Lamborghini Car Insurance



It can be quite a challenge to either renew your Lamborghini or to buy new car insurance for your Lamborghini Aventador. Itis, however, important to understand the car insurance for your Lamborghini.

The car insurance coverage that includes a third party car insurance which covers only the third party damages and injuries and does not cover any damage to yourself or to your own vehicle. This coverage is important as per the Indian motors act. However,theadditional coverage like thebumper-to-bumper cover or engine protectors are not coveredunder this scheme.

Instead one should opt for a comprehensive car insurance scheme which gives the benefit of a third party policy and also covers loss and damage caused to yourself or to your ownvehicle. Even though it is not necessary to buy a cover for your own car however one does know the state of the Indian roads and everyone who has a Lamborghini do love it. One can ales buy additional coverage like thebumper-to-bumper cover and claim bonus protector at a slightly higher premium.

Why Is It Important To Insure Your Lamborghini Car?

Most of the Lamborghini cars can be driven on the Indian roads and are designed to match the mileage and affordability as desired by the Indiancitizens. The comprehensive car insurance is important because:

• It makes sure that you get complete compensation in case the Lamborghini car is stolen or is damaged that cannot be repaired

• It gives third-party coverage in case the car causes an accident and the thirdparty gets injured, or the property gets damaged

• It gives comprehensive coverage in the case any damage was caused to your car because of an accident or because of any natural calamity

• Also, a car insurance saves you from heavy fines that can be imposed by the traffic policemen if your car is not insured.

Add-On Insurance For Your Lamborghini Car

It is smart to take some add-on insurance coverage for your Lamborghini car

Zero depreciation cover – whatever be the model of your Lamborghini, it is prone to depreciation. Depreciation happens on all the kinds of fiber, metal,and plastic.In the case of a repair, you will have to pay for the cost of depreciation. However, when you take the zero depreciation cover, you can cover that cost

Return to invoice cover – In case your car is stolen or is damaged, the claim settlement sum from the company you purchased yourcar insurance from would be its invoice value and not as low as the existingmarket value of the car.

This protects the claim amount even if the car is twoyears old and has depreciated and is very low in value as compared to what its market value is.

Engine protection cover – a simple,comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover any damage to your engine. However, when you opt for an engine protection cover, these damages can be claimed as well. This add-on is a smart purchase whatever be the model of your Lamborghini. The add-on is highly recommended to those who live in areas that is prone to flooding.

No-claim bonus protection cover – if you consider yourself to be a good driver and you assume that your claim will not be a lot then you can get the no claim bonus that lets you earn for every claim free year that you have. This bonus lets you earn as high as 50 percent of your premiumvalue. A single claimcan, however, reduce the accumulated no clam bonus to zero in the successive year. The protector cover can be used to safeguard the NCB. The high-endLamborghini car will have a high own-damage premium. So in case if you have accumulated a lot of no claim bonus and don’t want to lose it all then it is a good idea to buy the protection cover.

Passenger cover – this is a personal accident cover for the Lamborghini, car owner. When you buy a lower end model of Lamborghini, it will not come with child safety lock or an airbag. If you use the car to drive your family regularly, then this plan is a great add-on.

Many insurance companies offer some specific add-on covers which canbe purchased at an additional premium. It depends on the Lamborghini model that you have. Do ask your insurance provider about these add-on coverage plans. The things that you should look out for are personal accident cover, key replacement, and roadside assistance.

Car Variants Lamborghini

• Lamborghini Aventador which has an engine capacity of 6498cc and a BHP of 690.63

• Lamborghini Aventador LP 700_4 with an engine capacity of 6498 and a BHP of 690.63

• Lamborghini Aventador Roadster with an engine capacity of 6498 cc and a BHP of 690.63

• Lamborghini Huracan AVIO with an engine capacity of 5204 and BHP of 620.12

• Lamborghini Huracan LP 580_2 with an engine capacity of 5204 and BHP of 572.6

• Lamborghini Huracan LP 610_4 with an engine capacity of 5204 and BHP of 602.12

• Lamborghini Huracan RWD SPYDER with an engine capacity of 5204and BHP of 602.12

What Does The Insurance Cover?

• Personal accident coverage is provided to the owner or the driver of the car

• Accidental damages to the car are covered

• Any damages caused because of a flood or a storm is covered

• Loss caused because of a fire, or an explosion is covered

• The owner is compensated in case the car is stolen

What Does The Insurance Not Cover?

• Any wear and tear on the car that is caused over the yearsis not covered. This also includes having a flat tyre

• Any loss that occurs when the carwas driven without a valid driving license

• Any damage that occurs because thecar was drivenwhen one was under the influence of alcohol

• If the car was drivenoutside the geographical limits

• If the car was used for any purpose that was beyond its legal purpose

You can buy or renew your Lamborghini car insurance online through the online portal of the insurance provider. It is seamlessand lets you complete the process in a few minutes.

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