HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance
HDFC ERGO Bike Insurance
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HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

The HDFC Ergo, an organisation formed with joint efforts of HDFC bank and Ergo, multinational. Both companies worked together to give two wheeler Insurance benefits to Indian automobiles. A person can get worthwhile discounts and protection against eventualities after purchasing HDFC Ergo two wheeler insurance.

Repair Services

Overnight Car Repair Services

Now with overnight two wheeler repair, the customer can get their vehicle the next morning without compromising their daily commute.

30-Minutes Claim Approval

30-Minutes Claim Approval

The HDFC Ergo claim servicing team has made the process of claim notification and approval easy. No with complete documents claim can be verified within minutes.

Online Renewals

Online Renewal Process

The two wheeler policy can be renewed online where only policy number is required along with basic bike details for premium calculation. Also, the customer can use credit/ debit cards/ net banking/ e-wallet for payment.


6 Reason to Buy HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

In case of any sceptical regarding claim process or claim status, the customer service team of HDFC Ergo is always at your end whether day or night.

5300+ Cashless Garages

The cashless service where the two wheeler can be repaired at any of the listed garages on informing the insurer. The whole cost will be borne by the HDFC Ergo bike insurance.

Flexible Policy

Flexible Policy Terms

The customer can buy two wheeler insurance with flexible policy terms i.e. one year or two years or three years.

Discounts on Premiums

Discounts on the Premiums

HDFC Ergo bike insurance also promises rewards for being a loyal customer by renewing the policy without any respite.

Extra Protection

Extra Protection

With the option of add-on covers, the bike owner can enhance the value of basic coverage by getting relief from the depreciation factor and inclusion of mechanical breakdown, wear and tear to the engine/ gearbox.

Safety of Information

Safety of Information

The personal and premium payment details you submit at the hour of buying insurance is kept safe and secure with HDFC Ergo.


Types of HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

Third-Party Insurance Policy

Under third-party bike insurance, the liabilities arising due to the loss of other parties driving on the road. Any damage done by the insured bike owner to the property or life of the third party will be compensated by HDFC Ergo. The customers in order to save themselves from the submitting heavy penalty and also to protect their vehicle from casualties should take third party insurance.

Single Year Comprehensive Insurance

The guaranteed coverage is for one year. The bike owner has to renew the policy every year to receive unceasing benefits. It also promises safety from natural disasters, thefts, accidents, etc.

Long Term Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance

The long term policy of HDFC Ergo two wheeler insurance gives coverage for 2 to 3 years in an array. It will cover all the expenses resulting from theft, natural calamities, unforeseen accidents, personal injury, third-party vehicle damages, third-party damages.

What are the benefits of buying Long term policy?

  • Save your money by preventing yourself from premium price hikes every year

  • Free from the tension submitting annual premium

  • Up to 70% discount on the premium

How To Earn Discount In HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

No Claim Bonus

The no claim bonus can be earned through fixed timely renewal and raising no claim during a year. A maximum percentage of 50% can be gained as NCB benefit.

Long Term Policy Discount

By purchasing two or three years policy customers can gain the maximum amount of discount in their bucket. However, there is no discount on premium choosing single year two wheeler policy.

Damages and Repairs Covered

  • Third-Party Liabilities: Any damage or loss made to the property or the life of the third party caused by you while driving is covered. The total loss arrived will be paid by the insurer.

  • Accidents: In case of any accidental damage to the bike, HDFC two wheeler insurance guarantees to pay the compensation for the loss caused due to an accident.

  • Natural Calamities: Calamities that have heinous effects on the environment, as well as the property of people, are covered. Some disasters involved are landslides, floods, earthquakes, terrorism, etc.

  • Man-Made Disasters: With HDFC two wheeler policy, you can derive coverage for destruction to the vehicle caused by man through terrorism, riots, strikes, vandalism.

  • Personal Accident Cover: The personal accident cover is applicable to the bike owner that resulted in pernicious injuries to the body. You must possess a driving license.

  • Fire and Explosion: A proper compensation is provided on the event of fire or explosion or self-ignition happening to the engine or the tires of the bike.

  • Theft: Don’t worry if your most prized possession i.e. your bike gets stolen by thievery or burglary. The insurer would pay the whole cost of loss to help the customer to buy a new one.

Damages and Repairs not Covered

  • Wear and Tear: HDFC ergo will not be liable to compensate for the normal losses happening day today due to the carelessness of the driver or pedestrians or other person driving on the roads.

  • Driving Without License: Driving a two wheeler without holding a valid license is seen as a punishable offence by the government and excluded from coverage under bike insurance company.

  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: If there is anything wrong with the engine or gears or other parts of the insured bike, the insurer will not responsible to pay for the loss.

  • Intoxication by Liquor/Drugs: Insurer is not accountable for the damage done by the driver under the influence of liquor, drugs, sedatives, etc.

  • Depreciation: Until unless you don’t have purchased any optional depreciation cover, your bike IDV value will be computed by taking depreciation factor into claim amount computation.

  • War/Mutiny/Nuclear Bombing: Any damages coming across from wars, mutiny, bombing, are not covered.


Add-On Covers

Zero Depreciation

Two wheeler owners can get relief from the depreciation factor with this cover. How? While settling a claim the company pays the current value of the vehicle by taking the depreciation factor into consideration. However, this procedure is not followed when you have Zero Depreciation cover in your policy.

Inconvenience Allowance

This cover becomes your mate when your bike is under repairs (a result of an accident) and your daily commute is hindering. Daily transport expenses will be provided until the vehicle gets rectified.

Emergency Assistance Cover

This cover can be purchased if you have a single-year comprehensive policy. The insured bike owner has access to the services of breakdown assistance, fuel replacement, towing, tire replacement, etc.


Claim Process Of HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

Cashless Claim Settlement

  • Intimate Insurer and Find Garage: The bike owner should first find a nearby garage and move/ tow the damaged vehicle. The customer can also reach HDFC Ergo toll-free number to locate a garage.

  • Examination of Damages: An administrator from the HDFC Ergo will be assigned to check the real losses confronted by the vehicle. The expenses will be paid according to this inspection.

  • Submit Relevant Documents: The two wheeler owner must deposit all the requested documents including the claim form, valid license, RC, etc. For events like accidents, the bike owner must also collect details like third-party contact, witness contacts, photos of the accident, etc.

  • Track Your Claim: The HDFC Ergo customers will be informed about their claim status on every stage through SMS or emails whichever is reachable.

  • Claim Payment: After the Vehicle is entirely repaired, the company will pay the admissible amount of cashless claim. Note that this policy contains deductibles and depreciation which may affect the total amount of the claim.

Reimbursement Claim Settlement

  • Claim Notification: First duty is to inform about the claim either on the mobile application by HDFC Ergo or on the toll-free number.

  • Assessment of Losses: The insured bike suffered loss is given for inspection and whole loss is scrutinized by the surveyor who will pass the claim for payment.

  • Submit Relevant Proofs: The insurer will ask for some proof in the form of documents. Bike owner needs to first gather all the paper and then present it in front of the insurer.

  • Claim Processing: The company will initiate the process of claim settlement after everything depicted above is completed.

  • Track Claim Status: You will get information about every stage of the claim by SMS and email on registered contact and Email address.

  • Payment of Claim: The claim payment is settled through cheque or NEFT if it is opted by the insured bike owner. A claim computation sheet will be forwarded to you.

3-Step Renewal Process Of HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler



Submit your Bike Details

Go to the upper section of this page and submit all the requested details of the two wheelers and the person buying the HDFC bike insurance.



Choose Your Insurer

Continue the process by confirming the details. The portal will present you a list of insurers offering coverages at different premiums where you have to choose HDFC two wheeler insurance.



Make Premium Payment

Check the premium details and the GST applicable. Proceed to pay through any acceptable online medium of payment. A receipt of renewal will be sent to the registered email address of the customer for reference.

HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Review

Till now, HDFC Ergo has sold about 1 million policies through its fast and efficient claim processing and convenient renewal process. Due to the excellence of the customer care team of HDFC Ergo, the company has achieved iAAA rating by ICRA and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

An insured person can get access to 3500+ cashless garage to carry on the bike repairs. HDFC Ergo two wheeler insurance also creates a nest of savings by giving a discount on premium @ 25% to 70% maximum.


The deductible is an agreed amount of claim share which is to be paid by the customer with the insurer. This is compulsory and have to be complied for the claim settlement process.

The FIR is compulsory in the following cases-

  • Death And Injury

  • Third-Party Property Damage

  • Theft,Or Any Harmful Acts

  • Strike, Riots And Enemy Attacks

The claim can be reported to the company through-

  • Calling on Toll Free Number

  • Send Mail on Official email ID

HDFC two Wheeler claim status can be tracked from the website by clicking on the claim section and then on the ‘Track Claim Status’. The customer has to submit either mobile number or policy number or email ID, any one of them. An OTP will be generated to the registered email or mobile number which has to be submitted by the customer to proceed further.

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Last updated on 13-11-2019