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LML Two Wheeler Insurance

LML is most popular for its old-school model Vespa. Once upon a time, it was looked at as one of the most pioneer brands in the world of auto-making. However, Lohia Machine Private Limited entered into an agreement with Piaggio, which is one of the oldest automakers in the country, to roll out flagship models of scooters in the late 80s and early 90s. With several vehicles to its credit, it is still one of the most sought - after brands.

Auto Insurance Benefits Of LML

Vehicle Insurance is mandatory in India. Not only does it give you total coverage of any major damages or losses, but also has accidental protection included which can safeguard your loved ones lest anything happens to you. LML auto insurance is not different at all.

  • It covers the bills of any accidents that your vehicle might be in. Be it a major replacement for a spare or anything similar; the insurance company is obligated to cover all legitimate damages.
  • In case of an accident, it always covers the insurance holder against legal fees, lawsuits, or otherwise.
  • It provides death benefit options to the survivors.
  • Every state demands that you have your insurance papers on you at all times. Therefore, it is non-optional for the riders. Plus, it is essential from a safety perspective.
  • A claim bonus makes you eligible for a lower premium in the long run. If the insurance holder does not claim any insurance benefits for a couple of years in a row, it is the insurance company’s prerogative to reward the insurance holder with no claim benefits.
  • There is additional protection provided in case of theft. Vehicle insurance protects your vehicle against the former too. It provides an extended coverage too.
  • Transparent ways of claim settlements.
  • Round the clock customer service availability
  • Easy renewals and replacement facilities available. So now you do not have to run nook and corner scaling your city hunting for the right kind of insurance for your vehicle.
  • Trained technicians at your disposal, they can fix your ride in a jiffy. Skilled workers who are passionate about the making of the model, have been training hard to make that beauty as smooth as it could get.

What Gets Covered As Part Of My Auto Insurance?

You get a lot of benefits when you purchase vehicle insurance from LML. It protects you against the following:

  • Accidental damages
  • Theft
  • Recovery of the parts in case of damages or vandalism or due to natural causes
  • Survivor benefits

Why Should You Pick LML Insurance?

LML has been synonymous with quality ever since its inception. A pioneering brand in terms of automaking, it has rolled out quality vehicles alone. Complying with the highest standards and maintaining the brand name isn’t easy. However, a vehicle company that has stuck around for four decades now, it is only relatable that the parts available from the in-house stores are genuine and certified.

When you walk into an LML studio, the technicians who are certified by the company take care of your vehicle without a doubt. Rest assured, your vehicle would be absolutely safe in their custody.

Exploring LML Models

LML has rolled out several models over the years. Let’s find out the top models that have been on the market over the years.

LML Freedom :

One of the only bikes launched by LML, Freedom was an experiment from the manufacturer. With a top speed of 95 kmph, it was one of the best models in the similar segment. A fuel-efficient vehicle which offers a mileage of 45 kmpl inside the city and a highway mileage 65 kmpl, it was still very popular in the average segment.

  • LED Speedometer, electric start, Black silencer, alloy wheels, so on and so forth.
  • Advanced functions in terms of handling.
  • LED Speedometer, electric start, Black silencer, alloy wheels, so on and so forth.
  • 109.15cc engine, 4strokes, single cylinder engine.
  • 8.5 BHP at the rate of 7000 rpm.
  • The engine is coupled with a 4-speed transmission, 53 mm bore, and 49.5 mm Stroke.
  • The features are unique. With a 1235mm wheelbase, and 165mm ground clearance.
  • Available in various colours, the most common ones are moon silver, flaming red, champagne gold, and ocean blue.

LML 2 Stroke :

A classic 125cc bike it has a classic Italian design combined with several modern features.

  • Available in electric start and kick start variants, it comes in super round headlights, vertically placed orange indicators, flat body panels, etc.
  • Spare wheels available which are conveniently placed on the sides.
  • Silver finished footrests.
  • Grab rails, tail lights, low positioned tail lights for a different look.
  • An 8-litre fuel tank capacity.
  • A fuel economy rating of 45-50 kmpl in the city and 50-55 kmpl on highways, it has proven to be extremely fuel efficient.
  • A regular manual 4-speed gearbox with 1 gear up and 3 of them down.
  • The wheelbase is of 1235mm wheelbase, and a ground clearance 160mm.

LML 4 Stroke :

Usually priced at 39,000- 47,000, this one is available in two variants, kick start or a self-start, it has a more refined engine, better mileage, and it intends to retain the iconic design.

  • Double Acting suspension, alloy wheels, spare wheels, glove compartments, it is available in three various colours such as silver, black and maroon.
  • A 4-stroke scooter, it can deliver 80kmpl fuel efficiency, it is almost on its way to becoming one of the most popular scooters in the country.
  • With a fuel tank capacity of 5.5 litres, it has a fuel reserve capacity of 1 litre.
  • It has a 147.5 cc engine and can produce a maximum power of 6250 rpm.
  • Air cooled engine, it is a single cylinder vehicle it allows the users to enjoy a smooth ride.
  • An efficient 4 gearbox system, it easily fits into the Indian roads.

LML has taken extra care in manufacturing their braking systems, and LML maintains their safety standards and ensures that the vehicle maintains stability. With backrests and comfortable features, it is one of the best vehicles currently running in the Indian market.

Last updated on 13-11-2020