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Ford Car Insurance
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Ford Car Insurance

The World’s second largest automaker had set a benchmark just as it was incorporated in the year 1903. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, started off slow with $28,000 in cash and a few investments from a few known investors.

Ford Mustang is among the most worthy cars that gives luxury features and affluent appearance to its customers at a very reasonable price as compared to other luxury car brands.By the time Ford Motors has expanded its business excellence by partnering with lucrative markets of India, South Africa, Australia, Japan, etc.

So, when you have purchased your dream Ford car, it is mandatory to buy Ford Car insurance that can prevent your expensive car from unexpected events like accidents/ calamities/ third party liabilities etc. To find Ford Car Insurance for your car, you first have to collect basic information about the what does it cover and what not, discounts given, claim process, buying process, etc.

Key Advantage of Ford Car Insurance

  1. Online Issuance of policy: With the emergence of Online system, the customers can easily insure Ford car while sitting on an armchair. Also, the process of claim is online where customers can submit their claim to the Ford Car Insurance provider and can communicate their queries over call / Email/ SMS.

  2. Cashless Garages: The Ford Car Insurance also ensure cashless service of garage the car in case any loss/ damage happens to your car. The customer does not have to pay any cost for availing the service, and he/ she is just required to inform the insurer about the claim.

  3. 24/7 support service: The Ford car insurance guarantees you an uninterrupted service of repairing, roadside assistance, etc anytime. In an urge to avail the service the customer has to inform the insurer first.

  4. Towing Facility: You really don’t know about the time when your car may ditch you in between of the road/ highway where garages are hardly available. During this time, towing the vehicle to the garage becomes important to manage the repairs. With Ford Insurance, you can smoothly transport your car to the nearest garage for mechanical rectification.

  5. Financial Protection from Eventualities: You can greatly save your precious Ford car from accidents/ thefts/ burglary/ natural disasters.

Best Selling Ford Car Models

Ford Figo

The most preferred model introduced by Ford Motor India at a highly reasonable price which makes it accessible to every middle-class family.


  • Variants: The ford Figo is available in three variants namely- Ambiente, Titanium, and Titanium BLUE and the prices vary accordingly.

  • Fuel and Performance: Mileage of 17.00 (petrol km/l) and 23.00 (diesel km/l) with 3 cylinders. The petrol engine is of 1194 cc and 1497 cc whereas the diesel engine is 1498 cc. Automatic Transmission, 6-speed gearbox, Fuel Tank Capacity of 42 liters.

  • For Comfort and Convenience: 5 Seater Hatchbacks, Rain Sensing Wipers, Automatic Rear View Camera, Adjustable Steering, Automatic Climate Control, Accessory Power Outlet, keyless entry, etc.

  • For Safety: Low Fuel Warning Light, 6 airbags, auto-dimming mirrors, hill launch assist, electronic stability control, Anti-Lock Braking System, Anti-Theft Alarm, etc.

Ford Eco Sport

This prefect for buyers who don't want to spend huge bucks in purchasing cars and desire to extract quality benefits. A car enthusiast can buy it under Rs 12 lakhs.


  • Variants: The ford EcoSport has nine variants- Ambiente, Trend, and Trend Plus, Titanium, Thunder (petrol), Signature (petrol), Titanium Plus, Titanium Plus AT, Trend Plus AT.

  • Fuel and Performance: Mileage of 23.0 kmpl with supporting diesel with 4 cylinders. The petrol engine is of 1497 cc and 999 cc whereas the diesel engine is 1498 cc. Automatic/ Manual Transmission, 5-speed gearbox, Fuel Tank Capacity of 52 liters and boot space capacity of 352 liters.

  • For Comfort and Convenience: Power Sunroof, Rear Parking Sensors, A 8-inch Touchscreen With Apple Carplay And Android Auto, KeyLess Entry, Engine Start/Stop Button, Luggage Hook & Net etc.

  • For Safety: Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist, Anti-Theft Alarm, Central Locking, Adjustable Seats, Airbags, Door ajar warning, Impact beams, Rear sensing wipers, Alloy wheel size, Antenna, electric folding rear view mirror, etc.

Ford Freestyle

A car that fits under a budget of 10 lakhs with high class technology that gave competition to top brands like Hyundai, Tata etc.


  • Variants: The ford Freestyle has eight variants- Ambiente Petrol, Ambiente Diesel, Trend (petrol), Trend (Diesel), Titanium (petrol), Titanium (Diesel), Titanium Plus (petrol), Titanium Plus (Diesel).

  • Fuel and Performance: Mileage of 20.40 (petrol km/l) and 26.10 (diesel km/l) with 4 cylinders. The petrol engine is of 1194 cc and 1497 cc whereas the diesel engine is 1498 cc. 5-speed manual transmission, 5-speed gearbox, Fuel Tank Capacity of 40 liters and boot space capacity of 257 liters.

  • Comfort and Convenience: Rain Sensing Wipers, Adjustable Steering, Automatic Climate Control, Accessory Power Outlet, Low Fuel Warning Light, 6.5-inch Touchscreen, Keyless Entry with Push-button Engine Start-stop, Auto Dimming Inside Rear view Mirror (Irvm), Auto Headlamps.

  • Safety: ABS with (electronic brake force distribution), and ESC (electronic stability control), 6 airbags, auto-dimming mirrors, hill launch assist, electronic stability control, Anti-Lock Braking System, Anti-Theft Alarm etc.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third Party Liability: Third party refers to the person who is driving with you on the road. The third party becomes a liability when your Ford Car commits any damage/ loss to the property of third party. Purchasing a third party liability cover will ensure safety from these liabilities. All the cost will be borne by the insurer.

  • Theft/ Burglary/ Vandalism: If the car has been stolen or abducted by any other person, the car owner is guaranteed to get the amount of loss occurred. The Ford Car Insurance provider will analyze the case and release the payment accordingly.

  • Natural Disasters: A Ford car owner can get protection from earthquakes, Tornado, Flood, Hurricane, Storm, Cyclone, Hailstorm, Frost Landslide, Rock slide, etc under comprehensive car insurance cover. If you live in an area which is prone to such calamities, then it is highly advantageous to you.

  • Perils/ Fire: If your car faces any damages from incidents of fire or explosion, then Ford Insurance will compensate for the loss occurred. The evaluation of expense is carried on by the inspector where the total loss calculated.

Damages and Repairs Not Covered

  • Loss Due To Wear And Tear: Any loss occurring due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle will not be eligible for a claim. Similarly, any form of mechanical or electrical breakdown, failure of chassis, or body parts, or breakage due to rusting or other weather conditions will not be considered for a claim.

  • Deterioration to Tires or Electrical equipment: Damages occurrred to electrical equipment in the car can get damaged due to severe weather conditions, short-circuit, or infestation of rodents. However, these are only covered under additional premium.

  • Driving Under Alcohol Influence: Drinking whiel driving can cost your life as well as money. As no car insurer will cover you for the loss created under the influence of alcohol.

  • Intentional Harm to Car: If an owner intentionally creates ruins to his car, then Ford insurance provider is responsible to compensate for the loss. If any claim is made under this situation, it would be denied.

  • War/ Perils/ Bombing: Any loss caused to the vehicle due to war, biochemical attack, or fire due to nuclear explosion and related events will not qualify for a claim.

Ford Insurance Add-On Covers

  • Zero Depreciation: This add-on cover will not consider the depreciation value of the car or current value of the car if a claim arises. Whereas in standard comprehensive cover, the damage is paid according to the current value of the car. But after you attach this, you will get the full amount of loss actually incurred.

  • Return To Invoice : The car owner can get actual invoice price of the car stolen, if this cover is attached. The insurer commits to pay the road tax and registration charges along with invoice price of the new car purchased in the replacement of stolen car.

  • Daily Allowance: This is only applicable when your vehicle is under repairs for more than 3 days under an admissible claim. The insurer will give compensation to the insured car owner for the daily commute.

  • Emergency Transport & Accommodation Expenses: The service of ranging overnight accommodation and transport is given if the vehicle becomes inoperative. The company will reimburse the taxi charges for returning to your home from the place where your car becomes immovable.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection cover: This optional cover safeguard your NCB benefit by keeping it intact even after continuous claims. Whereas in basic policy, on making a claim, the NCB percentage decreases.

  • Key Replacement Cover: This cover allows you to get another key without paying any cost of replacement. All the expenses are to be borne by the insurer alone, only if the keys are lost/ stolen.

  • Loss Of Belongings Cover: The insured car owner under this cover will get reimbursement of the belongings lost during an accident or theft. The claim is acceptable only when the value of belonging is above Rs 250.

  • Consumable Expenses: Basic cover does not cover expenses of Consumables. What is included under consumables? Engine oil, screw, lubricants, oil filter, gearbox oil, nut & bolt, distilled water, grease, brake oil, bearings, washers, air conditioner gas are covered.

  • LPG or CNG equipment in Bi-fuel System: Usage of CNG and LPG gas cylinders in cars as fuels are very efficient source of energy and have proved to curb the pollution. So, in order to protect this source, car insurance has made this cover. If anything happens to the fuel system, the insurer will compensate the loss.

  • Engine & Tyre Secure: Engine and tires are like human brain and heart whose presence is crucial. If any damage arises in the internal parts of the engine or gearbox, tires (like puncture, bulges, burst, cuts), the car owner can claim for reimbursement.

Discounts You Get After Purchasing Ford Insurance

  1. No Claim Bonus: Why NCB is referred as a discount? Because it reduces your premium by a significant percentage but not more than 50%. The NCB can be earned by doing two things- first is, by not making any claim in a year and second is, renewing the car insurance on every policy anniversary.

  2. Voluntary Deductibles: On opting for deductibles in ford insurance policy, the customer can earn relatively higher discount. The

  3. Members of AAI or WIAA: Membership of Automobile Association of India or Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) can significantly earn row of benefits. For instance- discount on premium amount, doorstep service, driving license renewal, mechanical breakdown support etc.

  4. Anti Theft Alarm in Car: What is Anti-theft Alarm? Anti-theft Alarm installation involves locks for the steering wheel and gear, Airbags, Anti-theft alarms, etc. how this is helpful in reducing the premium? Equipping an Anti Theft alarm, will serve you dual benefit i.e. safety of car and 5% - 10% discount on premium.

  5. Age Of The Driver: Not only the age of vehicle but also the age of drivers also matters in Ford Car Insurance premium. For instance, if a teenager purchases car insurance, then premium would be higher. However, if middle age person between 30 years to 50 years takes Ford Car Insurance

From Where Should I Buy Ford Insurance?

The buyer can get unlimited options in the market to buy Ford car insurance but the best options are given below-

  1. From Insurance Company: The customer can directly purchase Ford car insurance from any insurance company suggested above. Customer can straightforwardly visit insurer’s website and can buy the policy after communicating vital details. They will analyze your proposal and will issue you the policy after basic formalities. However, this option may not give you the freedom of comparison which we usually practice in for every material thing.

  2. From Insurance Web Aggregator: Choosing a Web Insurance Aggregator like PolicyX to buy Ford insurance can promise you everlasting gains. Why everyone recommends Web Aggregators to buy the best insurance plans?

    • Accurate premium amount according to the value of the car

    • Privacy of Information

    • Customers are not put in dark as actual benefits and conditions are reflected.

    • Facility to choose the insurer and decide coverage according to your budget and car requirements.

Documents Required to Buy Ford Car Insurance

  1. Car Registration Number

  2. Previous Car Policy Number (if available)

  3. Date of Car Manufacturing (disclosing the month and year of manufacture)

  4. Date of car purchase

  5. Engine number

  6. Name of the location from where Ford car is bought.

  7. Chassis number

  8. Contact information such Mobile number, email, address as specified over the Registration Certificate (RC).

  9. Copy of Car’s Registration Certificate

Ford Car Insurance Claim Process

While filing a Ford Insurance claim, the insured car owner must keep in mind the following steps-

  1. Notify the Insurer: The first task is to inform the Ford insurance provider. Brief the details like reason behind making claim and other aspects revolving around it.

  2. Examination of the Claim: The insurer will allot you an inspection officer who will examine the condition of insured vehicle and other related aspects.

  3. Acceptance of Claim: The inspection officer on analyzing the case will pass a report which decide whether you claim is accepted or not. If the report is positive and is in favor of you, then the insurer will accept your claim. The acceptance will be notified to the car owner.

  4. Processing of claim: The company will start arranging compensation for the loss guaranteed.

  5. Payment of Claim: The claim is paid and settled through online mode of transaction. The payment is directly moved to the account of ford car owner. The customers must provide bank details in order to become eligible to receive the claim amount.

For Third Party Claim

  1. If the insured car owner get involved into an accident with a third party where you have caused damage to the vehicle and the driver. Then, you should first report to your insurer about situation.

  2. If the third party asks you to meet in court for damage settlement, then you should first inform the insurer.

  3. Note the details of the third party and arrange a lawyer who will represent your case in front of the judge.

  4. If the allegations imposed by the third party against you proves to be true, then the whole expenses will be paid by Ford Insurer.

  5. Damages are calculated and are then paid to compensate the loss of third party. The insured car owner does not have to submit a single penny after the insurer promised to compensate.

Ford Car Insurance Renewal Process

To renew your Ford Car Insurance, simply open where you can get facility of comparison. Afterwards, follow the below given steps-

  1. Know the worth of your car: The process starts with knowing the current value of your car. First, examine your vehicle’s worth and then proceed to renew it as it may crucial step.

  2. Share Your Information: Fill in the details of your car like Manufacturing date, city registration, etc and personal contact details like name, mobile, email ID. You can fill in the “Free Quote Section” of PolicyX Web insurance aggregator.

  3. Submit The Request: Submit the information by clicking “Continue” after selecting renewal option.

  4. Comparison of Quotes: Use PolicyX web insurance Aggregator for making comparison between different companies bidding different premium amounts for your Ford Car.

  5. Choose the Insurer/ Coverage: After comparing, choose the policy by reading all the benefits. Hit payment option after you take a decision to buy the Ford insurance.

  6. Payment of Premium: PolicyX gives you the facility of paying premium online through net banking/ debit cards/ credit cards.


What is IDV of the car?

The IDV in car insurance is generally used to calculate the premium of the car. The /insured declared value is the current value of the car calculated from the date of manufacture/ first use. In this depreciation factor is taken into account.

What if my Ford insurance lapses?

In case such situation happens, the car owner has to first clear the inspection round conducted by the insurer. This lapses may also affect your benefits earned during the policy period if not renewed in 90 days after the due date of submitting premium arrives.

Is Ford Car insurance is transferable?

Yes, if you are selling your insured car to some other than the premium can be transferred in the name of the second car owner. The process is simple which involves less time and efforts.

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