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Jaguar is the brand of the luxury segment of Jaguar Land Rover. This is a British multinational automobile and motorbike manufacturer that is owned by Tata Motors in its Indian segment.

Jaguar was founded as Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922 and was originally manufacturing in the motorbike sidecar business before beginning association with Standard Motor Co and building cars. In 1945, Jaguar Cars came into being, already a big name in the automobile industry.

Not only is Jaguar a name to reckon with in the luxury car segment, but they are also big names in racing cars as well starting from the two Le Mans race victories in 1951 and 1953 in Jaguar cars and continuing till date.

Jaguar Cars In-House Financing

While Jaguar themselves do not offer finance options in their India market, they offer many different financing options from multiple retailers. A look at their website will give a good view of the multiple possible options for financing your new or used Jaguar.

Their finance options also include the possibility of service plans and warranties on your Jaguar. Every Jaguar approved Service Centre has a link to Jaguar’s Electronic Parts Catalogue so your Jaguar will stay completely genuine even through the years of use.

Along with the purchase of a Jaguar, you are guaranteed a manufacturer’s warranty for three years or alternatively a 100,000 km on your car’s usage for repair and replacementof parts. Additional guarantees are for parts or accessories, or for damage to the paintwork of the car.

Another bonus for Jaguar buyers is their ‘5 Year Scheduled Maintenance Service Plan.’ This is also on offer from Jaguar’s select retailers. The offer is for the Scheduled Maintenance Plan at half the actual cost, and it does not require upfront payment. Registration is opt-in at the time of buying the vehicle, but the payment plan is over the full five years, at each service time.

Highlights of Jaguar Cars Financing

Retail Benefits of Financing: Due to the self-financing options that Jaguar offers in India, there are retail benefits on each offer. The offers are specific to each retailer that offers them and might have certain terms and conditions.

Approved Used: Jaguar’s nationwide database of ‘Jaguar Approved’ used cars are an excellent source for anyone on a budget who wants to own their dream car. This is guaranteed by their own technicians and they back up their claim with Jaguar Approved Warranty. This warranty is exclusively for cars less than five years old which have no more than 125,000 kilometers at the time of purchase by the client. Jaguar approved cars have to pass a checklist of 165 points at the time of inspection, not only paying attention to every detail of engine and mechanical condition but also taking into account wear and tear on the interiors and the paintwork and bodywork.

Servicing Offers: Along with the financing offers, get packages on Jaguar car servicing from Jaguar’s selected service stations. Each service can be availed at an interval of a year or 13,000 km of use, whichever occurs earlier.

24 Months 24x7 Roadside Assistance: An extensive roadside assistance programme from Jaguar itself, covering all manners of problems and extending to home start, car hire, onward travel arrangements, cars re-delivery and accommodation. Roadside assistance is a boon, and can be called for even relatively minor problems such as loss of keys, and are also there as a protective measure in case of accidents or breakdown of the car. The roadside assistance is a bonus for the full period of your warranty, whether on your Jaguar used car or on a new Jaguar.

Car Variants Jaguar

Jaguar XE

Despite dominating in the luxury car market and the race car market, Jaguar has long missed out on the entry-level sports market.The Jaguar XE sports sedan is aimed at this market. The XE’s engines are equipped with smart Stop/Start technology and regenerative charging. Efficiency is the name of the game here. The regenerative charging allows kinetic energy from braking to be used to charge the battery, economy of fuel and time both.

Their branded Ingenium engine is a sleek build with performance and efficiency at high levels. It boasts of an aluminum structureand delivers remarkably low fuel usage and CO2 releases. The engine on offer in India is a 4-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel (132 kw) with Jaguar’s own trademarked All Surface Progress Control and Sequential Shift and 8-speed electronic automatic transmission.

Jaguar XF

The XF is the classic Jaguar car. The new model being offered has all the Jaguar trademarks. They feature the brand’s signature J-Blade LED daytime running lights, along with all new full-LED headlights. They also have the new 2.0-litre Ingenium engines.

There are two options for the XF, the 1999cc turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel engine is equipped with 430Nm of torque and 177bhp of power and the turbo-petrol 2.0-litre has 237bhp of power and 340Nm of torque. Both engines run on the same 8-speed electronic automatic transmission as the XE.

Jaguar XJ

Jaguar boasts that ‘No car looks, or feels, like XJ.’ They certainly back this up with plush, roomy interiors and a sleek, gorgeous body. The flagship sedan from Jaguar, they have given it all they’ve got.

The new Jaguar XJL is available in two petrol engine variants and one diesel engine variant with the Sequential Shift system and automatic transmission that is rapidly becoming Jaguar’s hallmark.

In the luxury additions, they’ve included full-LED headlights and taillights and their InControl Touch Pro system.

Jaguar F-Pace

Along with its luxury sedans and sports cars, Jaguar used its F-Pace to enter the luxury SUV market, the Jaguar for the whole family basically. It comes with anadaptable 40:20:40 rear seat folding configuration.

The F-Pace comes with two diesel engine options – the 2.0-litre inline four turbodiesel with 177bhp of power and 400Nm of torque is offered with entry-leveltrims, and the 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged engine with 296bhp of power and a massive 700Nm of torque is offered with the First Edition. Both engines have an eight-speed manual gearbox that can power up all fourwheels.

It is the distinguished winner of World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year at the 2017 World Car Awards

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