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Harley Davidson Bike Insurance
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Harley Davidson Bike Insurance

Are you ready to drive your all new Harley Davidson? Yes, I am ready! But hold your excitement and make sure that you have purchased Harley Davidson bike insurance. Otherwise, you may become prey to uninvited penalties and other accidental losses.

What is the specialty of Harley Davidson Motorcycles? The company particularly made their bikes to successfully climb mountains, traversing long roads, and competing on race tracks. This is the reason why they are highly populated among bike lovers. Let's know more about how, when, and why to insure your HD bike.

Harley Davidson Bike Models

1. Harley Davidson Street 750

Harley Davidson Street 750

Special Features :24.9 Kmpl mileage, 749 cc engine, 59 Nm torque, dual-channel ABS, 6-speed gearbox, 1520 mm wheelbase

5.33 Lakh

2. Harley Davidson Iron 883

Special Features :12.5 L fuel tank,17 Kmpl mileage, 883 cc engine, 70 Nm torque, 1515 mm wheelbase

9.23 Lakh

Harley Davidson Iron 883

3. Harley Davidson Forty Eight

Harley Davidson Forty Eight

Special Features :30 Kmpl mileage, 1202 cc engine, 95 Nm torque, 6-speed gearbox, 1510 mm wheelbase

10.58 Lakh

4. Harley Davidson Fat Bob

Special Features :19.11 Kmpl mileage, 1745 cc engine, 145 nm torque, 6-speed gearbox, 1615 mm wheelbase, 14L fuel tank

14.69 Lakh

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5. Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Special Features :14 Kmpl mileage, 1690 cc engine, 65.9 PS torque, 6-speed gearbox, 1510 mm wheelbase, 19L fuel tank

18.19 Lakh

6. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

Special Features :18 Kmpl mileage, 1868 cc engine, 163 nm power, 6-speed gearbox, 1625 mm wheelbase

30.53 Lakh

Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

7. Harley Davidson Street Bob

Harley Davidson Street Bob

Special Features :15 Kmpl mileage, 1745 cc engine, 144 nm torque, 1630 mm wheelbase, 19L fuel tank.

12.68 Lakh

8. Harley Davidson Road King

Special Features :18 Kmpl mileage, 1745 cc engine, 150 nm power, 1510 mm wheelbase

25.53 Lakh

Harley Davidson Road King

9. Harley Harley Davidson Street Rod

Harley Davidson Street Rod

Special Features :18 Kmpl mileage, 749 cc engine, 62 nm power, 13L fuel tank, 1510 mm wheelbase

6.53 Lakh

10. Harley Davidson Low Rider

Special Features :1745 cc engine, 144 nm torque, 19l fuel tank, 6-speed gearbox, 1630 mm wheelbase

13.69 Lakh

Harley Davidson Low Rider

11. Harley Davidson Heritage Classic

Harley Davidson Heritage Classic

Special Features :24.2 Kmpl mileage, 1745 cc engine, 144 nm torque, 19L fuel tank, 1630 mm wheelbase

19.79 Lakh

12. Harley Davidson Roadster

Special Features :1202 cc engine, 98 nm torque, 12.5L fuel tank, 1505 mm wheelbase, 5-speed gearbox

11.08 Lakh

Harley Davidson Roadster

13. Harley Davidson Deluxe

Harley Davidson Deluxe

Special Features :24.2 Kmpl mileage, 1745 cc engine, 144 nm torque, 19L fuel tank, 1635 mm wheelbase

18.74 Lakh

Harley Davidson Bike Features

Unique Features

All the bike models crafted by Harley Davidson comes with the engine capacity of more than 1500 cc, wide tyres, 6-speed gearbox, anti lock brake system, etc.

Worldwide Presence

Harley Davidson is presently holding its operation in 100 countries which include developed nations as well as developing economies such as Japan, USA, India, Australia, etc.

Wide Dealers

Till now the company has established more than 1,400 dealers in about 100 countries which are currently selling thousands of models every year. In India, there are 29 dealership centres present in various cities.

Genuine Spare Parts

Cusotmers can also find genuine parts of their bike by simply visiting the website of Harley Davidson and placing an order online. You can buy accessories, electricals, brakes, suspension, gauges, oil change kits, tires, wheels etc

Inclusions & Exclusions

Damages That Get Compensation

  • Natural Calamities: whether your HD bike has developed major damages due to earthquakes, floods, cyclones, thunderstorms, etc the insurance will always compensate to rise from the loss.
  • Thefts/Burglary: Even when your bike got stolen, the bike insurance will guarantee you full and final amount of the bike. The amount paid is calculated based on the IDV value of the bike.
  • Fires/Explosions/Self Ignition: you may never when you bike catch up a fire or gets exploded due to some technical issues, the bike owner can claim to the insurer for financial help.
  • In Transit Damages: Transportation of the vehicle through any medium can sometimes result in serious damages to the bike structure. To protect bike owner interest, the insurer will provide due compensation.
  • Riot/Strike/Malicious Act: Not only naturally occurring can harm your bike but also man-made calamities like riots, strikes, terrorist attacks. Take no worries as bike insurance will provide compensation.

Damages That Don't Get Compensation

  • Drinking and Driving: Make sure you never drink and drive as this can cost you a heavy amount arriving from police penalties or accidents if it happens due to intoxication.
  • Wear and Tear: The normal losses common to a bike like degradation of seats, plastic material, cracking of mirrors or fiberglass, wearing of tires and tubes, etc are not covered under a bike policy.
  • Mechanical breakdown: When your bike denied functioning properly due to water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil in the engine, it is called a mechanical breakdown. However, the insurer will not cover until unless you take add-on cover.
  • Limitation of Use: Let's say you have purchased a Harley Davidson model for private use and after sometimes you are using the same vehicle for providing cab service. Meanwhile, if you face any damage, the insurer will not compensate.
  • Wars/Rebellions/Military Attacks: Harmful activities such as wars, rebellions, military attacks, bombing, etc are not compensated if any loss occurs to the vehicle.

Steps to Buy & Renew Harley Davidson Bike Insurance

Online Buying Process

  • Submit Bike Details: The first stage is to go to the topmost section where you have to fill the information about the bike in the free quote section of this page. Also, do provide personal contact details and mark 'new bike' option.
  • Compare the Premium: After receiving the information, the online web portal will generate a list of best Harley Davidson bike insurance providers. The bike owner can compare premiums and accordingly decide which insurer is suitable.
  • Premium Payment: When you finalize the insurer, the next job is to pay the premium that is illustrated on the portal. The payment is approved online. Customers can use credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and even e-wallets for payment.

Online Renewal Process

  • Go to Portal: To renew, click on 'Get Quote' section floating on the right side of the page. You will witness a Free quotes section. Mention all the requested details of your bike. Plus, tick on renewal option.
  • Choose the insurer: The online portal of PolicyX will present an array of best two-wheeler insurers offering distinct premium prices with different benefits. You have to choose the one that matches your demands.
  • Proceed To Pay: After you select an insurer, the next step is to confirm what price you have to pay. You can pay by using your credit cards/debit cards/net banking/e-wallets.
  • Issue of Policy: The payment will be confirmed through a mail on the registered email ID by giving a receipt of payment. The policy will be issued online within seconds where nil documentation is needed to complete the process.

Factors On which Premium Calculation Depends

Vehicle Registration StateManufacturer Name
Model and Variant of insured BikeManufacturing Year and Month
Body TypeDate of Purchase
Registration Region/CityWhether a vehicle is financed or not
Kind of Coverage optedAdd-on covers
NCB Discount collectedInsured Declared Value (IDV)

Harley Davidson Bike Insurance: FAQs

1. What types of coverage are available to insure HD bikes?

Usually, there are two kinds of coverages-

  • Third-party Liability: This cover is mandatory in India and every bike owner must purchase. This cover protects the insured bike owner from financial liabilities popping up from the damage done to third party vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Cover: The comprehensive cover is devoted to the bike owner who wants to cover their vehicle from threats of disasters, thefts, fires, explosions, transit losses, accidents, etc.

2. Is it good to buy riders under bike insurance?

Yes, it is completely a good choice to attach rider if you have purchased a brand new bike or an expensive bike whose cost of maintenance is comparatively higher.

3. What are the types of riders available for extra safety of Harley Davidson Bikes?

There are plenty of riders which a bike owner can avail at an additional cost of premium-

  • Nil Depreciation
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Inconvenience Allowance
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Helmet Cover​
  • EMI Protection
  • Cost Of Consumables
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Return To Invoice

Last updated on 10-06-2020