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Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance

Who don’t knows about Mahindra two wheelers? Almost everyone as it is the pride of the Indian automobile industry which is currently holding its operation in 17 countries. Now when you have purchased Mahindra bike, it becomes extremely important to get Mahindra two wheeler insurance.

How bike insurance will help bike owner? The reasons are plentiful but the critical one is higher coverage. Higher coverage means financial security from threats like accidents, fires, attacks, strikes, third party liabilities, transportation damages, explosions. Other benefits you can derive are discounts on premium, optional add-on covers for enhancing coverage, online renewal without any paperwork.

Models of Mahindra Two Wheeler

1. Centuro NXT

Centuro NXT

Anti-theft Alarm, Engine Immobiliser, 106.7 cc displacement, 8.5 Nm @5500 rpm, electric start, 12.7 fuel tank, telescopic suspension (front) & 5-step adjustable sus[pension (rear)

Price Range : Rs 54095

2. Centuro Disc Brake

106.7 cc displacement, 4-speed transmission, 12.7L fuel tank, 1265 wheelbase, 8.5 Nm @ 5500 rpm power, Mci-5 engine, 240 mm front brake disc

Price Range : Rs 54935

Centuro Disc Brake

3. Centuro rockstar/Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy

Centuro rockstar/Centuro Rockstar Kick Alloy

106.7 cc displacement, 4-speed transmission, 12.7L fuel tank, 1265 wheelbase, 8.5 Nm @ 5500 rpm power, Mci-5 engine, 5-step adjustable rear transmission

Price Range : Rs 48935/Rs 43,250

4. Gusto 110 VX/Gusto 110 DX/Gusto 110 HX

109.6 cc displacement, 6L fuel tank, 1275 wheelbase, 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm power, 6AH/4AH battery, M-TEC engine type, Height Adjustable Seat (in VX), remote flip key (VX)

Price Range : Rs 55660/Rs 50996

Gusto 110 VX/Gusto 110 DX/Gusto 110 HX

5. Gusto 125 CBS VX/Gusto 125 CBS DX

Gusto 125 CBS VX/Gusto 125 CBS DX

124.6 cc displacement, 4-speed transmission, 6L fuel tank, 1275 wheelbase, 10 Nm @ 5500 rpm power, remote flip key, 6AH/4AH battery, M-TEC engine type, Height Adjustable Seat

Price Range : Rs 58137

Why Mahinder Bikes Are Bestsellers?

International Presence

Starting from India and expanding its business to international boundaries, Mahindra two wheeler took a flight of success in a shorter period. There are a total of 17 countries that are hosting the sales and manufacturing of Mahindra bikes.

Remarkable Features

The best thing about Mahindra two wheeler is value for money in comparison with its features. Key features include Adjustable Seat, Anti-Theft Alarm equipment, Engine Immobiliser, Remote Key, LED Lamp, bold colors, etc.

Service Centres Availability

For any repairs or technical issues, the customer has access to 1200+ service centers by booking an appointment through call. Service centers of Mahindra two wheeler are present in all states of India.

Greater Warranty Tenure

Mahindra bikes come with a warranty period of 5 years. Thus, during this period the customer gets free repair services and access to professional service who know the technology used by the Mahindra Bikes.

Storage Facility

All Mahindra scooters come with storage capacity that gives you the feeling of driving a car where you have the option to store your possessions.

Anti-theft Alarm Fitting

Models like Mahindra gusto 110, Mahindra Centuro Disc Brake, Centuro Rockstar, all are equipped with an anti-theft alarm. This will safeguard the theft vehicle from theft and burglary in the local area.

Inclusion & Exclusion of Mahindra Bike Insurance

What Kind of Damages is Covered?

  • Thefts/Burglary/Housebreaking: Thefts and Burglary never knock your door before arriving. Spit out all your worries as your bike insurance will give assured compensation on such losses.
  • Naturally Occurring Hazards: The catastrophes that take place through any disturbance in the environment are also covered in the bike insurance policy. This includes earthquakes, floods, typhoons, landslides, etc.
  • Accidental Fires/Explosions/Self-ignition: With Mahindra bike insurance you can safeguard your two wheelers from accidental fires or explosions or even from self-ignition of the engine.
  • Man-Made Perils: The damages occurring from activities like riots, strikes, terrorist attacks whose sole producer is human are also included in the coverage of Mahindra two wheeler insurance.
  • Shipment Damages: Losses happened during the shipment or transportation of the vehicle from one location to another are duly compensated by the insurance provider.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: The third party damage occurring because of the carelessness of the insured bike owner are given due to coverage to compensate the liabilities.

What Kinds of Damages Are Excluded From Coverage?

  • Handling Bike Under Alcohol Influence: Claims are not acceptable under bike insurance if the damages sustained due to the intoxicated condition of the insured bike owner due to a heavy dosage of alcohol while driving, then claim will be denied by the insurer.
  • Natural Degradation: Two wheeler accessories like seats, fiberglass, tires, tubes, etc that are subject to natural degradation over a while are also not included under the coverage.
  • Engine Breakdown: Any major or minor issue happening to the gearbox or engine of the two wheelers will not be borne by the insurer. Resulting expenses have to be carried by the insurer bike owner.
  • Revolts/Bombing/Wars: There are lots of regions in India that are affected by events like wars, revolts, military attacks, etc. However, if any loss happened to the Mahindra bike it will not receive coverage.
  • Misuse of Insured Bike: The insurer will not responsible for the degradation caused by using the private bike for offering services to gain profit.

Quick Way to Buy Mahindra Bike insurance

  • Familiarise your Vehicle: The first step is to transfer yourself to the uppermost section of this page and furnish your Mahindra bike/scooter details. Do mention your contact information to get notification of premium payment and policy issue at the end of the process.
  • Compare The Policies: The PolicyX bike insurance compare portal after submitting acknowledgment will exhibit Mahindra bike insurance policies offered by top insurers. The vehicle owner can compare based on the premium rates, benefits, claim settlement ratio, and riders.
  • Choose and Pay Premium: Once you are finished with comparison, choose the insurer and hit the Pay Premium button if you have decided to acquire one. The payment can be carried using any source of online payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and internet banking, or e-wallets.
  • Allocation of Policy: The premium payment receipt will be directly mailed to the email ID of the customer. The moment when you receive the mail of payment, your policy is issued. The policy document, policy wording, and claim forms are attached in the mail in pdf form.

Renew Mahindra Bike Insurance Online

  • Visit Compare Portal: Press ‘Get quote’ section surfacing on the right side of this page. A free quote section will appear asking for your Mahindra bike and contact details. Fill the same and proceed by clicking ‘Continue’.
  • Choose Your Insurer: A list of bike insurance companies with different premium rate and relevant benefits will reflect on the screen. The bike owner is just required to choose the previous insurer from which has been purchased and go for the payment.
  • Premium Submission: Examine the total amount you have to submit as premium (including GST) to renew Mahindra Bike insurance. Any valid online payment source can be used for paying the premium.
  • Authorization of Renewal: The renewal will be approved through PolicyX online portal and the same is confirmed by sending a mail on customer ID. Mail will contain a payment receipt, policy document, proforma and claim forms.

On What Factors Does Mahindra Bike Insurance Premium Depend?

  • IDV Value of the Bike: This is calculated based on factors like cubic capacity, mileage, age of the vehicle, bike model & variant, and manufacturing date.
  • State of Registration: The premium rate also fluctuates concerning the area from where Mahindra bike is purchased.
  • Available Discounts: Suppose you have installed an anti-theft alarm or a registered member of Automobile Association or earned a No Claim Bonus (NCB), then the premium will fluctuate.
  • Add-on Covers: If a two wheeler insurance company offering add-on covers and you are availing this additional benefit, then the total premium value is going to affect.

Mahindra Bike Insurance: FAQs

1. What options are available when choosing coverage type?

To provide complete flexibility and advantage to customers, every Mahindra two wheeler insurance provider offer two types of coverage-

  • Third-Party Liability Cover: A cover which is mandated by the government of India for the safety of bike owner and the third parties using the roads. This cover will safeguard the insured bike owner from penalties and expenses arising from third party property damage and physical injuries.
  • Comprehensive Cover: One who wants power-packed protection from third parties liabilities and own damages can buy this cover. The losses which are compensated include- natural calamities, fires, ignition, explosions, thievery,

2. Can I transfer my Mahindra bike insurance to the purchaser of the bike?

The insurance can be transferred in the name of the person purchasing the second hand two wheelers by informing the insurer. The purchaser has to submit the required proofs to carry out the transfer.

3. How the claim is made under Mahindra bike insurance?

To make a claim, follow these basic steps-

  • Intimation of the claim to the insurer through call or email.
  • Collect the valid and relevant evidence for the authorization of the claim.
  • Fill the claim form given by the respective insurer during purchase.
  • Approval of claim through verification of documents and calculation of the damages arrived.
  • Payment of Claim is initiated after approval. The amount is directly transferred to the bank account of Mahindra bike owner.

Last updated on 10-06-2020