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Grand Cherokee
Grand Cherokee


Jeeps are one of the most recognizable vehicles, and they are known for their sturdiness, quality, and their reliability. The jeep was first manufacturedin the year 1941 for the US army during the World War II. This led to the manufacture of the civilian jeep that was the world’s oldest off-road vehicle.

Jeeps are seen with a solidfront, and rear axle and they have hardly changed in this sphere from when they were first made. However, there have been some modifications as per the market requirements.

There are jeeps of various styles form the versatile Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. Whatever style and whatever makes of jeep you have it is important that you get your jeep insured against any unexpected losses.

There have been many jeep models in thepast as well as the present. The average jeep insurance price for the various jeeps varies across different age groups. The factors that affect the jeep insurance are different locations,and driving backgrounds and the personal circumstances can make the jeep insurance more cheap or expensive.

Jeep Models

Jeep Grand Cherokee from 1933-present – This is the popular jeep variant andis one of the most popular vehicles in the UK. The Grand Cherokee was first produced in the year 1933, and the fifth generation of this jeep went on sale in the year 2011. The jeep is very road-friendly, and it is strong and sturdy to handle any terrain. Beits country side, a hillock or steep inclines;the jeep grand Cherokee gives you a smooth ride whatever be the landscape.

Jeep Compass 2007-present – The compass is a popular jeep variant today and is a small SUV designed for those who do not go much off the road. They, however, do not want to compromise on the capability and the practicality that the vehicle offers. The Compass jeep variant has two generations, and the newest of the compass jeepmodel has four trim levels. They are the sport, latitude, limited and the off-road trail hawk.
The insurance cost depends on the age of the car owner, and you can also grab a better deal on what the current circumstances are and which model of the jeep you own.

Jeep Wrangler 1986-present – Most of themwouldcompare the Wrangler to the jeep category as someonewouldcompare the Defender to a Land Rover.This is a tough jeep and an off-roader that brings no nonsense with itself. The jeep is for those who are adventurous and is the success or to the second World War Jeep. Manufactured in the year 1987,the latest version of the Wrangler jeep hit the roads in the year 2011.The most noticeable change that you will be able to observe in this jeep is the 4-door version means now it is easy for your child also to go off the roads on this jeep. The jeep can be insuredfor as low as £460 a year.

Jeep Renegade 2014 to present – This is the youngest jeep models present and is also an exclusive jeep that was produced outside the North America.

Jeep Patriot from 2006-2016 – This was discontinued in the year 2016. This is a compact cross over SUV and offers afour-wheel drive system.

Choose Your Cover Carefully

When it comes to insuring your jeep, there is not a single coverage that will suit all. You need to look for coverage that will be offered under the jeep insurance plan.

Roadside assistance – This is an assistance that is offered to the jeep from the nearest network garage when there is a breakdown in the middle of the journey

Cashless settlement – In case you do not have enough liquid money but need an emergency service for your jeep, this coverage lets you service your jeep from any of the registered garages without paying any cash

Engine protection coverage – In case of any fuel leakage or an accident, this plan covers the damage

Third party liability coverage – This cover covers you in case there is a third person who suffers a damage or life, property or an injury which is caused by you

Personal accident coverage – This is a financial coverage that is offered to the driver or the owner of the jeep who gets an injury because of an accident.

Jeep Insurance Discounts

You may also be ableto benefit from the jeep insurance discounts:

Professional discount - This is offered to people who are of certain professions.Theinsured, if he holds those positions, can avail of the discount

No accident discount - If the vehicle has had no accident in the past during the policy period, then the policyholder is given discountsas the safe driver discount scheme that is offered by the insurance company.

What Does The Jeep Insurance Cover?

The jeep insurance covers the following:

  • Loss or any damage to the vehicle that is caused because of a natural calamity

  • Loss or damage to the jeep caused by explosion, fireor an act of terror

  • Loss to the policyholder because of a theft of his jeep

  • Any personal accidental cover

  • Own damage cover

  • Third party liability cover

What Does The Jeep Insurance Not Cover?

The jeep insurance does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear of the electrical and the mechanical parts

  • Damage to the tyres except in cases where the vehicle is also damaged

  • In case the driver who is driving the jeep does not have a valid insurance

  • In case of thedriverdriving the jeep under the effect of alcohol or drugs

  • If the vehicle has been usedfor any illegal purpose

  • In case of any third party liability cover

  • In case the jeep has been used outside the geographical limits

  • In case of nuclear war or perils

It is important that you first compare the jeep insurance that is provided by various insurancecompanies andonly then choose the one that offers you maximumbenefits at a lower premium. However, take care to get your jeep insured only through a reputed and branded company.

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