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L&T Two Wheeler Insurance
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L&T Two Wheeler Insurance

To even the slightest possibility of happening to or with him. This is where insurance policies come in. truly get with the times, one must be prepared for anything and everything that may have. They protect you against all kinds of mishaps that may occur with you and also help you pay off any consequent expenses that one may incur as a result. With Larsen and Turbo’s (commonly referred to as L and T) attractive two wheeler insurance policy, you may be prepared to say goodbye to all your worries when on the road.

Larsen and Turbo General Insurance is a subsidiary company of Larsen and Turbo Limited. It is a private insurance provider and is considered to be one of the prime insurance companies of India that operate in the private sector. With a capital of over 12.8 billion US dollars, Larsen and Turbo General Insurance has made quite a mark for itself in the years that it has been active.

All insurance policies crafted by L and T General Insurance are stipulated to meet the needs and requirements of people from all walks of life. L and T General Insurance Limited offers several categories of insurance policies, each with its own different variants. Some of these categories include health insurance, motor insurance (with policies for both cars and two-wheelers), and personal accident insurance policies.

Insurance policies belonging to the said categories are available for individuals, families as well as corporate businesses. L and T General Insurance also aims to ensure that their patrons have the most efficient experience. To do so, they offer online purchasing of insurance policy to make the whole process easier. Also, online buying of policies ensures that you do not have to worry anymore about cumbersome documentation.

Reasons To Buy

Insurance policies are designed for monetary protection against unforeseen events and their consequent expenses, which in itself is a quite compelling reason to invest in an insurance plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. Other than that, here are a couple more reasons why buying an L and T two wheeler insurance plan is the best way to go:

  • L and T two wheeler insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy, which not only provides monetary support in case of self-car damage, as well as provides coverage for third party liabilities.
  • With a single policy, you can get your two-wheeler insured for a period of two to three years. This means that there is no need for repeated renewal (and the hefty documentation that comes along with it).
  • L and T two wheeler insurance comes with the Larsen and Turbo promise of efficiency, honesty and swift claim settlement. Considering their past track record in insurance policy dealings, Larsen and Turbo General Insurance aims to minimize the response time for any and all claim settlements.
  • All L and T two wheeler insurance policies can be purchased and renewed online, which not only saves time but also makes it convenient for customers to perform all dealings from the comfort of your home.

Claim Process

L and T General Insurance prides itself in its ability to settle claims within record time, the world over. The main goal of L and T General Insurance has always been to minimize the turnaround time of the claim request and claim settlement process, and they have surely gone to great lengths to ensure the same.

Here is how you can file a claim request and get it settled in next to no time:

  • The first step is to download the claim request form from the L and T General Insurance website. The form must be duly filled and submitted to the company (online or in person) along with the right credentials and the policy document.
  • For two wheeler insurance policies, it is imperative to produce the original registration certificate of the vehicle as well as the original driving license of the owner of the insured vehicle at the time of verification.
  • Once all documents are verified to be in order, a surveyor is sent by the company to examine the insured vehicle. The surveyor is responsible for identifying all damages and to intimate the policyholder about all the required repairs and the expenses that shall be incurred as a result of the same.
  • During the verification of documents and the survey of the vehicle, the insurance company and the surveyor reserves full and complete right to ask for any additional documents, as and when they deem fit.
  • Absolutely no repairs of any kind are to be initiated or done on the vehicle before the representative from the company has fully surveyed the vehicle.
  • L and T has its own well-connected network of garages that provide hassle-free repairs and delivery of your vehicle right to your doorstep.

Key Features And Benefits

Some of the most prime features and benefits that come along with an L and T two wheeler insurance plan are given as follows:

  • Any L and T two wheeler insurance plan provides protection to your two-wheeler against fires, theft, damage caused in a road accident and so on. All calamities are grouped into natural calamities and man-made calamities. The former includes all natural phenomena like floods, fires, earthquakes, cyclones, thunderstorms, typhoons and so on. Man-made calamities include terrorist attacks, damage caused to the vehicle in an accident while on the road, and the like.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device, it enables you to enjoy an attractive discount on your premium rates.
  • The L and T two wheeler insurance plan also provides third party liability, which means that should there be any damage caused to any property and life of a third party, the insurance plan covers the consequent expenses under it.
  • If at any moment in time during your policy period you ever feel the need to cancel your policy, you can do so just by visiting your nearest branch of L and T General Insurance. Any and all refunds that are due to you shall be made as soon as possible.
  • Just like one can purchase L and T two wheeler insurance online, they may also lodge a claim request through the web portal of the company. This saves time, and also saves the customer the trouble of visiting the branch office just to file a claim request.
  • In case a customer has not made any claim on their two-wheeler insurance policy for a certain number of years, they are eligible to avail a No Claim Bonus on their policy of 20 to 50 percent.

L&T Two Wheeler Insurance - FAQ's

For someone who is looking to purchase a two wheeler insurance policy for the very first time, it can be quite daunting to ensure that you have verified all the right details and checked all the right boxes. It is also understandable that you shall have questions. L and T General Insurance has impeccable customer service, to whom you can reach out to at any given moment of any day via email, telephone or online forms.

Here are some of the general questions that customers may have along with their answers:

1. How to pay a premium, and what are the various modes of payment available to do so?

Premium payment for any L and T two wheeler insurance policy can be made quite easily via cash payment, or cheque payment. Both these forms of payment can be exercised at the nearest L and T branch office by the policyholder.

2. How can customers check their policy status for their L and T two wheeler insurance policy?

For registered policyholders who have an active L and T two wheeler insurance policy, one may check the status of their policy online at any given time. To do so, all they need are their policy details, and they are good to go.

3. How can I renew my L and T two wheeler insurance policy?

An L and T two wheeler insurance policy can be renewed in the following way:

  • Login to the L and T web portal using your Client ID and Date of Birth.
  • Choose the policy registered against those credentials, and your preferred mode of payment.
  • Print/save the deposit receipt once the payment has been processed successfully.
  • In case online payment is not possible for you to make, you can always renew your policy at the nearest L and T General Insurance branch office by making payments via cash or cheque.

4. Is my two wheeler protected against general wear and tear under an L and T two wheeler insurance policy?

No, an L and T two wheeler insurance policy does not protect your vehicle against natural ageing, that causes wear and tear to the vehicle. The policy only provides protection against calamities and accidents and third party liabilities.

5. What is an endorsement?

Endorsements are a written form of agreement between the policyholder and the company about any changes that are made to the policy.

Last updated on 05-11-2020