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The Japanese are well renowned in the world for their top-notch quality products and designs.

ISUZU is one such brainchild of the Japanese expertise blended into a power-packedwell-performing machine.ISUZU has headquarters in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Primarily dealing in the manufacturing of commercial vehicles and diesel engines, we specialize in production, marketing and sales of the former.


We are known as a firebrand in the automobile market. ISUZU has definitely intimidated many automakers across the world with its classified specifications and machinery. With multiple subsidiaries across the table such as Anadolu ISUZU, SML ISUZU, JianxiISUZU Motors, SollersISUZU, et al., the company was founded in 1916. Named after the ISUZURiver, the company has sure withstood the test of times.

What Does ISUZU Deal With?

While other auto makers have an additional responsibility to appease to a sedan and coupe loving crowd, ISUZU follows a completely different path. Our trademark designs are limited to the heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, and constructions equipment.Specializing in diesel engines only, ISUZU engines are used by most of the leading vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Renault, Nissan, and many more.

Market Presence

ISUZU has agroundbreaking market presence in Asia and Africa. However, it could not reach its optimum sales numbers in the United States. Therefore, it is no longer a segmented target audience for it when it comes to smaller passenger cars. Popular on its Japanese homeland and internationally, the commercially viable vehicles are manufactured in the Fujisawa, Kanagawa plant which was established in the year 1961.

Customizing To Meet Customer Expectations

ISUZU has been customizing its vehicles to upgrade and meet customer expectations. Vehicle telematics services have been developed by ISUZU for commercial cars. These services play an essential role in monitoring and tracking vehicle movements in Japan. Nevertheless, these services have been used by government and private organizations alike to track the vehicle using GPS and the duration of vehicle activity. The logs generated make it easier to comprehend the durations and span of breaks, job profile et al. during vehicle operation.

Operational Models Of ISUZU


Do not want to invest in conventional SUVs? Then the ISUZU MU-X should be your go-to option. The flagship vehicle from the ISUZU family was launched in May 2017. It is plush, spacious and spectacular with state of the art features that pit it against the likes of Toyota Fortuner and Skoda Kodiaq. A good looking front with an awesome rear, the MU-X comes with a three-liter engine that can generate a torque of up to 380Nm. 5- speed gearbox for automatic transmission, it records an average mileage of 13.8kmpl.

1. Starts at 22.55 lakhs and is available in four different colors

2. Two variants, a 4X2, and a 4X4 are available in diesel and automatic features

3. Robust, good looks and an intimidating presence on the road make it a classic beasty and heavy vehicle.

4. With a minimum turning radius of 5.80m, you can take this one out for a spin with your folks for it offers aseating capacity of up to seven members.

5. A wheel base of 2845mm and height of 1840mm make it stand tall and proud wherever it goes.

6. A dynamic boot space of 235 liters give you ample storage facility to pack up and leave for that road trip you have been planning for so long!

7. Alloy wheels and tubeless tyres make it efficiently durable and easy to maintain.

8. Ventilated discs and disc braking system provide a safer stopping mechanism. No more skidding on roads or rolling over due to static.

9. Adjustable power steering makes it easy to cruise. Cruise control customization has been aced by ISUZU.

10. Safety has always been a priority with us. Therefore, your SUV comes equipped with airbags for drivers and passengers, ABS, central locking, power door lock, child lock and much more.

11. Comfort is the key for any SUV. With ISUZU it is no different. Temperature controls, rear parking cameras and sensors, armrests, upholstered seats, automatic dashboard, we have got it all for you.

ISUZU D-Max V Cross

When you think of trucks, don’t you imagine those huge colorful machines treading on the roads? Well, ISUZU is slightly different when it comes to defining trucks.Available in four attractive colors, the vehicle has 2499cc engine which can generate an average torque of 320Nm.

1. Termed as the Adventure Utility vehicle,ISUZU D-Max starts at 12.49 lakhs.

2. The 4X4 model is however priced at 15.44 lakhs.

3. With an average mileage of 14.40 kmpl, the V-cross is an exceptional roll out from ISUZU.

4. A standard radiator grille, trademark headlamps are swept back

5. A completely automatic infotainment system with a 7-inch touch-screen, it has USB, AUX and Bluetooth connectivity.

6. Adjustable steering wheels, powered system, alloyed wheels and higher ground clearance, it is one spacious vehicle.

7. Manual transmission, four-wheel drive system, ABS, shock absorbers, brake assist and multiple safety features make it a desirable vehicle.

8. Pitted against the likes of Scorpio, Xenon XT, the ISUZU D-Max V cross is one truck to watch out for.

Additionally, ISUZU provides coverage for its vehicles. With 27 dealers in the country, finding a service station and option for genuine spare parts should not be an issue. A proper deal in terms of vehicle insurance can protect your vehicle against the likes of thefts, robbery, natural disaster, damages et al.

Insurance can go a long way in protecting the vehicle. Nevertheless, it comes with additional benefits of accidental and personal insurance.With multiple other features such as roadside assistance and finances to make vehicle purchases simple, ISUZU leaves no stones unturned for the convenience of their customers.

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