as they were, except for an additional cladding from plastic. Though the spare-wheel attached on the hinge at the rear gives Avventura the SUV touch, it also makes accessing the boot space a cumbersome affair. Fiat Avventura is sold in various Colours:

  • Bronzo Tan

  • Exotica Red

  • Minimal Grey

  • Hip Hop Black

  • Bossanova White


Fiat Avventura has the delicate precision of interiors of its cars. It never compromises on the comfort aspects of the interiors of the car, be whatever the situations. Fiat Avventura is no different with comfort being the catchword in the seats and the cabin inside. It has delicate and dextrous of faux leather and fabric being used in the seats, comfortable and imparts a touch of class which gives this ride sporty glimpse.The dashboard has been revamped as well, with a dual-tone finish, which first strikes the eye.The central console comes with the inclinometer which is good for off-roading. Other standard features are placed perfectly to keep in tune with the ergonomics.


Displacement- 1368cc

Power- 138 bhp @ 5500 RPM

Transmission- 5-speed, Manual,Front Wheel Drive

Mileage- 17.1 Kmpl


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Fiat Linea Dynamic Multijet 1.3
Fiat Linea Emotion Multijet 1.3
Fiat Linea T-jet 1.4

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