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Kawasaki Two Wheeler Insurance

Kawasaki bikes are known for its world-class engines. Kawasaki Bikes gives a bold feel to the rider with its sporty look and stylish design. Kawasaki satisfies the sporty and sturdy look to target the youth.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Company Ltd. is a Japanese two-wheeler maker that has made its name in the market for its fast motorcycles. Kawasaki Heavy Industries started initially back in the year 1896 under the guiding arm of Shozo Kawasaki. Kawasaki produced its first motorcycle engine in 1953, a small capacity 4-stroke unit, and then only produced small scooters. Since then, Kawasaki has become synonymous with motorcycles and in the late 1960's and early 70s cemented a reputation for power and speed.

Kawasaki is an extremely popular name in America and it has also conquered the European market as their Z750 has been Europe's best selling the naked bike for a number of years. The company entered into India with a joint venture, with a well-known company Bajaj Motorcycle Ltd and launched a small displacement motorcycle. There has been a constant transfer of technology from Kawasaki to Bajaj but as of now, the company sells its motorcycles, under its own name, Kawasaki. In the league of the mid-size sports bike, Kawasaki is one of the popular choices among the Indian customers.

Benefits of the Kawasaki Bike Insurance

  1. Comprehensive insurance is the ones that cover against all types of wear and tears to the Harley Davidson across its dealers.

  2. Any damage that is caused to the vehicle due to any natural or man-made calamities like self-ignition, fire or strike, theft respectively as outlined in the policy document would be covered by the insurance company. Even the partial or total loss of the vehicle due to such events are also covered under the plan.

  3. Personal accident insurance cover.

  4. Roadside assistance is provided to the customer in case of accident of the vehicle.

  5. Cashless garage facility is provided to the insured vehicle owner in case of breakdown of the machine or any machinery issue. The owner can avail cashless garage facility at various locations as per the convenience for the assistance.

  6. One can enjoy various Additional covers such as accidental death, permanent or temporary disability caused by an accident, personal accident cover, zero depreciation cover, etc at an additional premium amount.

  7. Easy Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB), this is an easy transfer option which means that the driver is rewarded for safe driving practices and for not making a two-wheeler policy claim in the earlier years.

The standard features that are including when you opt for Kawasaki Bike insurance are:

  • Personal accident cover of up to Rs. 1 lakh is available for injuries to the driver/owner under bike insurance

  • Legal Third Party Liability.

  • The benefit of cashless transactions through network garages.

  • Genuine repair and parts.

  • Roadside assistance in case of bike breakdown

Quality and Complete Reliability

Kawasaki bike insurance not only ensures your bike but it can also cover the extras and accessories that make it personal. One will be served with the best at the garage during the insurance security. At the garage, the quality of the work is not compromised at all. In case of any repair or change in the motorcycle parts, only the genuine Kawasaki motorcycle parts are used. The whole repair process is assisted by the professionals of Kawasaki motorcycle.

As it is mandatory by the Indian law that the vehicle owner should have third party insurance so one need to buy the insurance that not only covers the third party but also the vehicle and the individual.

Kawasaki’s range of motorcycles

Kawasaki 125cc

This bike has a two learner legal bikes feature in Kawasaki Motors UK’s present line-up: the trailer KLX125. Kawasaki 125cc has a super motor look-a- like D-Tracker 125. The bike’s design dominates its appearance which makes it noticed. It has sharp styling cues, well-detailed parts, and body panels.

Kawasaki Adventure/dual purpose

Kawasaki’s KLX250 is a road bike and it suits the youth best. Its three road-biased adventure-themed bikes are the 650 Versys and 650 Versys Tourer – complete with panniers. The new Versys 1000 has had rave reviews for comfort, practicality, and affordability.

Kawasaki Sport

This bike is fashioned for supersport and superbike racing, the Ninja ZX-6R (600cc) and ZX-10R (1,000cc) are perfect examples of Kawasaki’s reputation for “bullet-proof” and fast motorcycles.The bike’s masculinity makes it stand out from the crowd.

Kawasaki Street sport

The Z750 and Z1000 naked sports bikes are rightly known for performance and fun, while the middleweights ER-6f/n are practical everyday bikes and stepping stones to the larger classes. Taking advantage of the new learner legal laws is the sports-styled Ninja 250R. The bike offers excellent handling conditions and high acceleration enough to thrill anyone.

Kawasaki Sport tourer

Kawasaki’s ZZR1400 is the two-wheeled equivalent of the Japanese Bullet train – fast, extremely fast. The 1400GTR is a super smooth touring machine built also for maximum comfort and fuss-free riding. This bike’s power delivery is very strong. The bike’s design dominates its appearance which makes it noticed.

Kawasaki serves the automobile market with a huge and wide range of motorcycles, all diverse in nature. These models are designed in a way to meet various needs of the owners. Hence, these motorcycles consist of various latest technology and expensive machinery. No matter if your bike needs a minor repair or a major one, it will cost so much that there are chances of the hole in your pocket.

Kawasaki Bike insurance is the best way to hold the noose of such unwelcomed expenses. It is mandatory to hold a two wheeler insurance cover if you own a two-wheeler. Hence, you need to compare and choose the best suitable cover. As we know that High speeds are always prone to more risks, hence for a fast bike like Kawasaki, one need to own the best two wheeler insurance plan.

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