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The World’s second largest automaker had set a benchmark just as it was incorporated in the year 1903. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, started off slow with $28,000 in cash and a few investments from a few known investors.

Although Ford Motor Company, or simplyknown as Ford, has been a known name in the automobile industry right from the start, one could hardly imagine that it would eventually evolve to be a multinational automaker brand, perhaps the world’s largest and one of the most profitable of brands known today.

Currently, the company sellsthe most common commercial vehicles under the brand name Ford and alsosells luxury car models under the brand name Lincoln. It haseight percent of the stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom and forty nine percent of the stake in the Chinese Automobile manufacturer Jiangling.

Also,the world renowned Brazilian SUV manufacturer, Troller,and Australian car manufacturer FPV is owned by Ford.

Ford is registeredin the New York Stock Exchange,but the company is still under the Ford family control as they still hold a majority ofthe voting powers.

The company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Why Opt For the Ford Car Insurance

There are myriad reasons you should consider in case you wonder whether you should get your Ford model insured.

First of all, remember insurance is not an option at all. It is an obligation. Insuring your car with a third-party liability plan is absolutely mandatory by Law. In addition to that, a comprehensive policy should be kept in the cart as well so as to transfer all your risks associated with the vehicle.

Secondly, car insurance has its own benefits. What if an accident damages your car, your favoriteassemblage? There is a reason for you to panic then, about the car and the emergent expenses that come following. Not having insurance will lead you to pay for damages and liabilities towards the third party, if any, all by yourself which is enough reason to get panic-stricken.

Taking up an insurance will secure your own car and take care of all the probable third-party liability that may usher from an accident so that you do not have to worry about bearing any out-of-the-pocket expense. Not only the mainstream coverages but also additional coverages like coverage for accessories such as helmets, gloves, and stuff are taken care of by the insurance providers so that you may not fall short of anything else.

Ford Car Models

What Ford offers ranges from Commercial cars like trucks and SUVs to luxury and sports models too. In India, there are two models available in the midsized segment, 2 in luxury segment and 1 model categorized as a sports model. Here, mentioned below, are some popular models available in Indiaalong with their price:

  • EcoSport - Ford Eco Sporthas as much as 11 different models under its name. The price ranges from INR 6.93 Lakhs to 10.63 Lakhs.
    Mileageas km/litre are: Petrol- 18.88; Diesel- 22.27.
    The models are available in a number of different colors to choose from including Golden Bronze, Mars Red, Kinetic Blue, Silver, Panther Black, and Grey.

  • Figo - This model by Ford offers as much as nine variants of it. The price starts at INR 4.8 Lakhs. The mileage offered as per km/liter for Petrol is 18.86 while for diesel is at 25.83.
    There are a lot of different color variants to choose from which includes sparkling gold, ruby red, black, deep impact blue, Silver, white and Grey.

  • Aspire - Aspire by Ford is one of the best mileage sedan cars in India. It offers the same mileage km per liter as the previous model. The price for Aspire starts at 5.48 Lakhs and is available in different vibrant color options to choose from.

  • Endeavour - Endeavour models are basically seven-seater SUVs by Ford, known to be the most popular brand of SUVs in India. The price starts 25.08 Lakhs onwards.
    Mileage as per Diesel km per liter is 12.62. The color options available includesun set red, white, Silver, Panther Black, and Grey.

  • Mustang - Mustang is the only car offered by Ford in the sports car segment in India. The price starts at 71.62 Lakhs. The car is four-seater and is available in a lot of different color options.

Benefits of Ford Car Insurance

Insuring your Ford car can get you a number of benefits when you require it the most. The benefits that you can get by insuring your car are as follows:

  • The claim settlement process is simple, hassle-free and is real-time quick. The insurer settles the claim in all fair means.

  • Quick and easy policy issuance online. Get quotes, view and choose from among myriad plans,renew policy and explore a lot of other things online and get easyaccess.

  • 24/7 customer support system that gets you through all your queries regarding your insurance.

  • Ford Authorised Dealer Network offers near cashless accident repairs.

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