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Kawasaki Bike Insurance

What to do next after you have purchased your brand new Kawasaki bike? Your obvious answer must be to take a long drive to experience its features. But stop, don’t rush and first protect your bike by purchasing Kawasaki bike insurance. Securing your bike from uncertain events like natural disasters, accidents, third party liabilities, explosions, etc can only become possible through bike insurance.

With the advancement in the insurance industry, now you can secure your bike in just 5-10 minutes. Though online compare portal of PolicyX, you got the benefit of comparing multiple insurers and then choosing the best that suits your necessities. You just need basic information about your Kawasaki bike like registration city, IDV value, manufacturing date etc.

Kawasaki Bike Models in India

1. Ninja 400

Ninja 400

399 CC engine, 38 Nm / 8,000 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,450 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity

Price Range : Rs 4,99,000

2. Ninja 300

296 CC engine, 27 Nm / 10,000 rpm, 6-speed transmission, 1,405 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity, heat management technology

Price Range : Rs 2,98,000

Ninja 300

3. Ninja 1000

Ninja 1000

1,043 CC engine, 111 Nm / 7,300 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,450 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity

Price Range : Rs 10,29,000

4. Ninja H2R

998 CC engine, 165 Nm / 12,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,450 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity, smartphone connectivity

Price Range : Rs 75,80,000

Ninja H2R

5. Ninja H2 Carbon

Ninja H2 Carbon

998 CC engine, 141.7 Nm / 11000 rpm, 6-speed transmission, 1,455 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity, dog-ring transmission, smartphone connectivity

Price Range :Rs 41,79,000

6. Ninja H2

998 CC engine, 141.7 Nm / 11000 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,455 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity

Price Range :Rs 34,99,000

Ninja H2

7. Ninja H2 SX

Ninja H2 SX

998 CC engine, 137.3 Nm / 9,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,480 mm wheelbase, 19L Fuel tank capacity

Variant : Ninja H2 SX SE

Price Range : Rs.22,89,000 - Rs 28,19,000

8. Ninja ZX

1441 CC engine, 158.2 Nm / 7,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1480 mm wheelbase ,22L Fuel tank capacity

Variant : ZX 14R

Price Range : Rs 19,70,000

Ninja ZX

9. Z 1000

Z 1000

1043 CC engine, 111 Nm / 7,300 rpm, 110 kmph speed, 6 speed transmission, 1435 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity, aluminium

Variant : Z1000R

Price Range : Rs 15,10,000 - Rs 16,10,000

10. Z900

948 CC engine, 98.5 Nm / 6,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,470 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity

Variant : Z900RS

Price Range : Rs 7,69,000 - Rs 15,70,000


11. Z650


649 CC engine, 65.7 Nm / 6,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,410 mm wheelbase, 15L Fuel tank capacity, lightweight chassis

Price Range : Rs 5,69,000

12. Vulcan S

649 CC engine, 63.0 Nm / 6,600 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1575 mm wheelbase, 14L Fuel tank capacity

Price Range : Rs 5,49,900

Vulcan S

13. Versys 650

Versys 650

649 CC engine, 63.0 Nm / 6,600 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1575 mm wheelbase, 14L Fuel tank capacity

Price Range : Rs 6,69,000

14. Versys 1000

948 CC engine, 98.5 Nm / 6,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1,470 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity

Variant : Z900RS

Price Range : Rs 7,69,000 - Rs 15,70,000

Versys 1000

15. Versys-X 300

Versys-X 300

296 CC engine, 25.7 Nm / 11,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1450 mm wheelbase, 17L Fuel tank capacity

Price Range : Rs 4,69,000

16. Kawasaki KX

449 cc/ 249 cc/ 99 cc engine, 5-speed/ 6-speed transmission, 1485mm/1478 mm/1310 mm Wheelbase, 6.2L/6.4L/5L Fuel tank capacity

Variant : KX 450, KX 250, KX 100

Price Range : Rs 7,79,000/ Rs 7,43,000/ Rs 4,87,800

Kawasaki KX

17. Kawasaki KLX

Kawasaki KLX

249/ 449 CC engine, 14.61 Nm / 6000 rpm, 106 kmph speed, 5 speed transmission, 1330 mm/1478 mm/1480 mm wheelbase, 5.8L/6.4L/8L Fuel tank capacity

Variant : KLX 140G, KLX 250, KLX 450R

Price Range : Rs 4,06,600/ Rs 7,79,000/ Rs 8,49,000

18. W800

773 CC engine, 62.9 Nm / 6,500 rpm, 6 speed transmission, 1465 mm wheelbase, 15L Fuel tank capacity, electric starting

Price Range : Rs. 7,99,000


Unique Features of Kawasaki Bikes

Longer Warranty

When you buy a Kawasaki bike model from a registered dealer, the dealer will allow you a warranty book. This book serves as proof and provides free repair service under the warranty period. (Specific Time)

After-sales services

Kawasaki Service centers guarantee you an after-sale service in case you are confronting any complication in the functioning. You can easily reach to your nearest dealer and make an appointment.

Large Network of Dealers

In India, Kawasaki bike company has established huge network dealers across various cities. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Surat, Mangalore, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Patna, etc are currently hosting sales of Kawasaki Bike plus its services.

Inclusion & Exclusion of Kawasaki Bike Insurance

Losses That Get Instant Compensation

  • Natural Calamities: Earthquakes, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, landslides, cyclones, thunderstorm, etc that can ruin your bike in seconds are compensated with payment of agreed coverage amount.
  • Thefts/Housebreaking/Burglary: Sudden theft or burglary of your Kawasaki bike can send you in mental trauma. However, if you have bike insurance you will get current IDV value of your stolen vehicle.
  • Fires/Self Ignition/Explosions: It is very unfortunate when your insured two wheeler catches fire or explode due to any technical defaults. However, bike insurance will never deny to compensate the loss.
  • In Transit Damages: Losses or damages happening to the insured bike during the transportation process, are also taken care under bike insurance. The channel of transportation can be airways, waterways, lifts, elevators or roadways.
  • Strikes/Riots/Malicious Act: Destruction caused to the vehicle through Man made perils like strikes, riots, terrorist attacks are included under coverage.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: If your insured bike has mistakenly did any third party damages, then the insurer will provide due compensation with respect to the total expenses arrived. Payment is generated when court settlement between the two parties is completed.

Damages Not eligible for Compensation

  • Drinking & Driving: Never drinking alcohol before and between the period of driving is an offense and thus damages arriving are excluded from the coverage.
  • Normal Wear & Tear: Bike accessories such as fiberglass, tires, seats, tubes, etc that face natural degradation with age of the vehicle are excluded from the policy.
  • Mechanical breakdown: Expenses resulting from the breakdown of gearbox or engine of the Kawasaki bike will not be included under coverage. However, if any rider related such losses is taken then coverage is promised.
  • Commercial Use of Private Bike: A private bike insurance will not cover you for the losses developed from utilization of the bike for commercial purpose. You should mention this requirement to your insurer before buying policy.
  • Wars/Military Attacks/Rebellions: Harmful activities like wars, military attacks, revolts, nuclear bombing, rebellion, etc that are threat to human life and property are not covered under Kawasaki bike insurance.

Kawasaki Bike Insurance Instant Renewal Process

  • Introduce Your Details: Click on the ‘Get Quote’ section surfing on the right side of this page. A portal will appear asking for basic information about your bike and yourself. Submit and proceed.
  • Choose Your Insurer: Policy X compare portal will present you a series of insurers offering Kawasaki bike insurance. Choose your previous insurer from which you have purchase policy and check premium applicable against bike’s IDV.
  • Pay the Premium: Use online payment alternatives like debit cards or credit cards or net banking for processing your premium payment. Also, review GST rate and additional taxes applicable.
  • Renewal Confirmation: The portal will mail you a payment receipt on your given email ID. The receipt will include the date and time of issue, the amount paid and personal details of the customers. Soft copies of claim form and policy wording are also attached in the mail.

Kawasaki Bike Insurance: Online Buying Process

  • Go to Free Quote Section: The compare portal of PolicyX will help you in finding perfect cover. Just go to the upper section and submit your bike details plus contact information and you will get unbiased quotes from top insurers.
  • Compare quotes and Choose Insurer: From the list of insurers, choose the best insurers that accomplish your insurance needs. Compare the premium prices, settlement ratio, and company profile before finalizing.
  • Premium Payment: Proceed to pay the applicable premium for your Kawasaki bike model and click on the pay now button. Be ready with your credit cards or debit cards or net banking for secure and fast online payment.
  • Fill The Proposal Form: A proposal form will generate on your screen which is to be filled with bike details and personal contact information. This is for the confirmation of the customer interest in the policy.
  • Issue of Policy: The acceptance of the proposal only takes a few minutes. The payment receipt and the policy documents will be issued online on the registered email ID of the customer. Also, the data submitted by the customer will be kept in safe custody.

Factors Influencing Premium Calculation

State of RegistrationRegistration City
Name of the ManufacturerPurchase date
Manufacturing Date (year, month)Purchase Date
Model & Variant of BikeType of Coverage
Financed Vehicle or NotOptional riders attached
Insured Declared Value (current value)No Claim Bonus (NCB) Amount

Kawasaki Bike Insurance: FAQs

1. What kind of coverage is available for Kawasaki two wheeler insurance?

The bike insurance gives you the two types of coverage options. These are-

  • Third-party Liability Cover: If a bike owner wants to save himself from penalties and third party liabilities, then this cover is perfect. Bike owner have no options of escaping as it is mandatory by the law.
  • Comprehensive Cover: Also termed as package policy or bundled policy that compensates own damages as well as third party liabilities. This is an extension to third party cover and is optional. It is best for the customers who owns new and expensive bikes.

2. What are the benefits of comparing Kawasaki bike insurance online?

  • Unbiased results
  • Accurate premium prices with GST
  • Compare while sipping your coffee/tea on your PCs/laptops
  • Online Premium Payments through online modes
  • Online Issue of Bike Insurance within seconds
  • Zero documentation

3. How can we obtain discount on bike insurance premium?

From minimum 10% to maximum 50% discount can be availed for reducing the premium. Here are the methods by which you can earn discounts-

  • Obtaining membership of an Automobile Association
  • Equipping Anti-theft Alarm
  • Earning NCB by not raising not claim
  • Voluntary Deductibles

Last updated on 10-06-2020