Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador

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Lamborghini Aventador

Italian luxury cars and SUV manufacturer company Lamborghini was is owned by Volkswagen at present. When you look at the Lamborghini Aventador 19 inch alloys grab the complete attention. The speed factor of the car gives the Aventador a very special touch in the automobile market. The cherry on the cake is the transparent engine cover of the car. Common man dream of buying a Lamborghini car his / her whole life, if one gets to achieve the dream then the dream is needed to be secure in every possible way. From service of the car to any small repair or damage in the car, it cost a great burden on your pockets. As Lamborghini Aventador is a luxury car, so the insurance rates are much higher than any other average car. Hence, one needs to buy a comprehensive and collision cover than just a liability coverage to protect the car completely.


The brake calipers and constant color scheme of disc brakes offer a glimpse of a stylish super sports car to the vehicle. In the front and rear design of car there is the ampel use of carbon fiber and an all aluminum, frame that help the car in keeping the weight of the car body light enough so that one can accelerate well.


There is two-tone finish in the interior of the Aventador, that is sporty and elegant. There is a single tone finish with the stitching that makes the life of sports enthusiastic better. The dashboard has top-notch finishing with suede leather that too with the properly covered power steerings. For the seating floor, premium leather is used on the nook and crannies of the cockpit. It is an evolution in the market of the automobile as it has a futuristic layout of the instrument cluster. It has two woofers for the best sound experience, that help one to enjoy a larger than life entertained journey. It gives options such as low range bass and high range treble with a multi-functioning steering wheel. For the safety of the passengers, it has knee airbags, dual stage airbags, ABS servo tronic electrical circuits for the car stability on the wet tracks. It has Electronic stability control, that gives you a sense of fun and enjoyment while you are at your top speed instead of scary dreams.


Sleek styles and super fast, these factors make Lamborghini a super car. And to insure a super car one need a super insurance. An accident can not be foreseen and controlled so, one needs a comprehensive insurance policy cover that not only covers the personal accident but also compensates the damage that is caused to any third party during the accident, no matter to the property or life. Comprehensive Car insurance covers for both the third party liability and individual liability and extra covers can be chosen with some minimal extra premium amount as per the requirement. You should check the claim settlement ratio of the company, as this insures the reputation of an insurance company.


Mileage (ARAI) kmpl- 3.0 kmpl

Mileage (City) kmpl- Petrol

Fuel Type- 10.20 kmpl

Engine Displacement- 6498 cc

BHP- 690.63bhp@8250rpm

Torque- 690Nm@5500 rpm

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