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Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance

Mahindra Two Wheeler Division is one of the operational divisions of well-known Indian automobile company Mahindra & Mahindra. The division started its operations in 2008 after acquiring the assets of Kinetic Motor Company. The Pune based company has its manufacturing plant in Madhya Pradesh and makes scooters and motorbikes. The company has obtained a 51% stake in Peugeot Motorcycles, which is one of the oldest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world.

The company has its presence in 17 countries of the world. The company ranked ninth in the list of top-selling two-wheeler companies of 2019, having sold 4,004 units in the year. The Mahindra Centuro is the premier motorbike that the company offers. The popular bike has won 11 different awards from industry and consumer groups. Let's take a look at its other models as well.

Types of Mahindra Bike Models

The motorbikes that Mahindra & Mahindra's two-wheeler division offers in the market are:

1. Mahindra Centuro Nxt

Centuro NXT

The Centuro Nxt has a 106.7 cc air-cooled engine with self/kickstart options. The bike has a 4-gear transmission. It has an impressive mileage of 85.4 km/l. It has a flip key with 96-bit secure access, anti-theft alarm, engine immobilizer, and pillion grabrail for safety.

2. Mahindra Centuro Rockstar

The Centuro Rockstar has an MCI-5 106.7cc engine to ensure the best pickup and mileage. The stylish alloy wheels, red stripes, and golden metal ribs give a stylish look to the bike. The extra-long seat ensures greater comfort, while the LED tail lamp gives better visibility at night.

Centuro rockstar/Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy

3. Mahindra Mojo

Mahindra Mojo

The Mojo is a powerhouse with a 295 cc liquid-cooled engine mated to a 6-gear transmission. The bike comes with a dual-channel ABS for enhanced safety on the roads. It has 17” alloy wheels and has a twin-tube exposed frame chassis. It is available in four different colours.

Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculation

The premium (that you would pay for your Mahindra bike insurance) depends on the model of the bike, variant, engine capacity, place of registration, year of registration, among other factors. The table below shows premium rates for the popular Mahindra bikes available in the market:

Bike VariantEx-showroom price of the bikeIDV*Zero Depreciation (Add On)*Premium*
Mahindra Centuro Nxt 110 ccRs.55,745Rs.48,875Rs.220Rs.4,431
Mahindra Centuro Rockstar STDRs.50,585Rs.48,356Rs.218Rs.4,022
Mahindra Mojo STDRs.1,99,000Rs.1,80,980Rs.649Rs.8,865

*The price is calculated for a 2020 model registered in Hyderabad.


Add-on covers can enhance the scope of your bike insurance. This will help get a higher claim amount. Some of the add-ons you can consider buying are:

  • Return to Invoice Cover: The amount you claim depends on the Insured Declared Value or IDV, which decreases every year. If you want a higher claim amount, this add-on will ensure the invoice value of the bike is considered for the claim, rather than the IDV.
  • Engine Protection Cover: Consequential damage to the engine is excluded from the scope of the policy. This includes water getting into the engine, oil leakage, etc. This cover ensures that such damages are included.
  • NCB Protector: The NCB or no claim bonus is given as a reward for not making a claim. You will lose the NCB if you make a claim. In case you want to retain the NCB even after making a claim, you can buy the NCB protector cover.
  • Breakdown Assistance Cover: This add-on cover is helpful in case of vehicle breakdown or any on-road assistance you need like towing or tyre change, etc. You can get free assistance by availing this cover (subject to limits).

Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Process

The best way to renew your Mahindra bike insurance is to get it done through, as the portal offers a seamless experience of renewing your policy. This is how you can get it done:

  • Look for the option 'Free Quotes from Top Companies' at the top-right corner of this page.
  • Fill the form and click 'Continue'. Enter your name, city, and phone number. Enter the verification code that you receive, after which you can see quotes from different insurers.
  • Compare quotes from all the insurers (including your present insurer), and choose the best quote.
  • You will be redirected to the insurer's website, where you can make the payment and complete the renewal process.
  • Once the transaction is complete, you will get a confirmation email and a soft copy of the bike insurance policy.

Mahindra Bike Insurance: FAQs

1. A group of unruly people damaged all the bikes on my road. There are scratches and the seat is torn with broken parts. Is it possible to get the repair done under insurance?

Yes, you definitely can get insurance coverage for it! This kind of an act is a malicious act or an act of vandalism that is considered as a man-made hazard. It is included under your insurance policy and you can make an insurance claim to get the repair costs compensated.

2. I understand that the plastic parts of the bike have a depreciation rate of 50%. In case of damage, this will drastically reduce the amount I can claim. What to do in this situation?

Depreciation is calculated on bike parts to account for wear and tear. This reduces the claim amount you get. You can buy the zero depreciation add-on cover, where depreciation is calculated as zero for the insurance claim. This will help you get a higher amount if you make a claim.

3. I had fitted some additional accessories for my new Mahindra bike. The accessories were stolen at night. I understand theft is covered under insurance, so can I claim for the lost accessories?

Sorry, this is not possible! Theft policy is only applicable to the theft of the bike. Any accessories fitted in the bike are not separately covered under insurance. So, any claim for loss of the accessories will not be accepted. In case the bike itself was stolen, then you can submit a claim, else claiming for loss or damage of accessories is not permitted.

4. My policy talks of a standard deductible. What is this, and how does this work?

As per the terms of your policy, a standard deductible or compulsory deductible is included. The amount varies depending on the bike you have and its age. The amount is mentioned in your policy. The deductible is the amount that you need to pay before the insurer settles the claim. If your total permissible claim is 8,000 and your deductible is 1,000, then you need to pay 1,000 and the insurer will pay 7,000.

Last updated on 13-11-2020